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Two forums on “The Beauty of Metaverse Architecture” hosted by Metacat were successfully completed In January 2022(Click here to see the video). Here, we enjoyed the visual feast of metaverse architecture, learned some stories behind the architecture, and these forums also let us have some thoughts on metaverse architecture. This article mainly summarizes the sharing and interaction of 10 guests in the two activities. The first five are overseas guests and the last five are Chinese guests.

Lexicon Devils

Peacenode is the founder of the construction organization Lexicon Devils. Before entering the metaverse, Peacenode was a graphic artist who was interested in architectural graphic design and voxel art.,38N,

When it comes to Cryptovoxels architecture, Peacenode likes cubes. He thinks cubes can use the light source in the sky to achieve good reflection effect. The reflection is real-time reflection and does not need baking and additional light. Cubes are combined with the transparent mode of the picture, then the whole is very natural, elegant and transparent. This effect can be seen from the above two buildings.,38N,

As for the short-term goal of the headquarters of Lexicon Devils, Peacenode plans that the second floor will place glass window display platforms and links, so that it can display artists’ twitter and their NFT works at the same time; A meeting room is planned on the third floor, which is more convenient for everyone to get together and stroll. At the same time, it is also hoped to attract other groups. Overall, Peacenode hopes to create useful space for people.


Uttermelon is from South Korea. He doesn’t classify himself into a certain category, such as artist, architect, etc. he thinks he just does what he wants to do, and he continues to explore himself. Uttermelon became fascinated with CV in July 2021. He built a gallery and found that he could create freely here. He believes that CV has fewer restrictions than The Sandbox, and CV is mainly limited in vox size. What he is doing now is trying and experiencing, and he will keep experimenting and exploring.

About the above work, uttermelon said,”This parcel is the artwork that I won the 2021 Holiday Build Contest. When I work, I always try to make Parcel a work. The title of this parcel is ‘factory alone’. It was taken from the title of ‘home alone’. It is true that Christmas has positive, bright, and pleasant energy, but there are moments when it is not, and I tried to express the meaning in the work that you don’t have to be happy during Christmas. I think some people enjoy Christmas, while others spend Christmas in a factory in a modern society that runs nonstop. This work is designed to make people think about a polarized society. ‍”


Bitpixi** is the interaction designer of CV official**. Her experience was related to the metaverse and cryptocurrency to some extent. When she was a teenager, she began to play Second Life, an online virtual game platform; she also tried to play Cryptokitties in 2017.

Bitpixi knew about Cryptovoxels through the project Rare Pizza. Later, and her first NFT was a CV parcel. She likes dancing and wanted to be the hostess of the ball, so she built a beach bar. She likes to place bricks and cubes, which makes her feel like meditation. At the same time, Bitpixi also started her own exploration, making and selling wearable. In the process, she encountered some problems, so she thought that applying to join the CV team could fix these problems well. However, after entering the CV team, she found that there were some underlying logic and code to be repaired, so it has been optimizing. At present, the most important thing for the team is to ensure that the CV will not be down. ‍


Fabioema** from Brazil is a clockmaker and graffiti artist in real life. In the field of encryption, the clock and painting were combined by him to make NFTs,** and he displays them in beautiful architecture he built in Cryptovoxels.

In addition, Fabioema has also built several classic parcels. He built parcels for two famous telecom operators Claro and TIM in CV respectively, which are very cool and full of sense of technology; Cryptorastas.Space, a building with live performance devices and NFT display functions built for Reggae musicians in Brazil is a warm Brazilian style, natural, wild and full of charm; The work participating in the 2021 Holiday Build Contest is the secret garden version of the Christmas cabin. Fabioema also won the second prize — — a parcel awarded by CV official and it’s his first CV parcel. He said he was happier than winning the first prize.,68N,

Fabioema likes building very much. When you want to look for him, you may not find him on Twitter and Discord, but you can see him in the CV world. Once, even at 5 a.m. Brazilian time, he was still building in CV. As for short-term goals, he likes building and hopes everyone can let others build on their parcels. ‍

Vox walk

Hyperspek** is the founder of **Vox Walk. He entered the metaverse in February 2021. At present, Vox Walk has three parcels, bringing together about 25–30 small shops from different people, displaying various styles of clothing, cars, etc. Vox Walk is a community project. Although it has attracted a lot of attention and received a lot of traffic in the early stage, it has been relatively deserted recently due to less activities. When asked how to become a Vox Walk community member, Hyperspek said that the capacity of making wearable is the only requirement.

In addition to Vox Walk, Hyperspek has also established PFP Museum. There are Hyperspek’s own collections in the museum, which also is open to others who show their NFTs. Hyperspek also has parcels on The Sandbox, but The Sandbox is not easy to access for Mac computer. He wants to build there on it when he can access it.

Speaking of Hyperspek, he is the holder of several top NFT projects, such as Punk #8845, bayc #3660, doodles, cool cats, etc. At the same time, he also buys a variety of other NFTs. In some NFT involving women , his wife and daughter will also help select. ‍


BCA is an art and technology company, so most of the buildings of BCA are related to art exhibitions. For example, Gallary Shanghai in Cryptovoxels is a restoration of BCA Shanghai gallery in real life. There are exhibitions of works such as the virtual butterfly and “未来佛” of the Dabeiyuzhou, as well as Chi Lei’s “休门猛兽” and some other works. The red and blue BCA museum displays Beeple’s works, etc. On the metaverse art exhibition hall, CMO York of BCA network said, “I hope every can cross the barriers of time and space and participate in the exhibition.

In addition to the exhibition hall, BCA also built leisure places, such as AKOMA SHANGHAI, which integrates leisure bars with exhibitions.

York believes that the playability of CV is relatively high, and it is also a place to reflect design and creativity. It allows players to quickly experience the metaverse.


The co-founder of MetaEstate, Jackey, started this sharing with a comprehensive architecture. The building is 17 meters high and has five floors. **The design and construction of the building is the effect of integration. **First, a designer completes the design drawing, and then the designer and another designer responsible for on-site construction build together, thus forming the effect of integration of two different styles. The exterior wall of the building is the collision and integration of different architectural styles, which can be seen from the color, material and style. Each floor has a theme, which is divided into indoor and outdoor, with appropriate external space and strong sense of design.The color matching and design of the interior of each floor are also different, including the splicing pattern of the wall. The top floor of the building is open, with a strong sense of science and technology. There is an endless swimming pool, which can hold small parties.

DAIMONIA is a shared office space, and the space, daylighting and light and shadow effect on the roof are just right. There is also an unrestrained building built for a game guild.

Jackey believes that the current construction of Miami island has been very prosperous, not only because of the construction of MetaEstate, but also because of the construction of other institutions or individuals. The author believes that MetaEstate plays an indispensable role in the construction of both Miami island and the whole CV world, and MetaEstate has been continuously producing high-quality buildings.


Confi’s Crystal Ball is an empty crystal ball building built for Christmas activities. In addition to the elements of Christmas atmosphere, there are many functional designs that players can interact with, such as a gift box that will pop up when clicked. In terms of design concept, Qiu zanke, the person in charge of MetaLandscape, said that she hopes to realize ideas in the metaverse that the physical world is difficult to realize, which is also an important reason why MetaLandscape is attracted by the metaverse.

The “Red Romance” KTV is built for Thanksgiving. The architects hope to create a metaverse KTV full of nostalgic atmosphere. The design of box, sofa, coffee table and lighting strive to restore the KTV atmosphere in the urban-rural fringe 20 years ago.

The “xiaoba” art exhibition hall is a building integrating candy machine and hot-air balloon designed for a client. the architect uses color contrast, balloon, candy and other elements to set off a dreamy atmosphere.


Whale Garden is the first work of Ponlaiidesign in CV, a Chinese architecture. The building is designed with hall, room, exterior view and other spaces, so that the building has multiple functions such as exhibition, activity holding, auction and so on. The design of various whale elements makes it more echo with “whale” theme. President of Ponlaiidesign Nova believes that “atmospheric buildings need to give visitors a space instead of wrapping every inch of space indoors. Sometimes appropriate blank space is more important.”

Ponlaii, the HeadQuarters of Ponlaiidesign, has a simple and elegant architectural style. Nova said, “the metaverse is like an unpainted white paper, and the whole Ponlaii building is also like white origami, with some creases. Inside the building are some elements of Chinese style, such as flowing water, bamboo, and vases of Riverman NFT. The top of the building has not been designed yet. Three more signs will be placed on the top of the building to represent the three businesses of Ponlaii, including Ponlaii design, Ponlaii property and Ponlaii consulting.

The monument built to commemorate the “O3 event” of Shenyu is the first monument designed by Ponlaii and also cooperates with the Artist Xi. The building contains elements of radiation, circulation and science fiction, as well as commemoration, thanks and messages for this event. In the past, Ponlaiidesign excluded pure landscape architecture. For them, if a building cannot be used, it is an insult to the designer, but the monument that condenses faith and consciousness itself is also a kind of building used.

A cool technological building made for Satoshi Dao, which is more suitable for viewing from a distance. The lower part of the building is the large space marked by Ethereum, and the upper part is a icon of Bitcoin, the source of all cryptocurrencies. Client originally wanted to build a temple. But Ponlaii ‘s design is unconventional and has a sense of science and technology, and the effect is very good.

Nova believes that Ponlaiidesign will meet the needs of the clients as much as possible, but if the a client just want a nice villa, they will refuse. Construction is not consumer goods, such as clothes, but a matter that consumes human, financial and time. Both owners and architects should be responsible for their own investment. Only in this way can we make the business sustainable. Otherwise, once the market loses confidence in playful construction, where should we go in the future? Builders need restraint and self-discipline to return to the origin of architecture and provide space for specific human activities. If specific human beings do not exist, our design will have no meaning.


Topbidder** is named by Cao Yin, conceived by the founder of Topbidder Liu Jiaying and inspired by Guggenheim Art Museum**. The whole building is in Krusu style and octopus appearance. The robot in Topbidder museum is designed by artist Shou Shengnan. The first exhibition of Topbidder art museum was curated by Cao Yin. At present, it has been held to the third exhibition curated by Chen Xu.

“赤金” Art Museum was jointly built by Topbidder founder Liu Jiaying, six artists , curator Duan Shaofeng, and the atrium Giant Buddha was created by artist Zhang Yongji. As for the origin of the name “赤金”,** Mouyan said that “赤金” refers to pure gold. As the saying goes, “There’s no pure gold”. “赤金” represents our highest pursuit of art and is a spiritual belief.**

Cao Yin

Cao Yin, the host of this Chinese event, believes that we should define what the metaverse architecture is and what kind of people be served by metaverse architecture? At present, the metaverse is still in n BC. Human social activities that can only be carried out in the metaverse and the real social identity of the metaverse have not been found. Although we are still in the pre metaverse era, we are very confident in the future of the metaverse. The practices you have done in the past year or two, whether starting from realism or directly jumping to metaverse futurism, have their values. I believe we will have great works in the future. This activity gathered the metaverse building OGs of the Chinese community. I believe the embers of metaverse in the Chinese community will also start here.


Both domestic and foreign guests have taken out the treasure at the bottom of the box, but as Nova said, “the language is pale in front of any excellent architecture”. Therefore, only by being on the scene can you feel the beauty of the metaverse architecture. All the wonderful buildings mentioned above can be found easily from Metacat Website and view from the Featured Builders page.

Whether architecture is regarded as one’s own works of art, such as Uttermelon, self built or commercial construction, all excellent construction can not lack people-oriented thinking. When you play in buildings, no matter you are the landlord, player, builder or any other role, we need to think about what we want to do in the metaverse and where is the value of the metaverse? “Building without thinking is useless, thinking without building is dangerous”. We firmly believe that the embers of the metaverse ignited here will become a prairie fire.

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