Ensure safety in the Rich Baby minting process

Rich Baby is an NFT collection that needs the participation of a CryptoPunk and a BAYC(Bored Ape Yacht Club) in the minting process of each NFT. This creative mechanism raises concerns about the security of CryptoPunks and BAYC assets.

As a team, we recognize the tremendous value of CryptoPunks and BAYC tokens. Ensuring the security of our token owners is and will always be our foremost concern. We hope by introducing details of the minting process, people can know which operations are safe and avoid future asset losses from scams.

If you have a CryptoPunk or a BAYC in your wallet(or better, both), to get a Rich Baby, you need to mint it on our official website: https://rich.baby. Any other domain is a scam.

There are two roles in our minting process. You can be either a proposer or an acceptor.

After connecting and signing in with your wallet on the official site.

As a Proposer:

The only thing we need from you is a signature that can prove your ownership of a wallet address that contains CryptoPunks or BAYC tokens.

The signature conforms to EIP-712. This EIP improves the security of off-chain message signing for use on-chain by letting users review the signing content. As a result, users can make sure the message can only be used on a particular site or contract.

After creating the signature, the proposer can then make public his proposal on the “Tinder” page of our website for any other BAYC or CryptoPunks holder to pair with, or get a private invitation link and send it to a trusted person.

If someone accepts your proposal to breed a baby, you can claim your twin baby by sending a “Claim” transaction.

As an Acceptor:

You need to pick a proposal to breed with, either by choosing one from the “Tinder” page of our official site or by fulfilling an invitation link in our discord tinder channel. Watch out and make sure the link leads you to our only official domain: https://rich.baby. If you’re unsure, only accept links from our official discord.

After entering the pair minting page, select your BAYC or CryptoPunk to breed and click the mint button, which will ask you to send a “Breed” transaction to Rich Baby’s contract to do the mint. You would get a Rich Baby in your wallet after the transaction is completed.

In general, the proposer needs to perform two operations in the minting process: an off-chain signature and a transaction interacting with Rich Baby’s contract. For the acceptor, a transaction interacting with Rich Baby’s contract is the only operation.

Remember that you WON’T be asked to send any transaction to CryptoPunks or BAYC contract. There’s NO APPROVAL action needed.

Stay away from any operation other than the ones mentioned above. Let's stay safe and breed Rich Babies.

As a Proposer
As a Proposer
As an Acceptor
As an Acceptor
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