Radiant Rundown #5 August Recap

What’s on the menu ?

  • Key statistics

  • Ethereum Launch

  • Dev Update #3

  • Collaborations

    • The Graph

    • Radiate

    • Furucombo

    • DeGens Party

    • BNB Catalyst Awards

  • Radpie update

  • Risk Monitoring and Alerting Platform launch

  • DAO Proposals

  • Honorable Mentions

Key statistics

Ethereum Launch

Do not miss out on October 3rd. As you might have heard, Radiant has recently been heavily focused and moving fast to prepare for the Ethereum launch.

This eagerly anticipated expansion marks a significant achievement and is just around the corner, bringing them one step closer to their goal of uniting fragmented liquidity in the money markets.

Currently available on both Arbitrum and Binance Smart Chain, an expansion on Ethereum opens the door to a larger ecosystem with a Total Value Locked (TVL) five times greater than the combined TVL of BSC and Arbitrum. This amounts to almost $70 billion in untapped potential.

It's a great leap forward, so buckle up and get ready for takeoff!

Dev Update #3

It's time to take stock of the important tasks Radiant is working on, and to take a look on the challenges ahead.

First challenge has been to set up the claiming page for the Arbitrum Airdrop, good news it is now up.

Between May 17 and July 17, the Radiant DAO distributed 1.3 million ARB tokens across over 2500 eligible wallets. Verify whether your wallets meet the criteria on the Dapp and complete your claim within a span of 180 days.

The second concerns front-end improvements. Hard-working front-end developers have been actively engaged in addressing multiple assignments this week. Notable highlights encompass :

  • Renaming of USDC to USDC.e

  • Incorporation of Vite integration to expedite development processes

  • Enhancement where Borrow/Wallet now defaults to the last preference within Zap modal

  • Integration of Starfleet treasury statistics on the Manage page

  • Implementation of UI/UX design for the Airdrop claim flow: take a look on the claiming page!

  • Inclusion of a link to ChaosLab's Risk Dashboard from the website

  • Ongoing work on designing a custom slippage UI/UX

  • Progressive revamp of Zap Modal UI/UX

The next challenge ahead is about the upcoming launch on the Ethereum mainnet, the development team is constantly working on ideas and reviewing the Radiant codebase and UI/UX improvements.

We appreciate your feedback, so feel free to share any ideas, comments, or suggestions you might have.


The Graph

Radiant Capital has transitioned to The Graph's Decentralized Network, resulting in quicker and more dependable data accessibility.

This advancement is supported by decentralized infrastructure, ensuring a more streamlined and proficient lending experience awaits you.


Radiate provides increased yield for Radiant without any lockup period.

A thorough audit is currently in progress, and once completed, the platform will be ready to realize its full potential.


Furucombo now supports Radiant's dynamic lending pools directly on their creation and lending pages. This collaboration enables you to effortlessly manage your positions within their user-friendly interface.

Furucombo's lending dashboard offers a variety of options for convenient position management. This integration enhances your ability to handle your positions with ease and flexibility.

DeGens Party

DeGens Party campaign is here, brought to you by Galxe!

You can now jump into this exciting campaign for a chance to earn NFTs and rewards up to $5,000 featuring Radiant, Furucombo, FoxWallet, BreederDodo, and OpenOcean.

Find more information about it here.

BNB Catalyst Awards

Radiant has been nominated for the BNB Catalyst Awards.

Come together and let our values shine - cast your vote for Radiant! Rewards await those who vote before September 6th.

Submit your vote by visiting this page.

Radpie update

Introducing Radpie Priority Access.

Embark on a journey to acquire RDP tokens at a favorable FDV.

Serving as the governance and revenue-sharing token within the Radpie ecosystem, the RDP token's Initial DEX Offering (IDO) offers a distinctive opportunity to early supporters.

The RDP IDO will consist of 2 rounds:

  • IDO ROUND 1: $5 million FDV

  • IDO ROUND 2: $10 million FDV

Find more information about whitelist requirements and token distribution in this article.

Risk Monitoring and Alerting Platform launch

Announcing with pride the launch of the Radiant Risk Monitoring and Alerting platform, a comprehensive analytics and observability tool designed to support Radiant across both ARB and BSC chains.

With this platform, you'll find insightful analytical tools on the "Overview" page, a user-friendly "Markets" tab for aggregated asset details, and an address search feature. However, the real heart of the platform lies in its core sections: "Recent Events", "Liquidations", "Risk Explorer", and "Alerts" tabs.

Discover more about this platform and explore its features by visiting it here.

DAO Proposals

Nothing to see here this month…

However, we encourage you to engage with Radiant's growth by sharing your insights, suggestions, and contributing to the voting process for our upcoming proposals.

Your involvement plays a vital role in shaping the journey forward.

Honorable Mentions

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