Metaverse Monthly Report 2022–12

Author: MetaCat

The December 2022 monthly metaverse report is divided into two parts as follows

Metaverse Data Analysis Report

Metaverse Big Events

Quick Overview

Data Report Content:

The monthly metaverse data analysis report includes eight metaverse platforms: The Sandbox , Decentraland , Voxels , Somnium Space , NFT Worlds , Worldwide Webb , Otherside and Netvrk.

This report analyzes the virtual real estates of the metaverse platforms, excluding Token and Wearable.

The dimensions analyzed in this report are divided into six parts: sales, average sales price, number of sales, traffic, renting data, and MREI index.

December Data Report Summary:

Otherside total virtual real estate sales continue to buck the trend, up 130.97% compared to November.

The average virtual real estate sales price of the eight metaverse platforms, except for NFT Worlds, was on a downward trend.

The number of virtual real estate sales on the eight major metaverse platforms rose and fell, with Otherside up 135% and The Sandbox down 28.3% compared to November.

Voxels, Decentraland traffic fell by about 1/3.

LandWorks virtual real estate renting quantity and transaction amount also declined slightly.

December Big Events Report Summary:

Yugalabs announced the public launch of its Public Bug Bounty Program on Twitter.

Voxels sold generated parcels on ChronosIsland .

Decentraland released the Beta version of “Worlds”, a personal 3D space in the metaverse.

The Sandbox signs up for OpenZeppelin’s pioneering Web3 Metaverse security service.

Korea Energy Group Establishes $84 Million Metaverse FundStarbucks Odyssey, Starbucks’ Web3 membership program, goes live in beta.

Somnium Space Announces Somnium VR1 Headset to be Available at CES 2023 from January 5–8, 2023.

Part 1: Metaverse Data Analysis Report

1. Sales

Overall December sales in the metaverse (the major metaverse projects) were up $23.64 million, or 113.89%, from November (November was up 89% from October).Otherside’s total land sales continued to decline in June, July, August, September and October after the primary market offering in May this year, but virtual real estate sales bucked the trend in November and December, with December’s virtual real estate sales up 130.97% from November. Because of its large absolute value of transaction amount, it played a decisive role in the rise of virtual real estate transactions in the metaverse in December.

Link for chart access:

Picture of eight metaverse platform sales (USD) MoM: 2022.12 vs 2022.11

The monthly sales histogram shows that the overall sales of the metaverse section continued to decline in June, July, August, September and October 2022, but sales rose significantly in November and December, and Otherside (yellow) accounted for the largest proportion.

Picture of the monthly sales (USD) histogram of the eight major metaverse platforms

The chart below shows the pie chart of “total virtual real estate sales” of the eight major metaverse platforms in December. Otherside accounted for 96% of the total sales, which was leading the way; followed by The Sandbox with 2%; the remaining six platforms accounted for only 2% of the total sales.

Link to chart visit:

Picture of the last 30 days sales (USD) pie chart of the eight major metaverse platforms

The chart below shows the cumulative sales of virtual real estate for the eight major metaverse Platforms (second column of the chart), with Otherside, The Sandbox, NFT Worlds and Decentraland accounted for 90% of the cumulative sales of all platforms.Link to the chart:

Picture of cumulative virtual real estate sales for the eight metaverse platforms

2. Average sales price

The average virtual real estate sales price of the eight major metaverse platforms followed the same downward trend, except for NFT Worlds.NFT Worlds average virtual real estate price rose slightly in December, by 7.19%.In addition, the average price of Otherside virtual real estate fell by a very small amount in December, by 1.66%.Decentraland’s average virtual real estate price has been relatively stable in the past, but has continued to fall in the last three months, dropped 14.5% in December, 20% in November, and 20% in October.Somnium Space’s average virtual real estate price fell the most at 52.68%, followed by Netvrk at 36.21%.Link to chart visit:

Picture of 8 metaverse platforms average sales price (USD) MoM: 2022.12 vs 2022.11

Picture of average sales price (ETH) MoM for top 8 metaverse platforms: 2022.12 vs 2022.11

As seen in the graph of monthly average virtual real estate price fluctuations on the metaverse platform, the average virtual real estate price in the USD dimension and ETH dimensio n show similar volatility.

Link to the chart:

Picture of monthly average virtual real estate price fluctuation chart for the 8 metaverse platforms (USD)

Picture of the monthly average virtual real estate price fluctuation chart (ETH) for the eight metaverse platforms

3. Number of sales

The trend in the number of virtual real estate sales and the average sales price of the eight metaverse platforms basically showed the opposite trend.

Otherside, Worldwide Webb, Voxels, Somnium Space, Netvrk all saw significant increases in the number of virtual real estate sales in December, with Otherside’s virtual real estate sales volume sales rising by as high as 134.86% and Worldwide Webb’s virtual real estate sales volume sales rising by as high as 100%.

Number of sales of The Sandbox and Decentraland decreased of 28.3% and 21.48% respectively in December compared to November.Link to chart visit:

Number of virtual real estate sales on the eight metaverse platforms year-over-year: 2022.12 vs. 2022.11

Histogram of the monthly number of virtual real estate sales on the eight metaverse platforms

4. Traffic

Voxels traffic was 312,000 in December, 466,000 in November and 362,000 in October, a 33% drop in traffic compared to November. The increase and decrease of traffic are related to the spontaneous behavior of Voxels platform players, but not related to the behavior of Voxels program.Link to chart visit:

Picture of Voxels monthly traffic histogram

Picture of Voxels traffic heatmap in December

Decentraland traffic was 526,000 in December, 758,000 in November, and 850,000 in October, with a 30.1% drop in traffic compared to November. Some players left after the MVMF event in November, resulted in a significant drop in traffic compared to November in December.Link to chart visit:

Picture of Decentraland monthly traffic histogram

Picture of Decentraland traffic heatmap in December

Note: The absolute value of Decentraland traffic is currently higher than Voxels, but the traffic sources are all from official ports, and since the statistic specification of different platforms may not be consistent, the results of the horizontal comparison may not be representative, so it is for reference only at this time.

5. Renting Data

virtual real estate renting data is collected from LandWorks, which currently supports virtual real estate rent for Decentraland and Voxels.

In December, LandWorks leased 18 virtual real estates (compared to 25 lands in November) for $2,689 (compared to $2,858 in November).

Significantly, Decentraland also officially launched a virtual real estate renting product in December, which does not have a great impact in terms of LandWorks’ data performance.

Picture of LandWorks virtual real estate rent transaction number bar chart

Picture of LandWorks virtual real estate rent Turnover (USD)

Picture of LandWorks virtual real estate rent turnover (ETH)

6. MREI Index

The Metaverse Real Estate Index (MREI) is an index that measures the price of virtual real estate in the metaverse. It is calculated by combining the sales volume, sales volume, and sales unit price of the eight major metaverse projects.As we can see from the trend chart of the MREI indicator and ETH fluctuations, the MREI index continues to maintain a weak negative correlation with ETH prices in December, indicating a weakening correlation between the Metaverse and the Crypto market.

Link to chart visit:

Picture of MREI vs ETH

Part 2: Metaverse Big Events

1. Otherside

1.1. On December 9, Yugalabs’s announced the new domain name, which will be the new address for all official news, blogs, and events published by Yugalabs.

1.2. On December 15, Yugalabs announced the launch of a Bug Bounty Program. yugalabs says that security is their top priority and that Yugalabs wants to reward those who find and report bugs.

1.3. On December 20, Daniel Alegre, President and COO of Activision Blizzard, announced on his Twitter account that he had joined the BAYC club.

1.4. On December 22, CoinDesk published an interview with YugaLabs co-founders Gordon Goner and Crypto Garga. In the interview, they discuss how games and narratives are the backbone of the NFT ecosystem and how Otherside is at the center of it all.

2. Voxels

2.1. On 2 December, designer generated parcel by Voxels will be available on ChronosIsland for 0.42 ETH per Wooowwiieee.

2.2. On December 11, Voxels community member “Underdog Research Channel” held a metaverse party in Voxels titled “90s — 2000s with DJ Magic Kenny”.

2.3. From December 14 to December 25, the Voxels venue “MTRZ Mall” showcased over 500 handmade crafts and jewelry made by ten artists/crafters from the physical world.

Venue address:,1830N,-3U

2.4. 3 Web3 communities,, and, perform at Voxels on December 17–18.

2.5. On December 13–14, the Crypto Mindset Reset Virtual Summit took place in Voxels

The summit provided an opportunity for some of the most knowledgeable creators, builders and leaders in the cryptocurrency space to network with each other. The two-day exchange centered around topics such as privacy, wallet usage, security practices, decentralized exchanges, mining, Web3, Metaverse, and NFT applications.

2.6. The LUCALUSH Show for Wearable creators, organized by Wide Party DAO, was held at Voxels on December 16

2.7. On December 21, Meme Project RAYC’s Christmas-themed party was held at Voxels

Party venue:,2000N

3. Decentraland

3.1 On December 6, Decentraland officially released the virtual real estate Renting System, which allows virtual real estate holders to rent LAND directly in Decentraland’s marketplace.

3.2. On December 6, Decentraland announced the return of Metaverse Fashion Week 2023 (MVFW23), which will invite the global community to experience Decentraland’s latest advances in digital fashion and netaverse interoperability. The event will also feature MVFW23’s own virtual supermodel, Tangpoko (pictured below).

3.3. On December 16, AwedJob conducted the second dance class of the international line dance “Honky Tonkingde” at the Decentraland venue Bufalo Saloon.

3.4 On December 20, Decentraland tweeted that the Metaverse Snowball Fight was held in Decentraland


3.5. December 25, Butterfly Prawn Farm (BPF), a fast-growing free P2E game in Decentraland that was sponsored by Decentraland DAO for $120,000, held a Christmas event in Decentraland.

3.6. Global Legal Operations Community for a celebration of the profession and conversation about its present and future, which was held at Decentraland on December 22nd. It was Presented by Evisort and Keesal Propulsion Labs, a California-based law firm that automates business and legal processes.

3.7. On December 23rd, Yahoo Asia held the official Multiverse Buzz Awards Ceremony at Decentraland, where event attendees could collect Christmas swag at the venue, courtesy of VegasCityDCL.

3.8. On December 24, Decentraland officially launched the Decentraland Editor, which is a metaverse scene editor

Based on Visual Studio Code, Decentraland Editor is a powerful and user-friendly content creation tool for building and debugging interactive scenes in one place.

3.9. Decentraland released the Beta version of its personal 3D space “Worlds” on December 26th

Decentraland officially released “Worlds”, which can be simply understood as a free Land, with a maximum area of 4 Land’s. Users who have Decentraland Name can get it for free, and the building experience is the same as Decentraland Land. The feature is currently in beta and allows users to build, experiment and host events and even build interactive experiences.

4. The Sandbox

4.1. On December 1, according to, Playboy’s first NFT will be available at The Sandbox

On the occasion of the brand’s 69th birthday, Playboy has partnered with The Sandbox to release its first original NFT collection, “The Playboy Party People”, in a total of 1969 pieces.

4.2. On December 1, The Sandbox LAND at The Galleria went on sale

The sale of The Galleria LAND began at 11 p.m. on Dec. 1 and end at 11 a.m. on Dec. 5. There are 303 LANDs scheduled for sale, with 44 premium LANDs to be sold with exclusive NFT gift packs.

4.3. The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 was a great success

The Sandbox Alpha had 17 million visitors in Season 3, triple the number of visitors in Season 2. Several of the top 10 brand experiences received over 500,000 visits and 360,000 users engaged in gaming and social experiences.

4.4. On December 21, Rens Original’s Avatars NFT landed at The Sandbox

Rens Original, based in Finland, had launched the world’s first sustainable sneakers and hoodies made from used coffee grounds. Each NFT in this release comes with a free hoodie of Rens’ iconic elements.

4.5. Jungle Freaks Avatars NFT lands at The Sandbox on December 21

Jungle Freaks is a father-and-son NFT project set in a fictional post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies. However, one last holdout remains in Jungle Freaks’ zombie-infested world: the Gorilla Oasis. This is an island full of genetically modified gorillas who are so dangerous and smart that they have kept the zombies away.

4.6. On December 21, The Sandbox announced that Voxies NFT will be coming to The Sandbox. Voxies is a free-to-play strategy game that allows players to increase their skills by purchasing Voxies NFT.

4.7. On December 22, MonstroCities’ Avatars landed on The Sandbox. MonstroCities is made up of 8,000 monster NFTs, each of which is their own voxel character that players can play in The Sandbox.

4.8. The Season’s Greetings ends 2022 on a high note with one main event and five smaller events

The event ran from December 20, 2022 to January 3, 2023 and featured 250,000 SAND, 3 NFT, 2 collectibles and a mystery box of prizes.

4.9. Habbo NFT will build a new resort experience at The Sandbox

Habbo has released two NFT collections at OpenSea: a Genesis collection containing 11,600 Habbo Avatars to be used in-game and offering a range of in-game privileges, and a PFP collection called Habbo Portraits.

4.10. The Council of Fashion Designers of America celebrated its 60th anniversary in The Sandbox Metaverse

The celebratory exhibition opened from December 19, 2022 to January 19, 2023. Players had the opportunity to meet Steven Kolb, CEO of the CFDA, in a metaverse avatar dressed in Thom Browne brand fashions. The exhibition was curated by Darnell-Jamal Lisby, fashion historian and assistant curator of fashion at the Cleveland Museum of Art.

4.11. The Sandbox signed up for the Web3 Metaverse security service

This type of comprehensive security service has never been offered by any provider before and it goes well beyond the one-off audits that metaverse projects have relied on so far. The new service involves OpenZeppelin applying its real-time monitoring suite and broadcast alerts for potential threats and anomalies, while also providing routine codebase analysis and strengthening smart contract security.

4.12. “The Legend of VARA” landed at The Sandbox

“VARA’s Legends” is part of an educational series in which VARA plays a leading role in building capacity in its regulatory and sector, meeting its commitment to raising public awareness while enabling the industry to scale safely and securely.

**4.13. K-Verse LAND sales campaign officially opens at The Sandbox **Whitelisted users had purchased LAND from 8 p.m. Dec. 14 to 8 p.m. Dec. 15.

4.14. OneFootball is making its first foray into the metaverse with its presence at The Sandbox

From December 6 to December 27, The Sandbox players had explored everything they want to know about Argentina’s national soccer team. Players who completed the quest and got a chance to win a portion of the $50,000 SAND prize pool. The prize was divided equally between each player who completes all AFA Village missions and completes KYC in The Sandbox account settings.

5. Others

5.1. On December 2, Korea Energy Conglomerate Established $84 Million Metaverse Fund

South Korea’s city gas and energy group Daesung’s venture capital subsidiary recently established a fund worth 110 billion Korean won (about US$84.5 million) for expanding investments into startups in the metaverse industry.

5.2. On December 8, Starbucks Odyssey Beta experience launched to a small group of waitlist members

Starbucks is calling the activities within Starbucks Odyssey “journeys” and the associated NFTs “stamps” to allow consumers to participate in the full experience without any knowledge of crypto basics, and the platform will use the Polygon network to reduce the cost of on-chain transactions. The campaign is currently only open to Starbucks waitlist members in the US.

5.3. On December 12, Meta launched its avatar store in Singapore, with plans to expand to other Asia Pacific regions

Meta launched the Meta Avatars Store in Singapore and plans to expand to other countries in the Asia Pacific region. The store allows users to purchase digital apparels and accessories that can be used in Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and Meta’s virtual reality products.

5.4. On December 1, Mona is partnering with 24 sponsors to bring special prizes to its community

From 1 to 2 p.m. Et, Dec. 1 to Dec. 24, menbers can enter Mona each day to claim the day’s prizes and sign the guest book. Completed the claim would give you a chance to split the grand prize with results announced at the end of December.

5.5. On December 7, Mona announced that creators can mint and sell custom VRM avatars on the Mona Marketplace

5.6. On December 9, Mona partnered with Raregotchi to host a sweepstakes

Raregotchi is an NFT project inspired by the classic virtual pets of the 90s. Featuring collectible characters, breedable pets and multiple game modes, all mixed together to make a very interesting cartoonish world.

5.7. MVFW23’s supermodel TANGPOKO lands in Mona

MVFW23 is the official Decentraland-sponsored 2023 Metaverse Fashion Week, and Tangpoko is the MVFW23 exclusive virtual supermodel.

5.8. On December 20, Mona announced a premiere party on the second Thursday of every month. Giving musicians, dancers, actors, and filmmakers the opportunity to share unreleased or brand new works in the metaverse.

5.9. On December 15, The HUXLEY, a six-issue graphic novel produced over a ten-year period by acclaimed science fiction concept artist Ben Mauro, celebrates its first anniversary at Oncyber. The comic is available digitally (NFT) and in physical form.

5.10. On December 22, Somnium Space announced that it will release the Somnium VR1 headset at CES 2023 (the largest international consumer electronics show in the United States) from January 5–8, 2023

Somnium VR1 is an opensource high end PCVR headset with high resolution displays, special custom non-fresnel, crystal clear lenses, eye tracking, hand tracking, high resolution pass-through cameras and a modular design allowing users to change, add or modify many parts of headset. Additionally, Somnium Space will give access to the majority of sensors allowing advanced users to create custom VR & mixed-reality applications.

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