Metaverse Monthly Report 2022–08
September 20th, 2022

Author: MetaCat

The monthly metaverse report for August 2022 contains the following two parts:

· Metaverse Data Analysis Report

· The Big Metaverse Event

Quick Review

1.Data report content:

  • The monthly metaverse data analysis report includes eight metaverse platforms: The Sandbox, Decentraland, Voxels, Somnium Space, NFT Worlds, Worldwide Webb, Otherside, and Netvrk.

  • This report analyzes the virtual lands of the Metaverse platform, excluding Token and Wearable.

  • The dimensions analyzed in this report contain four components: sales, unit sales price, sales volume, and traffic

2.August report summary:

  • **Total sales in the metaverse continued to be low in August, down 22% compared to July, with the biggest impact on that decline coming from NFT Worlds, which **suffered a ban on Minecraft in July, causing its landholders to sell off, pushed up July’s trading volume, which shrank sharply by August.

  • **Worldwide Webb and Voxels were up 39% and 45% In August compared to July, but **both were still unable to reverse the downward trend in sales in the metaverse segment due to their relatively small total transaction amounts.

  • Otherside’s total land sales in June, July and August are continuing to decline, with July down 24% from June and August down 16% from July, and August down $2.6 million.

  • With the opening of The Sandbox Alpha Season 3, Decentraland, Voxels, and Somnium Space are also launching a number of events to revitalize their stock of subscribers.

Part 1: Metaverse Data Analysis Report

1. Sales

Overall August sales in the metaverse section (the head eight metaverse programs) were down $4.75 million, or 22%, from July.

Otherside After the completion of the primary market offering in May of this year, the total land sales in June, July and August are continuing to decline, with a 16% decline in August compared to July and a $2.6 million decline, which has a more significant impact on the overall.

NFT Worlds sales plunged 78% in August compared to July, as pessimism in the market following the massive sell-off by landholders caused by the Minecraft ban on NFT Worlds in July led to a drop in the volume of NFT Worlds virtual land sales in August.

Voxels announced the destruction of some of its owned mega-lots to “activate” its virtual land market, and the results look good, with Voxels virtual land transactions up 45% in August compared to July.

Top Metaverse Platform Sales (USD) : 2022.08 vs 2022.07

The monthly sales histogram shows that the overall sales of the metaverse section continued to decline in June, July and August 2022, and that Otherside (yellow) accounts for a larger share of sales, with few other items visible in color.

Monthly sales (USD) histogram for the top metaverse platform

Further from the following pie chart of the total virtual land sales percentage of each metaverse platform for the last 30 days clearly shows that Otherside has the largest share of sales at 81%, still maintaining the head star aura with a high 81% of sales; followed by The Sandbox and NFT Worlds with 8% and 3% respectively; other platforms have a very small share from sales. The other platforms account for very little in terms of sales.

Top Metaverse Platform Last 30 Days Sales (USD) Pie Chart

2. Average sales price

More notable in terms of average virtual land sales prices were the biggest declines in Netvrk and NFT Worlds, with declines of 41% and 34% respectively.

Otherside’s virtual land prices fell 23% in August compared to July as its product completion was too low, and despite the aura of its star project and capital boost, it still couldn’t stop the market from expecting lower property prices.

While The Sandbox continues its active marketing strategy of announcing new brand partnerships, its average virtual land price still dropped 17% in August compared to July, which may have something to do with the fact that its product delivery schedule has been unable to deliver on the plans in its Roadmap.

Decentraland virtual average land prices have been more stable, down 3% in July compared to June and 5.6% in August compared to July.

WorldWide Webb restores market confidence, because its announced strategic partnership, with its average virtual land price up 36% in August compared to July, but of course we can’t ignore the fact that its average virtual land price still hasn’t reached $1,000.

Top Universe Platform Average Sales Price (USD): 2022.08 vs 2022.07

The graph of monthly average price fluctuations on the metaverse platform shows that Netvrk, NFT Worlds, and Otherside had the sharpest average virtual land price changes in August.

Top metaverse platform: virtual land monthly average price fluctuation chart

In terms of ETH natively, the average virtual land price of each metaverse project is falling even more severely, with only Worldwide Webb’s average price rising by 13%, while the rest of the metaverse projects’ average virtual land prices are falling, with Decentraland’s average virtual land price falling by even 65%.

Top Metaverse Platform Average Sales Price (ETH) : 2022.08 vs 2022.07

3. Number of sales

The trend in the number of virtual land sales and total virtual land sales is largely negatively correlated, indicating that buyers are bullish on the long-term value of virtual land in the metaverse and are buying at low prices.

NFT Worlds is the exception to the rule, and as mentioned earlier, the market has been quite pessimistic about the alignment project.

Voxels’ official marketing “activation” behavior, as well as the finish and ease of use of its products, make it a popular choice for users who want to explore the practicalities of virtual lands in the metaverse.

The halo effect of Otherside’s project remains attractive to buyers, who will buy as long as the price drops.

Number of virtual land sales in the head metaverse platform: 2022.08 vs. 2022.07

Virtual land in the top metaverse platform: monthly sales volume fluctuations graph

4. Traffic

Voxels’ traffic was 434,000 in August compared to 442,000 in July, an overall decrease of 1.8%, mainly because some of the official Voxels and community attracted some loyal players and traffic is basically the same as last month.

Voxels Monthly Traffic Fluctuation Chart

Voxels August Traffic Heat Map

Decentraland’s August traffic was 821,000, compared to 843,000 in July, withTraffic is basically the same as last month, which had a lot to do with the Metaverse Art Week hosted by Decentraland.

Decentraland Monthly Flow Fluctuation Chart

Decentraland August Traffic Heat Map

Note: The absolute value of Decentraland’s traffic is currently higher than that of Voxels, but the traffic sources are all from official ports, and because the statistical method of different platforms may not be consistent, the results of the horizontal comparison may not be representative, so it is only for reference at this time.

5. MRE index

The Metaverse Real Estate Index (MRE) is an index used to measure the price of virtual real estate in the metaverse and is calculated by combining multiple dimensions of sales, sales volume, and sales unit prices for the eight top metaverse platforms.

From the MREI indicator and ETH volatility trend graph we can see that the MREI index trend stayed negatively correlated with ETH Price in August, which may due to upcoming Ether Merge, used in anticipation of ETH price increase and holding on the sidelines.


Part2: The Big Metaverse Event

1. Voxels

❶** Voxels Announces Destruction of Officially Owned Mega-parcels to “Fix” the Virtual Land Exchange**

On August 20, Voxels officially announced the destruction of its own mega-parcels and the conversion of some unused parcels to “public land” in order to stimulate its virtual land market.

❷** Voxels completed an airdrop of Folk tokens to about 12,000 active community members**

On August 9, Voxels officials announced the completion of a Folk token airdrop targeting the wallet addresses of 12,000 active community members. Based on a May 19 snapshot, it aimed at Voxels plot holders and Voxels community contributors (community contributors are users who need to meet at least one of three criteria: dressed up as Avatar, plot collaborators, and have posted womp), and the event was covered by NFT Plazas.

❸** Voxels attended the major technical conference Queretaverso**

From August 3–5, @bitpixi represented Voxels at Queretaverso, a large 3-day technology conference in Mexico, and discussed blockchain, the possibilities in Voxels, and interesting ways to make money in the OG metaverse.

2. Decentraland

❶** Decentraland organizes a metaverse art week with the theme “The World is Made of Code”**

From August 24–28, Decentraland hosted a five-day Metaverse Art Week, which involved 37 Decentraland venues, as well as renowned project parties such as OpenSea, Rarible, Known Origin, Sotheby’s, Estee Lauder, and more. The event aims to further align the contemporary art world with the emerging Web3 world by showcasing the latest technological innovations in digital art and design development.

❷** Esteban, co-founder of Decentraland, was interviewed and discusses “How will the metaverse reshape our future?”**

On August 9 Decentraland co-founder Esteban was interviewed by tech blogger Miss Wow and spoke on, “Where is the future of the metaverse?” , “Is it possible to implement a metaverse in real life?” , “How to avoid the hidden traps of the metaverse” and “How will the metaverse reshape our future?” and more.

❸** Tequila best-selling brand Jose Cuervo establishes a virtual distillery in Decentraland**

Best-selling tequila brand Jose Cuervo has set up a virtual distillery at Decentraland, becoming the first tequila distillery to combine online and offline, and they’re holding a party at their virtual distillery from August 31 to September 5, where participating players have the chance to win prizes like the very amazing Wearable and the imaginative NFT.

❹** CBS builds first TV show promotional experience in Decentraland**

On July 31, CBS partnered with Polygon, a Web3 scaling platform serving millions of people, CreativeDepartmint, a Web3 marketing agency, and TerraZero Technologies, Inc. a renowned Metaverse company, to launch Ghosts Metaverse virtual experience arena, where fans celebrate the success of the show’s first season by having an immersive experience in the famous Woodstone mansion and completing tasks by solving puzzles to earn limited edition NFTs.

❺** Netflix to partner with Decentraland to create a metaverse experience for action film ‘Grey Shadowman’**

On August 6, streaming giant Netflix’s Latin America division partnered with Decentraland in which it recreates scenes from the action film The Gray Man and explores new ways brands can interact with fans to connect virtually.Decentraland recreates the film’s maze scene in which users must prove their knowledge of the plot by understanding to navigate.

❻** Taco Bell to partner with Decentraland to create a metaverse wedding experience**

On August 29, fast food chain Taco Bell launched a partnership with Decentraland to offer a metaverse wedding experience to newlyweds in the United States. Engaged couples can reportedly enter a contest between August 25 and September 6 to win the brand’s first legal Decentraland metaverse wedding comb and receive an NFT at the end of the contest.

❼** Meta Media Announces Move to Decentraland, Will Create Meta Art Base Metaverse Art Base**

On August 29, Meta Media Hypermedia Holdings Group recently announced the acquisition of 11 parcels of land in Decentraland, the world’s most renowned metaverse virtual digital platform, located in the Voltaire Art District neighborhood and adjacent to Sothebys Metaverse, the world-renowned Sotheby’s metaverse virtual auction space. We’re going to create a Meta here. “We will create a Meta Art Base here. We will create a Meta Art Base here,” said Shao Zhong, Founder and Chairman of the Board and CEO of Meta Media Hypermedia Holdings. This marks the Meta Media Art Base created by Meta Media Hypermedia Holdings Group, which will be the first metaverse media company in China to set up on the metaverse virtual international platform.

❽** The world’s first ATM in the Metaverse is coming to Decentraland**

August 3 — The world’s first ATM in the Metaverse is coming to Decentraland. the Transak ATM is the world’s first fiat-to-cryptocurrency portal, through which users can purchase MANA directly into their wallets.

❾** The British Blockchain Association was Launched at Decentraland**

3. The Sandbox

❶** The Sandbox Marketplace Released Isla Obscura Season 5 NFT Collection**

On August 3rd, issue #5 of the Obscura series, “The Tiger Moon Facing”, was released on The Sandbox Marketplace.

❷** The Sandbox Marketplace presents Dreaming Cars Series NFT**

On August 2nd, AC Cars, the UK’s oldest independent car company, and Beltoise, France’s first electric racing car, launched the Dreaming Cars series NFT at The Sandbox Marketplace. The car NFT from Beltoise is the Beltoise BT01, France’s first all-electric racing car, designed for racing and driving lessons, and available in the legendary French flag colours!

❸** The Sandbox partners with Playboy for a new edition of the VoxEdit contest**

On August 5, The Sandbox launched the VoxEdit contest, which aims to turn the vision of Playboy into a piece of art. Contestants were asked to create a piece inspired by the Playboy universe, while making sure it was accessible to young and old alike. The organizers are offering a prize of 15,000 SAND for the contest.

❹** The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 launched on August 24**

Sandbox Alpha Season 3 launched on August 24, with over 90 scenarios to experience and 13 head PFP project Avatars integrated. The organizers have prepared 1.5 million Sand token rewards for this event, and to ensure fairness, all users participating in this event are required to pass KYC verification, in addition to this event has an offline event venue in Hong Kong.

❺** Hong Kong Games Studio INDEX GAME Received $1.7 Million Injection from The Sandbox**

On August 22nd, Hong Kong game studio INDEX GAME reached an investment agreement with The Sandbox on the occasion of its first anniversary! The Sandbox invested $1.7 million to support INDEX GAME’s efforts to expand its metaverse, NFT, GameFi and Web3, build more P2E content, and further explore the mutual The Sandbox invests $1.7 million to support INDEX GAME’s efforts to expand the metaverse, NFT, GameFi and Web3, build more P2E content and further explore the possibilities of interconnectedness in the virtual space.

❻** The Sandbox: official Instagram account may had been compromised, users urged to take precautions**

On August 4, The Sandbox posted on social media that its official Instagram account may have been compromised.The Sandbox reminds users not to click on any links on The Sandbox Instagram page or communicate with anyone on the Instagram page claiming to be from The Sandbox. The Sandbox’s security team is investigating this.

❼** Hilton Hotel Group heir Paris Hilton will create virtual Malibu Mansion at The Sandbox**

On August 10, The Sandbox announced a partnership with 11:11 Media, a company owned by Hilton Hotels Group heir Paris Hilton, to create the Malibu Mansion, a virtual mansion in its metaverse. Her community will be invited to events such as a rooftop party at the virtual Malibu Mansion. Players will also be invited to Halloween events.

❽** The Sandbox will unlock approximately 370 million SANDs on August 13, representing approximately 12% of total supply**

On August 11, according to Token Unlocks data, The Sandbox’s SAND Token will unlock 372715715 at 16:00 BST on August 13, representing 12.424% of the total supply (3 billion pieces). Of these, 83,785,715 will be unlocked from Corporate Reserves, 50,400,000 from Advisors, 71,250,000 from Teams, 40,200,000 from Foundations, 24,000,000 from Strategic Sales and 103,080,000 from Seed Round Sales.

❾** Cool Cats Unveiled New Incarnation Ahead Of The Sandbox Alpha Season 3 Launch**

In a post on social media on August 24, Cool Cats officials said that Cool Cats has launched a new avatar ahead of the launch of The Sandbox Alpha Season 3, which users can check out by logging into their wallets. Also according to The Sandbox, Alpha Season 3 will officially open today, and they are currently doing the final touches to finalize the NFT and prepare user avatars, which are expected to go live soon.

4. Worldwide Webb

❶** Worldwide Webb Announced Strategic Partnership with GameStop**

On August 11, Worldwide Webb announced a strategic partnership with GameStop, a key step toward building a truly interoperable metaverse for all players.

❷** Treeverse joined Worldwide Webb**

On August 7, Timeless Characters was added to Worldwide Webb in pixel form. holders of Timeless Characters NFT are able to use their characters as avatars in Worldwide Webb.

5. Somnium Space

❶** Somnium Space announced the launch of its biggest event of the year: mixed reality fashion week**

On August 11, Somnium Space announced the launch of Somnium Space’s first Mixed Reality Fashion Week, which will feature both physical and digital fashion shows in Prague and in Somnium Space. The fashion week will expand the way fashion is presented to the public by connecting people from all over the world in both physical and digital locations.

❷** Artur Sychov, founder of Somnium Space, announced the launch of Authencity, a blockchain-based and censorship-free social media platform**

On August 19, Somnium Space founder Artur Sychov announced the launch of Authencity, a blockchain-based and uncensored social media platform, followed by a launch event on August 21 at the headquarters inside Somnium Space.

“Authencity is a new social media paradigm that leverages web3 technology to build a censorship free environment while maintaining the ability to profit directly with your followers from your time and content” — Artur Sychov, Founder of Authencity

6. Otherside

❶** Eminem and Snoop Dogg to perform acclaimed single ‘From the D to the LBC’ on Otherside**

On August 26, Snoop Dogg and Eminem **will bring their **acclaimed single “From the D to the LBC” to Yuga Labs’ metaverse platform Otherside at this year’s MTV Music Video Awards on Sunday, according to official MTV social media, which revealed that the music video for “From the D to the LBC” Released two months ago, it contains 2D animation of Bored Ape NFT, but no metaverse footage. Data shows that Otherside metaverse virtual land Otherdeed has sold nearly $1.5 million in the last 24 hours, a 224.86% increase.

❷** Eminem and Snoop Dogg as BAYC performed their famous single at Otherside for the MTV Video Music Awards**

On August 29, Eminem and Snoop Dogg performed their famous single “From the D to the LBC” for the MTV Video Music Awards on the metaverse platform Otherside, switching between BAYC and avatars during their performance, according to official sources.

7. Other

❶** Meta launched Metaverse Horizon Worlds in France and Spain**

On August 19, Meta launched Metaverse Horizon Worlds in France and Spain, releasing a bland screenshot that drew ridicule from the Web3 world, especially considering that the project cost $10 billion. The company says its app already has more than 300,000 monthly active users.

❷** Hermes passed new Web3 trademark application to launch NFT and metaverse program**

On August 31, U.S. patent attorney Mike Kondoudis tweeted that Hermès filed cryptocurrency, digital collectibles, and metaverse-related trademark applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on August 26, claiming plans to expand into digital collectibles + virtual currency, cryptocurrency + digital collectibles trading, virtual goods marketplaces, virtual clothing/shoes/fashion shows, and more. This follows the April news that luxury giant Hermes plans to test the waters of the metaverse and sees it as a great communication tool.

❸** The Beijing Urban Vice Center Metaverse Action Plan was released**

On August 24, Beijing Tongzhou District and Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Zhongguancun Management Committee, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Economic and Information Technology jointly issued the Action Plan for the Innovative Development of the Yuan Universe in Beijing’s Urban Vice Center (2022–2024) (hereinafter referred to as “Action Plan”).

According to the Action Plan, the sub-center will focus on cultivating the metaverse segmentation industry chain, creating four major industry chains of digital design, digital people, mixed reality and digital art; introducing content creation production line enterprises on the cloud, promoting the symbiosis of content creation numbers and realities, and creating a digital content creation ecosystem; exploring the full life-cycle management of digital asset rights and interests, tracking the cutting-edge dynamics of NFT (non-homogeneous pass-through) technology, and vigorously developing digital asset trading services; accelerate the development and industrialization of technologies such as security chips, zero-trust networks and trusted computing, and continuously strengthen blockchain technology research and application to create a security guarantee system for digital trust.

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