Radiant Rundown #11 February Recap

What’s on the menu ?

  • Key Statistics

  • Arbitrum STIP Update

  • Radpie Campaign Update

  • Dev Updates

  • Radiant Dimensions

  • Collaborations

    • Gauntlet & Arbitrum Foundation

    • OpenOcean

    • OKX Wallet

    • Stella

    • Galxe

    • Interport Finance

    • Contango

  • DAO Proposals

  • Honorable Mentions

Key Statistics

Arbitrum STIP Update

Exciting news! The qualification period for the airdrop of 2,000,000 ARB tokens has been extended until March 29th.

This extension means that individuals interested in participating in this rewarding opportunity can still join the adventure. To do so, simply lock your dLPs for a duration of 6-12 months. Additionally, if you missed out on previous snapshots, you have the option to lock your dLPs again.

In addition, we're thrilled to announce that we've successfully reached milestone 5. This achievement signifies that the entire grant will now be distributed to eligible users, totalling 2M ARB tokens to be shared amongst everyone!

More details here.

Radpie Campaign Update

Radiant has decided to allocate 353,000 ARB tokens to Radpie in order to offer advantages to lending pools.

These three pools have each reached 5,000,000 deposits. At this level, 11,770 ARB are distributed each week in each of the pools.

Take a look at these pools here.

Dev Updates

Radiant has numerous projects in the pipeline, so let's take a look at them together:

Over the next few weeks, the Radiant team will be working on the Radiant Innovation Zone (or RIZ). This will be a risk isolated lending market, that will enable the listing of many new (and more degen) assets for our users enjoyment.

Auto-compound will be activated by default for all users, but you can of course modify this to suit your preferences.

A new reward token stream will also be introduced, so don't spoil the surprise...

More generally, work is planned to increase security and polish the UX.

Radiant Dimensions

Radiant has taken advantage of the month of February to produce a large number of educational posts so here is a brief summary of the most interesting information

1️⃣ Providing Liquidity

On Arbitrum and Mainnet, you can do this with Balancer, following the 80/20 RNDT-ETH model.

On BSC, you can do this on Pancake Swap with 50/50 RNDT-BNB.

You can also provide liquidity on platforms like CamelotDEX, but you won't be able to lock for a share of platform revenue, rather earning trading fees and arb rewards if you stake your LP in their nitro pool.

2️⃣ Real Yield

Another way to benefit from the platform's fees is to lock your dLPs, who receive 60% of the total fees generated by Radiant.

If you'd like to find out more about dLPs, there's an article on the subject here.

3️⃣ Click, Loop and Lock

As you may be aware, looping involves depositing tokens, borrowing them, and then redepositing the loan to maximize your assets.

At Radiant, you can execute this process with a single click. It automatically borrows ETH and creates dLP, ensuring user activation for RDNT emissions. Learn more about looping with this article.


Gauntlet & Arbitrum Foundation

In order to promote the adoption of the USDC on Arbitrum, Radiant has joined forces with the Arbitrum Foundation and Gauntlet.

Radiant now has more than 214,687 ARB tokens, all of which will be available over the next 70 days (from February 23).

Generate a return composed of RDNT and ARB issues on the USDC pool.


OpenOcean has entrusted you with the following mission: to carry out a batch of on-chain activities.

By following our colleagues, you'll be able to win some of the 360,000 ARB tokens at stake.

To find out more, click here.

OKX Wallet

This information concerns Radpie, but it's extraordinary news for Radiant too.

Clearly Radpie has been integrated into the OKX wallet, place liquidity in the various pools directly from their app, to celebrate you can get a boosted return on your BTC.

Find out more here.


A new strategy from Stella has just been launched on their platform.

Thanks to this high-profile collaboration, you'll be able to leverage your LP RDNT/ETH, while benefiting from ARB token issuance via STIP.


This month we've organized a journey on the theme of the Lunar New Year of the Dragon.

For the occasion, rewards are at stake, find out more here.

Interport Finance

Radiant has been listed on Interport, so you can bridge and trade RDNT on all supported chains.

Try it now here.


In collaboration with Contango, we took part in Arbitrum week.

The points on Contango were doubled on this occasion, here is how the points were distributed:

  • Trade: 213,144 points

  • Talk about Contango: 7,264 points

  • Help with the product: 10,417 points

Consult your points allocation here.

DAO Proposals

The DAO added one proposalRFP-32 let’s review it :

  • RFP-32: This proposal concerns the deprecation of DAI as a supported asset in Radiant’s money market on Arbitrum. The proposal has been accepted.

Honorable Mentions

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