Announcing our first tool

We are releasing Flips Watch to all Rich Baby holders today!

Do you want to know how much you have made by trading NFTs? Flips Watch is an NFT trading history analysis tool to solve that problem!


Accurate trading history

All of your NFT trades at different places are aggregated and listed. The exit value excludes the royalty fee and the profit is calculated with this formula:

profit = exit value - entry price - gas fee

Clean summary card

A summary card is generated based on the trades. You can see four stats: the winning and losing flips, total spend and total profits.

Search any ENS name or Ethereum address

You can check anyone’s flipping profit, besides your own.

Other highlights

Next step

Two major new features are coming later:

  • List unrealized profits of current holding NFTs.
  • Support aggregated history of multiple wallets.

One more thing

Finally, we are also launching the official website of Trivia Labs!

As our new slogan says, we will bring more non-trivial experiences to you. Rich Baby is much more than a PFP project, holders are the core of Trivia Labs, owning a Rich Baby grants you access to all of our future projects, 🤫 another one is right at the corner!

P.S. For those who keep asking ‘How to get WL?’, we will have another announcement in the coming days, a tool will be launched to give away our WL. It’s going to be WILD.

Always building,

Trivia Labs

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