Radiant Rundown #9 December Recap

What’s on the menu ?

  • Key Statistics

  • Arbitrum STIP Update

  • Radiant Dimensions

  • RDP token launch

  • Arbitrum Frontier

  • BAL Rewards

  • Collaborations

    • Binance Wallet

    • PlutusDAO

    • Layer3

    • Radiant Korea

    • Dolomite

  • DAO Proposals

  • Honorable Mentions

Key Statistics

Arbitrum STIP Update

Significant Update Regarding ARB Distribution for STIP:

Radiant has organised the different milestones and corresponding rewards for clarity.

As a quick reminder, securing dLPs and committing to a lock-in period of 6 to 12 months enables you to:

  • Gain access to platform-generated fees in diverse assets

  • Trigger RDNT emissions for lending/borrowing

  • Participate in the DAO by expressing your opinions and voting

The show is still on, see dLP's zap page.

Radiant Dimensions

In December, Radiant rolled out a new series of informative tweets, offering insights into various concepts related to Radiant and its ecosystem.

Throughout the month, several key concepts were explored. Feel free to delve into these posts, where you'll find information on:

  • Dynamic Liquidity Provisioning

  • sDAI market

  • Maintaining emissions eligibility

  • Cross-chain Borrowing

Stay tuned for more updates in the upcoming Radiant Dimensions!

RDP token launch

Radiant has been highlighting Radpie and its various use cases for several months now, but this time it's for something special.

In December, the long-awaited RDP token was launched. The public sale sold out in just 10 minutes, raising 1.5 million USDC. More information to follow.

Arbitrum Frontier

A grand odyssey is ending.

The Arbitrum Frontier journey concludes, offering a captivating exploration of the ecosystem. Hopefully you have been reaping the numerous rewards strewn along the way.

The main reward of this expedition is the Explorer NFT. If you believe you qualify, seize the opportunity to claim your reward here.

Join the Dopex Discord to receive the Medal of Honor for your valor and receive an exclusive role.

BAL Rewards

Following the DAO's decision, Radiant has introduced a new asset incentive for dLPs.

Depending on your lock duration, BAL tokens are now flowing to dLPs on Arbitrum as platform fees.

The Balancer 80/20 dLP pool generates a constant trading fees inflow that is redirected into Redacted Cartel’s “Hidden Hand”. In a result this path allows qualifying users to receive BAL tokens as a reward.


Binance Wallet

Partnering with Binance, three different operations have been carried out: firstly, RDNT has been integrated into Locked Products, allowing you to earn RDNT rewards according to the lock period you choose. More information here.

Secondly, Radiant has allowed everyone to try their luck using the brand new Binance Web3 Wallet, all you had to do was to swap RDNT using the wallet.

Rewards ranging from a single SHIBA to a BTC, $500k worth of crypto prizes have been distributed during this event.

And finally, with Bitcoin’s Halving approaching you can earn up to $2M in rewards to be shared. This follows the Simple Earn Locked Products program, simply complete RDNT subscriptions and qualify for those rewards. More info here.


It's been a long time coming, but they're finally here! The plsRDNT/RDNTWETH LP rewards are now available. That's a total of 6 sources of rewards going to this LP impressive, isn't it?

To begin with, esPLS and ARB tokens are distributed. And then we will have:

  • BAL rewards

  • AURA rewards

  • Balancer’s STIP rewards

  • Trading Fees

Get familiar with this magnificent opportunity now by taking a look at the plsRDNT V2 User Guide available here.


Radiant has once again joined forces with Layer3 for a winter adventure during the festive month of December.

Of course, there was a gift in store - a holiday NFT, tis the season. More details here.

With that, Radiant hopes you had a great holiday season, and wishes you a Happy New Year 2024!

Radiant Korea

A campaign to raise awareness within the Korean community of Radiant has been launched, and it's thanks to Geako Kim that this has been made possible, so let's thank him for that.

Participants will have to tell the most surprising story that has happened to them in DeFi, and the best of all will be rewarded with 250 RDNT.


Dolomite now supports the borrowing and lending of RDNTs on their platform (along with Premia and Jones).

A new way to harness the potential of your tokens! Find out more here.

DAO Proposals

The DAO added one proposal, RFP-26, let’s review it :

  • RFP-26: This proposal calls for the replacement of USDC.e by native USDC as a collateral in the Radiant money market. The proposal has been accepted.

Honorable Mentions

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