Metaverse Monthly Report 2022–06

Author: MetaCat

The metaverse monthly report in June 2022 includes the following two parts:

Data analysis report of Metaverse

Events about Metaverse platforms


1. Data report content

  • This report includes seven metaverse platforms, namely, the four major OG platforms, The Sandbox, Decentraland, Voxels, and Somnium Space, as well as two new emerging platforms, NFT Worlds, Worldwide Webb, and the Otherside platform, which was newly launched in May.

  • The content analyzed in this report is: the virtual land of the Metaverse platform, excluding Token and Wearable.

  • The dimensions analyzed in this report include four parts: sales, average selling price, sales volume, and traffic.

2. Summary of data report

**While the market was depressed, the overall trend of sales, sales volume and average price of the metaverse field in June also continued to decline. **Among them, because of the reason for the sales cycle of new projects, Otherside showed a cliff like decline in June.

**The average prices of Decentraland and Voxels fell the slowest. **These two platforms are also the ones that institutions and individuals are more willing to settle in / play, and they are also one of the few metaverse platforms that can play.

The technical barrier of product to metaverse platforms is really high. Although the Metaverse platform projects and market conditions are up and down, the industry leaders of several OG platforms (Decentraland, the Sandbox, Voxels) are still unshakable.

**Voxels’ traffic increased by 14% to 529000 due to a number of activities in June; **Decentraland’s traffic in June was 830000.

3. Summary of events about Metaverse

Voxels in June focused on activities, including pride parade, metaverse fashion show, etc;

The Sandbox events in June were primarily the cooperations with a number of projects, such as Cool Cats, Lionsgate, Time magazine;

Decentraland events in June were mostly metaverse activities, such as the show of Hyundai Auto , metaverse job fair, Music Festival live broadcast;

In June, Somnium space mainly focused on the functional iteration and update of products;

Both Otherside and Worldwide Webb were invaded in June, caused some holders suffered losses;

NFT worlds announced the launch of wrld name registration in June, simplifying the complexity of transmission in the game.

Part 1: Data analysis report of Metaverse

1. Sales(USD)

**While the market was depressed, the sales of metaverse field in June also continued to decline. **It can be seen from the table below that the total sales of this month decreased by 97% compared with the previous month, and the special situation of Otherside raised the overall trend.

Otherside is the new metaverse platform launched by Yuga labs in May.The market Fomo factor caused primary and secondary total sales of the month as high as $786 million (this data does not include the gas fee of the primary market), of which the sales on May 1 was as high as $646 million; and, In June, it tended to decline significantly that sales falling to US $21.12 million, which fell by 97% from the previous month. The Otherside’s sales accounted for a large proportion in the metaverse market as high as 82%, so Otherside exacerbated the decline of overall sales in this month.

In addition to Otherside, the sales of several other head metaverse platforms had also decreased by varying degrees due to the downturn of the market, their sales fell by more than 50%.

Sales amount comparison of top Metaverse platforms:202206 VS 202205

We can also see from the histogram of sales of multiple platforms in May and June that the proportion of Otherside and the degree of decline are large. In May and June, we almost only see the color of Otherside, and other platforms are almost completely submerged.

Monthly Parcel Sales Amount of top Metaverse platforms

Let’s take a look at the trend of ETH. It can be seen that the overall trend in June was fluctuating decline.

ETH fluctuation trend chart in recent 3 months

2. Average selling price(USD&ETH)

Observing the average price (USD) , the head metaverse platforms had fallen to varying degrees. Among them, the Otherside, Webb and Somnium space decreased significantly, all of which exceeded 50%.

The slowest decline in the average price is Decentraland and Voxels, which are also the two platforms that the institutions and individuals are more willing to visit at present, which may be the reason why they decline slowly.

Average selling price(USD) of top Metaverse platforms:202206 VS 202205

From the perspective of the average price (ETH), due to the decline of ETH price, the prices(ETH) of four metaverse platforms even rose. These four metverse platforms include three OG platforms: Sandbox, Decentraland, Voxels and the new platform-Otherside.

Average selling price(ETH) of top Metaverse platforms:202206 VS 202205

At the same time, we can also see that the technical barriers of product of metaverse platform are indeed high. **The metaverse that can really play requires time and energy to develop and build. “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, **there are few such projects at present; Despite the market are fluctuating, but several OG platforms are still unshakable.

Monthly average parcel price of top Metaverse platforms

3. Sales volume

From the perspective of sales volume, although the land on the Otherside decreased significantly by 94% compared with the 56120 parcels just sold last month; However, in terms of absolute quantity, its flow flux was still very large, exceeded the sum of sales of other metaverse platforms in the table (3473 vs 2077). The change trend of sales volume was similar to the indicators of other dimensions and was greatly affected by the overall market.

Number of parcel Sales of top Metaverse platforms:202206 VS 202205

4. Traffic

Voxels’ traffic in June was 529000, compared with 464000 in May, with a month on month increase of 14%. This is mainly because Voxels officially held a series of activities, such as the Pride Parade on June 18, the fashion show at the end of June, etc.

Decentraland’s traffic in June was 830000. (Metacat temporarily only obtained the traffic in June, so there was no month on month data.)

At present, the absolute value of Decentraland’s traffic is higher than that of Voxels, but all traffic sources are from official ports. Because the statistical caliber of different platforms may be inconsistent, and the horizontal comparison results may not be representative, it is only for reference at present.

Monthly traffic of Voxels

5. MREI index

Metaverse real estate index (MREI) is an indicator used by MetaCat to measure the price of metaverse virtual real estate. It is calculated from multiple dimensions of sales, sales volume and selling price of eight head metaverse platforms.

From the fluctuation trend chart of MREI index and ETH, we can see that the MREI index fell sharply in June, which coincides with the sales situation of the metaverse this month. Due to the special reasons of Otherside, the decline trend of MREI index is more intense than that of ETH.

MREI index VS ETH Price

Part2: Events about Metaverse platforms

1. Voxels

❶ Voxels launched a one month digital 20/20 activity, bringing companies into the metaverse

On June 3, according to Voxels’ official news, the digital 20/20 event would be launched. The event will last for one month from June 3 to July 3, and is designed to help companies understand all the complexities of successfully utilizing the metaverse and collaborating in the digital world. There will be topic speeches, case studies, strategic meetings and exchange opportunities.

❷ Voxels launched new island Chronos in early June

On June 7, Voxels launched Chronos Island, which has 400 parcels, divided into four districts, with 100 parcels in each district. These areas are themed by seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Voxels new island-Chronos

❸ Voxels held a pride parade in late June

On June 24 and 25, Voxels held a two-day event to celebrate pride 2022. Pride parade is a parade celebration held by LGBT groups (including gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, bisexual, queer, asexual, etc.) to support LGBT rights. The place and date of pride parade vary from June to July every year.

❹ MetaCat & Gallery20 cohosted a jazz concert on Voxels

On June 24, on the Andromeda island of Voxels, MetaCat and Gallery20 gathered together to hold a jazz concert. The live jazz concert lasted two hours, bringing a special and unforgettable Jazz experience to Voxels and its audience.

Poster of jazz concert

❺ Voxels’ limit on the number of wearable increased from 9 to 12

The number of wearable avatar use on Voxels used to only support 9. From July 1, according to official news, the number will increase to 12, which will meet the wearing needs of more players.

❻ Voxels held the first official metaverse fashion show

Voxtours, jointly organized by Voxels, MetaCat, Vox Walk, MetaverseDao, MetaEstate, MetaLandscape, etc., opened at the Vox Walk parcel on vibes island on July 1. Voxtours was an official metaverse fashion show. If you participated in the fashion competition, you could get extra US dollars. Metacat was one of the judges. Although the event was actually held in July, the vox walk has attracted the attention of the majority of players since the official announcement on June 21.

Poster of Voxtours Fashion Show

2. The Sandbox

❶ the Sandbox has reached a cooperation with NFT project Cool Cats

On June 12, Cool Cats announced that it would provide 3D avatars for its NFT holders on the Sandbox platform in 2022Q4.

Collaboration Poster of Cool Cats and the Sandbox

❷ the Sandbox has reached a cooperation with LionsGate to establish a film theme metaverse

On June 16, LionsGate announced that it had reached a cooperation with the Sandbox, becoming the first large-scale film and television studio stationed in the Sandbox. The virtual parcel “Action City” will be launched and the movie themed metaverse will be established. LionsGate will hold film themed activities in the Sandbox to interact with users. The introduced films will include “First Blood”, “The Expendables” and “Hellboy”.

❸ the Sandbox and Time magazine will develop Time Square in the metaverse

On June 21, the Sandbox reached a cooperation with TIME Pieces, a Web3 community program of American Time magazine, to develop a virtual art and business center “Time Square” in the metaverse of the Sandbox, which will provide services for the TIME Pieces community by providing virtual access to discussions, activities, time studios project screening and educational experience.

❹ The Sandbox partners with Captain Tsubasa

On June 22, the Sandbox announced that it would cooperate with Tsubasa company and Minto , the copyright owner of the animation “Captain Tsubasa” , to introduce the animation IP into the Sandbox , which will also be the first Japanese animation IP to enter the Sandbox.

Collaboration Poster of Captain Tsubasa and the Sandbox

❺ the Sandbox deploys land to polygon

On June 29, the Sandbox project of metaverse planed to deploy land on polygon. After the deployment is completed, each land cross chain of the Sandbox will return 10mSAND to users (mSAND is the token on polygan network corresponding to SAND one-to-one on ETH).

❻ the Sandbox cooperates with ledger to hold NPC Design Competition

On June 30, the Sandbox announced to cooperate with ledger to hold an NPC design competition, which will last from June 27 to July 11. The purpose of the competition is to design an NPC of any species, whether it is human, animal, alien or any other creative imaginative creature in the form of species. Contestants can design any type of NPC to submit valid entries through social puzzles, and the top three will receive a cold wallet award.

3. Decentraland

❶ HYUNDAI Auto launched new Creta in Decentraland

On June 9, 2022,** HYUNDAI** launched the new Creta in Decentraland. In the platform, players can view virtual cars, enjoy live music and collect free wearable devices.

Poster of Hyundai Auto

❷ Yahoo planed to launch a series of activities for Hong Kong residents in Decentraland

On June 16, 2022, Yahoo, an Internet media company headquartered in the United States, revealed that it would hold a series of virtual activities and concerts for Hong Kong residents in Decentraland. Yahoo believes that metaverse is an attractive choice for Hong Kong residents who want to participate in social activities during the epidemic restriction period.

❸ the European MetaverseMusic Festival MET AMS was broadcast live in Decentraland

The European Music Festival MET AMS was held in Amsterdam from June 15 to 18. The four-day metaverse music festival features panel discussions, seminars and immersive experiences to explore all aspects of the virtual world, from art and music to fashion and games. The festival was broadcast live in Decentraland.

❹ Decentraland held the first metaverse job fair

On June 26, 2022, Decentraland held the first metaverse virtual job fair, which provided excellent opportunities to work in fields such as cryptoart, digital fashion, blockchain games and virtual real estate.

4. Somnium Space

Somnium Space primarily updated several projects in June. For example, Alpha+ Quest independent VR client-side was launched on June 7, 2022; On June 28, 2022, WebXR released several updates of the client.

Of course, before the issuance of this report, we learned that on July 3, Karel janecek had officially cooperated with Somnium space to prepare for his 2023 Czech presidential campaign.

5. Otherside

● Discords of BAYC, OtherSide were attacked, and more than 145 ETH were stolen

On June 4, 2022, the attack was carried out by invading the discord account of @borisvagner, the community and social manager of Yuga labs. After the hacker obtained unrestricted access to the employee’s account, the fraudster shared various phishing links in vagner’s discord account to the official BAYC、Otherside and other groups, and more than 145eth was stolen.

6.NFT Worlds

● NFT worlds announced online WRLD name registration

On June 28, 2022, NFT worlds announced the online WRLD name registration. The NFT worlds project has developed a blockchain domain name similar to ENS, named WNS. In this way, users do not need to use addresses to interact with the game, and can directly own blockchain ID card or blockchain name. WNS currently supports ETH and polygon chains. Users need to pay $WRLD to register. WNS supports transfer, payment and purchase of goods or services in the game.

7. Worldwide Webb

❶ worldwide Webb will cooperate with Boki NFT

On June 12, 2022, Worldwide Webb announced the integration of Boki NFT. After the V2 version of worldwide Webb is publicly released, all Boki holders can use the new default skin.

Screenshot of Boki‘s twitter Homepage

❷ the Worldwide Webb discord account was hacked and several NFTs were stolen

On June 21, 2022, after the swindler attacked the discord of a staff member of the Worldwide Webb team, he released a false link to the mint of parcels, which made many parcels and other NFTs stolen.

8. Others

● Tech behemoths such as Meta and Microsoft announced the establishment and launch of the Metaverse Standards Forum

On June 21, the Metaverse Standards Forum released 37 founding members. The forum was hosted by Khronos group, a non-profit consortium of 170 organizations that supports interoperability standards in 3D graphics, VR, AR, machine learning and other industries. The founding members of the metaverse standard forum include Meta, Microsoft, Sony, Epic Games, and Chinese tech behemoths Alibaba and Huawei. At present, joining the Metaverse standard Forum is free.

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