Web3 DID field has a new breakthrough, Dmail launched DaaS service!

With the arrival of Web3 tide, people’s expectation for decentralized identity (DID) is getting higher and higher, but how to extend the usage functions and scenarios of DID and connect the two worlds of web2 and web3 has been an important exploration direction in the industry. Today, we are pleased to announce that Dmail Network launches a DaaS service, which will provide DID-based information service for web3 users. Dmail becomes the first web3 DApp integrating DaaS service in decentralized mailbox field, which marks that Dmail Network is taking an important step towards integrated web3 platform service!

What is DaaS?

DaaS (DID/Decentralized-as-a-Service) is to provide various types of information transmission services based on DID Name with web3 users’ DID accounts as the starting point of services. Any kind of information (including text, images, links, etc.) can be transmitted through Dmail’s DaaS in the web3 world! In short, Dmail’s Daas service is completely based on the DID account system, providing richer usage scenarios for DID projects, as well as multi-scenario services for DID holders such as private communication and in-app usage.

In terms of specific applications, DaaS of Dmail supports the aggregation service of multi-chain domain names. Current DID projects of mainstream public chains, such as ENS, .Bit, JazDID, SpaceID, HashkeyID and Unstoppable, can be aggregated to the Dmail platform to realize the multi-platform integration of users’ DID domain names. In addition, Dmail also supports domain name resolution of mainstream public chains. After users log in to Dmail with their DIDs, their original DID domain name (e.g. dmail.eth) can be displayed on Dmail, and this domain name can also be used as the address for sending and receiving Web3 emails.

How does DaaS work?

Currently, all major public chains in the market have independently developed DID projects, which are familiar to users such as ENS, .Bit, SpaceID, JazDID, HashkeyID, NextID, Unstoppable, PolygonID and Bonfida. However, the information barrier between the public chain DID projects has not been broken. What Dmail does is support the domain name resolution of each mainstream public chain, support the integration of each mainstream public chain DID project, and realize the privacy information interaction between DID Names.

At Dmail, users who have any DID account can mint (Free-Mint) a Dmail NFT domain account when they log in to Dmail. After logging in, you can view all your DID Names in the Setting Page and set up a binding to any DID Name for sending and receiving emails. For example, once a user has finished binding the name dmail.eth, they can use dmail.eth as the sender when editing emails, thus showing your web3 identity. Of course, with Dmail, users can send emails to both web3 users and traditional mailboxes such as Gmail, ProtonMail, Outlook, etc.

In addition, users can switch the currently bound DID Name to another account. If the bound DID name is sold (transferred or sold), users do not need to worry about the loss of email information. Because all the mailbox information is associated with the login wallet address, you only need to switch to the new DID name and then you can view the history of emails. And when other users send emails to the user who has switched/sold the common DID name, they will also receive an alert that the recipient’s DID name binding has been transferred, so that the message transmission will be terminated to avoid the leakage of important information.

DIDs supported by DaaS

At this stage, Dmail has already supported ENS, SpaceID, Lens, JazDID, HashkeyID, Unstoppable and .Bit to login and use. In the future, Dmail will cooperate with more DID projects to provide privacy information services. These projects will include but not limited to: NextID, Unipass, BNS, PolygonID, Bonfida, Lifeform and etc.

At the same time, we also invite all projects that are developing DID direction, and Dmail welcomes more partners’ deep integration cooperation to provide users with 100% decentralized email and collaborative office solutions, and expand more application scenarios for DID. Please send your request to contact@mail.dmail.ai for collbrations.

Tip: Any Holders with a Dmail-supported DID Name can Free-Mint an 8–11 digit NFT Domain Account within Dmail for $5.49 under established conditions. Check https://mail.dmail.ai/presale for details.

How to reflect Daas function on Dmail?

Dmail platform has designed a lot of function adaptations on the platform in order to adapt to all kinds of DID accounts, including: supporting display of DID Name on the home page of Dmail mailbox; supporting display, query and management of DID Name in the “setting” interface the DID Name held by users can be set as the NFT avatar of Dmail mailbox and so on.

For users who already hold a DID Name, within the official time and conditions, users can cast (Free Mint) a Dmail NFT domain account with the DID Name; at the same time, the DID Name can be used as an incoming address to receive or send web3 emails directly. In addition, even after the user sells the DID Name held by the user, the information of the original email will be retained and will be viewed after the user rebinds. In the future, Dmail will also open up more social attribute functions of DID Name, such as adding social graphs, etc.

We believe that with the rapid development of the Web3 field, DID will become one of the most important tools for the new generation of users to enter and use the Internet. And the Dmail team hopes to provide basic service tools for the majority of Web3 users and projects through continuous efforts, while building a bridge connecting the web2 and web3 worlds of communication.

ID Domain Dmail Supported:

ENS (Ethereum, xxx.eth)
SpaceID (BNB Chain, xxx.bnb)
Lens Protocol (Polygon, xxx.lens)
Unstoppable (Polygon, xxx.nft/crypto/dao)
.Bit (Ethereum, xxx.bit)
JazDID (BNB Chain, xxx.bab)
HashkeyDID (PlatOn, xxx.key)

Official links

📌 Website: https://dmail.ai/

📠 Dmail beta version: https://evyc3-ziaaa-aaaak-aam5a-cai.ic0.app/login

📝 Dmail Tutorial: https://dmailofficial.gitbook.io/helpcenter/v/english

🎥(Video from MOD) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIy6BFk70mI

📩Presale: https://dmail.ai/presale

📡Github: https://github.com/dmailofficial/dmail

🕊 Twitter: https://twitter.com/dmailofficial

✈️Telegram: https://t.me/dmailofficial

🔵 Discord: https://discord.gg/RyYNmdqjF9

🔴 Medium: https://medium.com/@dmail_official

📮Email: contact@mail.dmail.ai

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