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May 15th, 2022

Voting is ongoing, and as of press time, the ranking of the entries is:

01 The Next Spring

Wackozacco《ETHgypt: Tomb of Vitalik》


In Ethgypt, a Cryptovoxels Metaverse space, lies a plot in commemoration of the most recognizable figure of cryptocurrency. While not directly related, cryptocurrencies spurred the acceleration of a new crop of dedicated builders to find their way into the Metaverse, spending more and more time in virtual worlds. As investor and user interest exploded in 2021, perhaps this is just one historical entry point of many more ways to come. As we discover more worlds it seems fitting to copy our ancestors and erect statutes of significant figures to tell the stories of people’s past. Still a man, the braintrust behind Ethereum is symbolized by the collections of brains in tubes inside the Sphynx to symbolize the mostly faceless identities of other founders whose ideas are still fundamental to the project.

Spawning inside the Pyramid, visitors must find their way above ground to admire the future ancient tomb. On their way out they will encounter Merman Vitalik, a simple container maze, several brains powering the network, a super computer in the head of the Sphynx and Alien Vitalik abducting a camel outside.

Without a clear idea of exactly where the future of the Metaverse is going we must look to the ancient secrets of our ancestors and realize we have been living in the Alien’s Metaverse for thousands of years. Transitioning deeper into a digital existence will challenge us to a historical analysis and inventory of our values and desires as a species to a create a limitless landing pad that relates to everyone besides just Crypto-Natives in order for us to collectively achieve our maximum potential instead of just worshipping memes.

02 The Next Spring



A courtyard full of greenery and beauty, in the courtyard you can cool off, rest, watch the stars, admire the moon, enjoy the happiness brought by the endless and vigorous growth of plants, and have a happy space full of greenery without going out in the metaverse.In the virtual world, there is a spring garden, and there is life. Flowers and trees are full of life, you can feel the love and care of human beings and full of vitality, blooming, and sharing happiness with human beings.In the metaverse world, the design garden is the focal point in the design of a series of residential areas. In the design, everything starts from people in the real world, starting from people’s vision, people’s psychology, and people’s needs, paying attention to the reality of architecture and environment, the integration and communication of architecture and people, and fully paying attention to people’s psychological experience, full of humanity. Create a more complete and pleasant living environment in the metaverse, so that the building and the environment reflect each other and become one.Then in the metaverse world, a childlike paradise was constructed, giving people a happy and uninhibited visual experience. The garden is evergreen, and indulging in this courtyard is like a blooming flower in spring, which is enchanting and enchanting.The metacosmonic idea is like the arrival of spring to rejuvenate, creating a spring garden in my heart.

03 The Next Spring

Andy《Reachable World》




OurBitCat整体IP会在元宇宙、NFT、可穿戴、游戏和主题乐园领域进行探索和推广,希望能够营造一个大家喜欢、娱乐性强、不炒作割韭菜(Nice Looking, Nice Using, Nice Price)的社区环境。目前OurBitCat作品集已登陆opensea,详情请见:

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