Radiant Rundown #7 October Recap

What’s on the menu ?

  • Key statistics

  • STIP Proposal

  • Mainnet Launch

  • Dev Updates

  • Collaborations

    • Trader Joe

    • OpenZeppelin

    • Furucombo

    • HyperLiquid

    • ReHold

  • DAO Proposals

  • Honorable Mentions

Key statistics

STIP Proposal

Let's talk about the latest updates on Arbitrum STIP.

First off, the grant proposal has been approved, receiving overwhelming support and granting Radiant almost 2,852,044 ARB tokens.

This is a very strong endorsement from Arbitrum that we can all be proud of.

A total of 2,000,000 ARB is slated for distribution among newly locked dLPs for a duration of 6-12 months on Arbitrum. This qualification period spans from snapshot 1 (block #147753665) to snapshot 2 (occurring in the next 30-90 days). Act promptly to ensure your eligibility, as the deadline for qualification is January 31, 2024.

Mainnet Launch

On November 1st, a significant milestone was achieved with the introduction of Radiant on Ethereum.

This marks a noteworthy accomplishment, resulting from extensive hours of dedicated work and collaborative efforts within the community.

Gratitude is extended to all contributors and the community at large, whose support has been instrumental in bringing Radiant to this pivotal juncture.

The decision to integrate with Ethereum is grounded in a straightforward analysis.

According to DefiLlama, there is a substantial amount of $70 billion in stablecoin circulating on Ethereum, contrasting with a mere $20 billion actively utilized.

This observation underscores the existence of a substantial opportunity for Radiant to establish its presence on Ethereum and fulfill its overarching mission.

Also, the time is ripe for LSTs and RWAs, and Radiant is getting ready to fire.

It is now possible to lend and borrow in stETH, rETH and sDAI.

There is still much work ahead! The future is radiating don’t you think?

Dev Updates

October was a busy month for Radiant, so let's dive into the important stuff we achieved and tackled.

We successfully checked and reviewed the BSC and Arbitrum contracts.

Now, you've got the power to set the slippage exactly how you want it.

And here's the cool part – you can now zap right into assets like USDC, USDT, and DAI in one go! Making things easier and quicker for you.


Trader Joe

In October, we had the second edition of our famous Arbitrum Adventure with Trader Joe, split into three phases.

Different projects like JonesDAO, Vertex Protocol, and PlutusDAO were battling it out.

And the prizes? $50,000 were distributed and some exclusive NFTs were up for grabs too!


The audit for V2 conducted by OpenZeppelin has been successfully completed, and the comprehensive report on this analysis is now available for your reference.

We extend our gratitude to the diligent efforts of the OpenZeppelin team, whose hard work has played a pivotal role in propelling Radiant forward significantly.


Check out the awesome video our pals at Furucombo made about Radiant and all its cool features!

This video covers everything about the project and demonstrates the different practical uses.

Big thanks to Furucombo for this amazing video!

Watch it here.


You might have heard of HyperLiquid these past few weeks, the perpdex platform.

It is our pleasure to inform you that Radiant is now listed in USD perpetuals on this platform, allowing to trading RDNT with up to x5 leverage.


Radiant has been involved in the #ArbitrumFestival on October 16, organized by ReHold and along with TraderJoe and GMX.

The aim of this campaign was for everyone to obtain gas fees refunds and to access increased APRs for RDNT, GMX and JOE.

A successful operation, for which we congratulate all those who took part.

DAO Proposals

The DAO added two proposals, RFP-24 and RFP-25, let’s review them :

  • RFP-24: This proposal emphasizes the need to incentivize Long-Term dLP Locks on Mainnet through Radiant's ARB reserve, this proposal is considered a sketch of this idea which quickly evolved into a second proposal which is the one that followed. The proposal has been rejected.

  • RFP-25 : As explained above, RFP-24 focuses on the Mainnet only, so the stakes are the same here, only it involves Arbitrum and the Mainnet this time, which is still better, isn't it? The proposal has been accepted.

Honorable mentions

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