Metaverse Monthly Report 2022–07
September 10th, 2022

Author: MetaCat

The July 2022 Metaverse Monthly Newsletter contains the following two sections:

  • Metaverse data analysis report
  • Metaverse big event


1.Data report content

  • The monthly metaverse data analysis report includes seven metaverse platforms, The Sandbox, Decentraland, Voxels, Somnium Space, NFT Worlds, Worldwide Webb, and Otherside.
  • The content of this report is analyzed as follows: virtual land of the Metaverse platform, excluding Token and Wearable.
  • The dimensions analyzed in this report contain four parts: sales, sales unit price, sales quantity, and traffic.

2.Summary of the data report

  • **Total sales in the Metaverse segment continued to decline in July, down 18% from June. Otherside had the biggest impact on the drop. **Otherside seems to be going through the necessary stages of a web3 project, declining gradually from May when it launched high, dropping 97% in June and 24% in July.
  • **NFT Worlds is facing a big challenge from Microsoft’s Minecraft this month.**After Minecraft’s announcement on July 20, its average value fell 68% from the previous day, prompting land holders to sell , The number of land sales that day reached 34 times the previous day.
  • Voxels, which relies solely on land revenues, faced significant cash flow pressure during the bear market. It announcement of layoffs, suspension of new Voxels parcels and other measures in response to the bear market has led to skepticism among users.. Voxels’ land price decline was second only to NFT Worlds, and it was also the metaverse platform with the biggest sales decline this month.
  • Somnium Space, despite its low absolute sales, but it did very well in variance of sales price, sales volume, and changes in sales, which may be due to positive actions such as new features and ongoing event contests.
  • The Sandbox continued to work with multiple brands this month, resulting in an average price increase of 20% for The month.But price increases always seem to have a ripple effect on sales, which are down 30%.
  • On Decentraland, the first metaverse platform, the average parcel price remains solid at $5,000.

Part 1: Data analysis report of Metaverse

1. Sales(USD)

Overall sales in the Metaverse segment (the seventh largest) fell by 4.65 million, or 18%, in July from the previous month.

Otherside seems to be going through the necessary stage of the Web3 metaverse platform project. July is the third month of its launching, and the sales volume in July and last month decreased by 24%, which was 5.06 million, and total impact was also larger.

NFT Worlds saw a 76% increase in sales this month.You might think that Minecraft already limit NFT Worlds, why could sales increase?Actually, the price dropped significantly, causing estate owners to sell and some players to try to fish for the bottom, resulting in a 76% increase in NFT Worlds’ overall sales.

Voxels announced layoffs and suspended new Mint sites in response to the bear market that caused some users’ dissatisfaction, and even official employees to voluntarily leave, which led to further declines in land prices and sales at a time when land prices were already low in the bear market.As you can see from the table below, Voxels saw the biggest drop in sales, with a 40% drop.

Somnium Space, due to its low absolute numbers, saw a 98% uptick with a 50,000 increase.

Top Metaverse platform sales (USD) sequential: 202207 VS 202206

As can be seen from the monthly sales bar chart, the overall sales in July 2022 decreased slightly on top of the already decreased sales in June, and the Otherside (yellow) accounted for a large proportion, so the colors of other platforms could hardly be seen.

Top Metaverse platform monthly sales (USD) bar chart

Further from the pie chart of the latest month below, it is clear that Otherside accounts for the largest proportion of sales, still maintaining the top, accounting for up to 75% of sales;Followed by NFT Worlds and The Sandbox with 12% and 8% respectively;The other platforms also invisible.

Top Metaverse platform sales (USD) pie chart for the last 30 days

2 Average sales price(USD&ETH)

More notable in terms of average prices were NFT Worlds, which had the biggest decline, down 66%, and Voxles, which was next, down 37%.

The Sandbox continued to work with a number of brands this month, resulting in an average price increase of 20 per cent for The month.

Decentraland’s average price was stable, down just 3%.

Top Metaverse platform sales average price (USD) month-over-month: 202207 VS 202206

As can be seen from the monthly average price volatility chart, NFT Worlds’ July average price (green) showed the most dramatic change.

Top Metaverse Platform: Monthly mean price volatility chart

From the ETH standard average price, the trend is consistent with USD as a whole.

Top metaverse platform sales average price (ETH) month-on-month: 202207 VS 202206

3. Sales volume

Sales quantity and sales keep the same trend, but the extent may be slightly different, and the reasons for the impact are also the same.

NFT Worlds sales increased by 414% from 253 sites in the previous month to 1,300 sites this month, a direct reflection of the negative market, with such a large number of estate owners selling their land.

Voxels’ land prices have dropped repeatedly, but the number of parcels sold has not changed much, and this is due to accessibility. MetaCat also considers acquiring parcels based on activity needs, especially if the price is low, which is a key difference in terms of playability compared to other platforms.

Top Metacat platform sales on a sequential basis: 202207 VS 202206

Top Metaverse platform: Monthly sales volume volatility chart

4. Traffic

The traffic volume of Voxels in July was 529,000, and that in June was 434,000, which was 15% lower than the previous month. This is mainly because Voxels had fewer activities this month and the traffic volume decreased more accordingly.This month, Voxels laid off the leader in charge of operation, who organized the fashion show at the end of June and the beginning of July, and planned a series of activities, but could not be held normally due to leaving Voxels.At the same time, it is understood that several people in the team have also been infected with COVID-19 this month, which may affect team work communication.

Decentraland’s July and June flows were 830,000, down 25% from the previous month.

Currently, the absolute value of the flow on Decentraland is higher than that of Voxels. However, the source of the flow is all official ports. Due to the inconsistency between different platforms, the horizontal comparison results may not be representative, so it is only for reference.

Monthly traffic: 202207 VS 202206

Voxels monthly traffic chart

5. MREI index

MREI(Metaverse Real Estate Index) is an Index used by MetaCat to measure the price of Metaverse virtual Real Estate, which is calculated from multiple dimensions including sales, sales volume and sales unit price of eight top Metaverse platforms.

From the MREI index and ETH fluctuation trend chart, we can see that the trend of MREI index in July is almost consistent with ETH Price, which is a slight downward trend. It can be seen that the trend of the metaverse segment is consistent with the large market background.


Part2: Events about metaverse platforms


Mala Mala, a film directed by Dan Sicklesd, screened on Voxels

On July 14, Dan Sicklesd’s first film Mala Mala was screened on Voxels and attracted many players to watch.Dan Sickles is the producer of multiple films and recently filmed I’m New Here, a documentary that how NFT impact our lives, showcasing a number of high-profile NFT and metaverse figures, including Ben Nolan, the film is expected to be released next year.

Voxles announced layoffs,and put a pause on minting new islands and land parcelsand other measures to respond to a bear market

On 20 July, Voxels announced layoffs to cope with the bear market, and it is understood that BD Leader Jetski (the main person responsible for the July show) was among those made redundant, while Fayelure, a product/R&D person, voluntarily resigned.Voxles has also put a pause on minting new islands or parcels, as well as new features and partnerships.Instead, Voxels will focus on improving its core products and solidifying the immersive experiences of its platform.

2. Decentraland

Kuwait-Based Islamic Bank entered the Decentraland

Warba Bank, a Kuwaiti based Islamic Bank, announced its entered the Decentraland on July 3. Warba Bank eager to support its younger clients hence its entry into the metaverse. Anwar Bader al-Ghaith, vice president of Warba Bank, said The world of virtual reality is used in several advanced fields, including services, education, health and others. And Warba Bank aims to be close to its clients in virtual reality to introduce its products and services, as well as communicating with them in an innovative way that reflects Warba Bank’s image as a pioneer in digital transformation.

Everyrealm in Decentraland for Nancy Ajram new single release party

On July 8,** s**inger Nancy Ajram and Everyrealm teamed up to host a metaverse party for her new single “SahSah” on Decentraland. Nancy Ajram was born on May 16, 1983 in Beirut, Lebanon, and is a Lebanese Pop folk singer. Ajram is considered to be the most important superstar in the Arab world for 20 years.

Decentraland offered bug report bounty programs of up to $500,000

On July 6, Metaverse platform Decentraland launched a bug report bounty program on Web3 bug bounty platform Immunefi, focusing on bugs in smart contracts as well as websites and apps, with a maximum bounty of up to $500,000.The rewards for smart contract vulnerabilities are $20,000 and $1,000, respectively, based on threat level. Website and app bug bounties are $18,000, $6,000, $3,000 and $1,000, depending on the threat level.

Decentraland launched MAC desktop Beta client

On July 21, Decentraland launched a Beta version of its MAC desktop. In March 2022, the Foundation announced that a new desktop for Windows, Linus, and Mac was in development, and it appears that Decentraland is launching its product.

WildernessP2E organized the Wildditch World Cup contest

WildernessP2E stared the Wildditch World Cup on Decentraland on July 27 with a $WLDY and wearable winnings. The two parts were from 8:00 am on July 27th to 8:00 am on July 28th, and from 8:00 am on August 2nd to 8:00 am on August 3rd. Prizes range from $10,000 $WLDY to $30,000 $WLDY depending on the place you earn points, and in addition to the prize money, there are also wearable prizes.

MetaTrekkers NFT and Venice Music to Host First Decentraland Concert

On July 29th, the MetaTrekkers NFT and Decentral Games teams will be hosting an onboarding event for Decentraland in preparation for the first Venice Music & Fast Friends metaverse concert. The session will start at 7AM and 7PM CST.

The concert itself is headlined by Sophia Alexa, Sarah Barrios, Dylan Davidson and Grent Perez will take place at the MetaTrekkers Club in Decentraland (-69,-139) on July 30th at 4PM CST.

3. Sandbox

The Sandbox launched bug bounty program

On July 5, Sandbox launched its Sandbox bug bounty program.participants can earn rewards for reporting errors, ranging from $1,000 to $200,000 depending on the severity of the detected error, and the rewards are redeemed in SAND.

The Sandbox has reached cooperation with 3 Korean institutions, including entertainment institutions, TV stations, banks

On July 4, The Sandbox teamed up with South Korean entertainment giant CJ ENM to bring diverse content toreach Gen Z in The Metaverse meaningfully.

On July 7, The Sandbox announced that it has signed a Metaverse business partnership with South Korean conglomerate Channel A to drive Metaverse and NFT experiences.In addition, Channel A plans to showcase a variety of games and video content based on representative entertainment IP in The Sandbox’s virtual real estate.Channel A is a television station funded by the Dong-A Ilbo and established as a majority shareholder.

On July 11, The Sandbox announced a partnership with South Korea’s second-largest financial conglomerate, KEB Hana Bank, which will open virtual branches in The Sandbox.

Warba Kuwait islamic Bank Bank announced to entered The Sandbox

Warba Bank, an Islamic Bank headquartered in Kuwait, announced its arrival in The Sandbox on July 3, aiming to communicate with The younger users through The metaverse. Anwar Bader al-Ghaith, vice president of Warba Bank, said virtual reality can introduce its products and services closer to customers and communicate with them in innovative ways.

Meta Hollywood Enters Partnership with The Sandbox

July 6, Meta Hollywood, a virtual community for movie creators launched by Animoca Brands in partnership with Planet Hollywood Group, announced a partnership with The Sandbox, a leading decentralized gaming virtual world and a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, to develop a first-of its-kind virtual Hollywood-themed backlot movie studio in the metaverse.

A collaboration between The Sandbox and Playboy has been announced

On July 11, The Sandbox announced a partnership with Playboy that will see The company launch metaverse MetaMansion on The Sandbox, including social games, NFT and more. This comes after Playboy released its first major NFT collectibles project, Playboy Rabbitars, in October 2021, Rabbitars and The owner of The Sandbox LAND will get a special experience with Playboy within The Sandbox’s brand experience.

Skater The Sandbox announced and legend Tony Hawk cooperation

On July 13, The Sandbox teamed up with legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk to build The world’s largest skate park in The Metaverse.

The Sandbox launch Alpha Season 3 trailer

On July 14, The Sandbox debuted The trailer for Alpha Season 3.However, we remain skeptical about The Sandbox’s ability to deliver products as planned. In addition to a steady stream of brand partnerships, it seems more important to develop features and deliver products.

4. Otherside

Otherside held two load tests and a “First Trip” technology demonstration

Otherside held two load tests on July 6 and 9 ET in preparation for the First Trip technology demonstration on July 16. The purpose of the load test is to allow Improbable’s team to understand platform limits and find potential breakpoint issues. For community users who wish to participate in this test, they need to have a wallet and hold at least one Otherdeed virtual parcel.

On July 16, Otherside completed its “First Trip” technology demonstration and released a Litepaper. This document serves as a starter guide for Otherside, covering the basic tenets of the platform, developer capabilities, and the possibilities for community co-creation. Litepaper’s content will increase and change over time.

5. NFT Worlds

NFT Worlds launches Weekly tweet Space The Weekly WRLD

NFT Worlds has launched its Weekly Twitter Space The Weekly WRLD, and held its first issue on July 8th.Twitter Space will focus on NFT Worlds and related projects.

NFT Worlds faced the biggest crisis from Minecraft ban

NFT Worlds is a gaming platform based on Minecraft and blockchain.

On the night of July 20th (UTC), Mojang Studios (the developer of Minecraft) announced an outright ban on the use of NFTs and blockchain technology in the Minecraft gaming ecosystem, leading to a spike in transactions and a plunge in prices that day.

On July 21, the project team at NFT Worlds responded to the Minecraft ban in a post on their Discord channel.The team said it is currently in communication with the Minecraft team to understand the reasons for the ban and to continue operating on the Minecraft platform.

On July 23, NFT Worlds said in a social media post that NFT Worlds will develop new games and platforms based on core Minecraft mechanics that are compatible with Minecraft plugins and other components. The new games will reference Minecraft but will not use open source code to prevent violations of relevant laws. NFT Worlds also said that it is currently recruiting developers from the Minecraft ecosystem to join NFT Worlds, and that the NFT Worlds launcher and game page will remain open until the new game is developed.

NFT Worlds has announced WRLD2.0, a handbook of token economics on WRLD

On July 30, NFT Worlds announced its token Economics update handbook for its token $WRLD in a new PDF.

6. Somnium Space

Somnium Space is hosting a times Si- Fi character contest

On July 9, Somnium Space announced the event of the Times Si-Fi Character Contest. Join Somnium Times Discord and send ideas in the short-fiction channel to enter the contest.The winning si-fi character will be announced on 8 August.

Somnium founder Space shows the first digital embodiment from virtual world to the physical location of the example

On July 27, Artur Sychov, founder of Somnium Space, presented the world’s first example of taking a digital VR avatar from bringing a virtual world to a physical location, which has changed the understanding of how digital humans and society interact.

7. Others

Several metaverse platforms jointly set up the Web3 Open Metaverse Alliance (OMA3).

On July 22, several Metaverse platforms jointly established The Open Metaverse Alliance for Web3 (hereinafter referred to as OMA3 Alliance). It can be seen that several OG platforms such as Decentraland, Voxles, and The Sandbox are listed.Earlier in June, the establishment of the Metaverse Standards Forum attracted public attention, but there was no Metaverse platform in the organization, which also caused a joke from Ben, the founder of Voxles.

The Wharton school at the University of Pennsylvania Launches “Business in the Metaverse Economy”

On July 29, the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania offered a six-week Metaverse course called “Business in the Metaverse Economy.” For 8–10 hours a week, students will learn about the technologies and trends in building the Metaverse, And includes immersive metaverse experiences, case studies, and networking events.The program, which starts in September, costs $4,500 and enrollment is open.The University of Tokyo has also announced the introduction of metaverse courses.

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