1 baby = 1 ENS

A new experiment from our dev team is delivered to the community.

We purchased the ENS richbb.eth earlier, and every Rich Baby holder now gets a subdomain.

For example, wallet address 0x3456 holds Rich Baby#1234, then 1234.richbb.eth is resolved to 0x3456.

If the Rich Baby is transferred to another wallet, the subdomain will be resolved to that address automatically.

This first step makes us to bring more new interesting experiences to all Rich Baby holders. And it’s already supported in Flips Watch, you can search any Rich Baby holder by this ENS.

Some technical details if you are interested:

We deployed a contract implementing EIP-2544(ENS Wildcard Resolution), and set the resolver of richbb.eth to this contract instead of the public resolver. When the contract receives a resolving request, it looks up the owner from Rich Baby NFT contract, then returns the address.

Always building,

Trivia Labs

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