OK, what’s next?

🎉 Our wild Phase 1 just ended!

We got a lot of BAYC holders came in and bred their babies at the last minute. Since most proposers were in different timezones, we decided to allow the proposers to claim their babies in the next 24 hours. You can claim through the ‘Mint History’ https://rich.baby/history. There will be no more new Rich Babies with gold pacifiers minted after that, and we didn’t reserve any gold pacifiers.

Now let’s talk about Phase 2. Phase 2 will be much bigger since it welcomes everyone to join! We already had a small community consisting of some of the most well-known BAYC and CryptoPunks holders. We will continue to grow the community in Phase 2. And here are the details:

  • The mint & reveal will happen in early May.
  • More communities will be connected, and we will start to give away WL through partnerships and campaigns in our Discord.
  • Each WL can mint 2 babies for free.
  • Each gold-pacifier Rich Baby holder gets 1 WL.
  • Our team will reserve 250 non-gold-pacifier babies for building the community.

We are so excited about the next step. An innovative and interactive way for everyone to reveal their babies in Phase 2 is under development. We want to keep it a secret for now, but part of it is hidden in this banner image on our website since Day 1, you can try to make a guess :)

We already had an amazing Phase 1, with so many unforgettable and fun moments. Thank you again for trusting us!

Also, make sure to join our discord: https://discord.gg/richbaby to stay tuned.

P.S. The most asked question is ‘Is this project a joke? How can you guys continue to build with the free mint and free WL mint?’ Indeed, we started Rich Baby as an experimental project, there was no full-time member at that time, it’s our first web3 project and it has been really fun to build.

With all the unexpected trust and love from the Rich Baby community since Day 1, we are thrilled to announce that our team just got an official investment this month! We have set up a new company called Trivia Labs, and will focus on the NFT space. :)

We’re serious.

Trivia Labs, a.k.a. Team Rich Baby

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