MetaCat Search Product Upgraded

MetaCat is dedicated to creating a one-stop service platform that integrates metaverse data analysis, content navigation, and creator community.MetaCat Search website was officially launched on November 17, 2022, with the following upgrades: independent metaverse search portal, optimized metaverse content classification, and aggregation of more metaverse platforms.

Metaverse Search Portal

MetaCat has launched MetaCat Search( ), a search engine for metaverse. It covers four categories: metaverse place, event, builder, and Insight. We aim to make metaverse discoverable, allowing users to easily start their metaverse exploration journey.

Metaverse Content Category Optimization

MetaCat categorizes metaverse content into four categories: Place, Event, Creation, and Insight; Place presents the venues of the major metaverse platforms; Event showcases the events of the major metaverse platforms; Creation presents the essence of metaverse architecture, virtual wearables, and their creators; Insight aims to bring together exciting insights in the field of metaverse.

Aggregation of more metaverse platforms

MetaCat is dedicated to aggregating all the contents of the metaverse. In addition to the previous content based on Voxels and Decentraland, we have selected and added 11 new metaverse projects with their own characteristics for our users: Oncyber, Mona, Protoworld, Somnium Space, Rarerooms, The Sandbox, Spacial, Hyperfy, MozillaHubs, Arium, and Artifex. MozillaHubs, Arium, and Artifex.

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