Radiant Rundown #4 July Recap

What’s on the menu ?

  • Key statistics

  • One-year anniversary

  • Dev Updates

  • Collaborations

    • Binance Labs

    • Token Terminal

    • Radpie

    • TimeSwap

  • 8020 Initiative

  • RFP-18 Snapshot 2 Update

  • DAO Proposals

  • Honorable Mentions

Key statistics

One-year anniversary

Radiant's 1-year anniversary is being celebrated with pride! Since its launch on Arbitrum, significant progress has been achieved, with exceptional growth and the establishment of a vibrant community - a testament to the invaluable support received.

The future holds even more promise, and many exciting developments are on the horizon.

In honor of this special occasion, a captivating competition has been launched. Participants can take on various tasks, earning XP and vying for top positions on the leaderboard. The rewards for outstanding performers include exclusive commemorative NFTs and $5500 in RDNT rewards.

Join Radiant in celebrating this significant milestone and take part as we forge an even brighter future!

Dev Updates

Introducing a new format to provide you with timely updates on major tasks, upcoming challenges, and achievements for Radiant.

From time to time, you will see Dev Updates posted on Twitter and discord, it will give a concise and detailed rundown of the latest dev work, finished and ongoing.

Recent developments include a reduced and optimized RPC call rate, refactoring of image assets for a smoother user experience, and a revamped dark mode for a sleeker appearance.

Efforts are also dedicated to optimizing UI and UX, with improvements in zap modal UX, branding updates, a refreshed color palette, and an overall UI facelift, as well as enhancements to the RFP-18 ARB airdrop claim page.

Looking ahead, the Radiant team will be busy preparing for the launch on Ethereum, and your ideas and feedback are highly valued, so please don't hesitate to share them.


Binance Labs

Binance's investment fund has made a public announcement regarding its investment in Radiant considering it as the next era of DeFi Lending.

This remarkable vote of confidence signifies the recognition of major players towards Radiant's work, which they see as promising and innovative.

Token Terminal

In a recent public article, the financial data aggregation platform Token Terminal delved into the lending market sector, shedding light on various data and elements related to Radiant.

Just another example of the trust and recognition garnered by Radiant from significant players in the industry.


In our previous post, we introduced Radpie, a sub-DAO of Magpie focused on maximizing yields for dLP holders.

A significant initiative, the dLP rush program commenced, offering dLP to RDP token conversions with the chance to earn RDP rewards. As an incentive, 150,000 RDP tokens were distributed during this program.

Although this event has now concluded, rest assured that there are more opportunities on the horizon.


Aura Finance has recently introduced new pools, $RDNT-$WETH/$USDC.e and $WBTC-$tBTC/$USDC.e.

These pools offer you the opportunity to concentrate your Balancer positions. For more information, please click here.

8020 Initiative

Radiant is now part of the 8020 Initiative. The term "8020" denotes a pool consisting of two assets, with 80% allocated to one asset and 20% to another.

This model presents several advantages including deep liquidity, asymmetric upside and minimized impermanent loss, efficient incentive programs, hedging and price appreciation.

The dLP (RDNT-ETH) serves as the core of the Radiant v2 ecosystem on Arbitrum, offering users the opportunity to participate in protocol fees and activate RDNT emissions within the money market.

The seamless shift from a single-sided lock to Balancer's 80/20 model marked a significant migration milestone, enhancing dex liquidity while alleviating the LP community's burden and minimizing impermanent loss.

For further details, we encourage you to read this article published by Balancer.

RFP-18 Snapshot 2 Update

Another thrilling update regarding the distribution of our $3,348,026 ARB token allocation. We are pleased to inform you that the second snapshot was successfully taken on July 17 at 17:00 UTC.

As a result, users who locked NEW dLP for 6-12 months between snapshots are eligible to receive a share of 1.3M ARB tokens.

DAO Proposals

The DAO added 3 new proposals, RFP-20, RFP-21 and RFP-22, here's a quick review of each of them:

  • RFP-20: the proposal concerns the incorporation of wbETH as collateral and a borrowing market on BSC. Wrapped Beacon Ethereum is a liquid staking derivative token designed to mirror the value of staked ETH and its corresponding rewards. Binance Earn facilitates the creation of this token, granting users the chance to partake in ETH staking rewards from the Ethereum network. The proposal has been accepted.

  • RFP-21: the proposal is centered around the DAO's approval of the distribution of our 3,348,026 ARB tokens. Initially, all wallets that locked or relocked dLP within the specified block heights on either Arbitrum or BNB Chain are eligible for the airdrop. RFP-21's objective is to ascertain the distribution ratio between 6-month and 12-month locks and establish the appropriate airdrop cutoffs for dLP locked within the eligible airdrop window. The decision is "3x weighting", indicating that the distribution of releases to 12-month locks will be three times greater than that of 6-month locks. This approach serves as a reward for long-term commitment.

  • RFP-22: This proposal focuses on whether to maintain the original fixed amount of RDNT for token gating or recalibrate to a new fixed point based on a value of 100 USD. The DAO membership threshold, which remains at 1 RDNT, will not be affected. The decision is to "Upload 2500 RDNT". This implies that anyone seeking for the ability to submit new RFP drafts for DAO consideration must possess a minimum of 2500 RDNT tokens for DAO authorship.

Honorable Mentions

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