Metaverse Monthly Report 2022–04
September 10th, 2022

Author: MetaCat


  • This report includes six metaverse platforms, namely, the four major OG platforms, The Sandbox, Decentraland, Voxels, and Somnium Space, as well as two new emerging platforms, NFT Worlds, Worldwide Webb.
  • The content analyzed in this report is: the virtual land of the Metaverse platform, excluding Token and Wearable.
  • The dimensions analyzed in this report include four parts: sales, sales unit price, sales quantity, and traffic.
  • In the fourth quarter of 2021, the Metaverse section exploded with the “Meta” effect, but the market began to decline rationally in the first quarter of 2022, and the downward trend continued in April 2022. Sales, sales unit price, sales volume,Compared with March 2022, multiple indicators of traffic have decreased in different degrees.
  • Looking at the data of the six major platforms from the month of April 2022, NFT Worlds sales accounted for the highest proportion of 39%, and the monthly average price of land parcels was also the highest at $28,429 (9.42ETH).


1、Comprehensive of Sales

In terms of sales month-on-month, compared with April 2022 and March 2022, the four platforms dropped by more than 35% (the red part of the table). Among them, the Voxels platform, which has been criticized for lack of publicity, has the largest drop of 56%.Worldwide Webb was slightly down.Although Somnium Space’s sales ranking was the last in April, its sales increased by 12%, and the general trend of the niche platform was more stable than the general trend.

From the histogram of cumulative sales on the platform, the overall decline is more obvious than that in March;Looking at the April bar chart alone (which can also be combined with the table above), NFT Worlds (green), The Sandbox (blue), Worldwide Webb (magenta) accounted for the majority of this month’s sales.

2、Number of Single Platform Sales

The following is a graph of fluctuations in sales volume for a single platform:

Average selling price

1、ASP Integrated

Judging from the average sales price of virtual land, the six metaverse platforms fell as a whole, of which Somnium Space fell the most by 41%, and Voxels fell the least.

In the monthly average price line chart, the prices of NFT Worlds (green), Decentraland (orange), and Somnium Space (yellow) are among the top three, while the average price of Voxels (pink) is the lowest among them.

2、Average Price on a Single Platform

From a single platform, the downward trend of each platform from March to April was more obvious.

Sales Volume

1、Comprehensive Sales Volume

In terms of the number of virtual land sales, there are 3 platforms whose sales volume has dropped by more than 35%, among which Voxels has the largest decline, at 50%.Although the number of Somnium space has increased a lot, the increase is 32, and the absolute amount is low.The number of Webb and The Sandbox is relatively stable.

From the bar chart below, we can see that in addition to the decline in cumulative sales in April, the Sandbox (blue) and Webb (magenta) platforms have more sales in the month of April.

2、Number of Single Platform Sales

The following is a graph of fluctuations in sales volume for a single platform:


Due to the differences in the data openness of different platforms, the traffic only involves the Voxels platform at present.From the bar chart below, we can see that the flow in April has partially increased.Judging from the actual data, the total traffic in April and March increased by 260,000, mainly because the Bybit activity of the exchange attracted about 200,000 traffic.


In April 2022, the overall section of Metaverse will go down, and the trend of multiple platforms for half a year is also in line with the development law of a project/section, and the market always goes from high enthusiasm to rationality.At the same time, more and more people realize that investment itself does not produce value, and only construction and operation can give full play to the intrinsic value of the Metaverse platform.

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