xPET <> OKX Wallet Gas Return Event Guideline

To promote sustainable cooperation and encourage the community to participate in PvP, xPET and OKX Wallet have organized a Special Event to refund users 100% of gas fees when upgrading pets or joining PvP.

xPET<> OKX Wallet gas return event will last for 3 days starting from 2 AM UTC on Feb 26 to 2 AM UTC on Feb 29. So take the opportunity to freely upgrade your pet or participate in PvP and get back 100% of your gas fee.

How to Participate in the xPET<> OKX Wallet gas return event?

Prepare for the Event: Ensure you have the necessary resources and accounts ready for participation. You'll need an active OKX Extension Wallet and some $BPET tokens in your Wallet.

You will receive a 100% refund of gas fees in the following 2 cases:

  • Upgrade your pets: Proceed to upgrade your pets as usual and pay the required fees. If you are eligible (using OKX Wallet) and during the event time, the text "Daily network fee refunds available" will be displayed before your "Confirm" section:
  • Participate in PvP: To join PvP, you'll first need to swap your $BPET tokens for POTION and vice versa then to get rewards. Both of these activities are refundable for gas fees. Navigate to the designated swap platform and follow the instructions to complete the swap process securely. Similar to when upgrading pets, the text "Daily network fee refunds available" will be displayed before your "Confirm" section:

          In addition to participating in battles and receiving rewards, in PvP, Staking and Unstaking activities are also eligible for gas fee refunds. So, take advantage of the opportunity to make your profits to the maximum.

Throughout the event duration, all eligible gas fees incurred will be refunded to your OKX Extension Wallet automatically. No action is required on your part to claim these returns.

Keep an eye on the official channels of xPET and OKX Wallet for any updates, announcements, or additional instructions related to the event.

Most importantly, enjoy the event and have fun participating in PvP battles with other players. Good luck, and may the best pet win!

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