Radiant Rundown #6 September Recap

What’s on the menu ?

  • Key statistics

  • STIP Proposal

  • Radpie Mainnet Launch

  • Dev Updates

  • Collaborations

    • CamelotDEX

    • Bithumb

    • Furucombo

  • DAO Proposals

  • Honorable Mentions

Key statistics

STIP Proposal

In line with Arbitrum's Short-Term Incentive Program (STIP), Radiant has recently presented a proposal to the Arbitrum Foundation DAO, expressing an intent to become a recipient of a grant from the foundation.

This operation is a major opportunity for Radiant, representing a significant boost to operational capabilities, thereby promoting and accelerating further growth.

The program in question has been strategically devised to additionally stimulate expansion within the wider Arbitrum ecosystem aiming for enhancements in terms of Total Value Locked, transaction volumes, user base, and overall network activity growth. Further information here.

Radpie Mainnent Launch

Radpie has officially launched on the Mainnet, ushering in a host of opportunities within the Radiant ecosystem.

Firstly, mdLP depositors can effortlessly share in Radpie's revenue without facing any lock-up restrictions.

Users also enjoy the seamless conversion of ETH or BNB tokens into mdLP with just a single click.

Furthermore, dLP tokens accrued through the platform empowers liquidity providers to bolster their assets and receive RDNT emissions without stringent requirements.

Lastly, on the claim page, mdLP stakers, liquidity providers, or dLP RUSH participants can conveniently access their entitled rewards or airdrops.

Also keep in mind that an upcoming IDO for the RDP token is in the works, with comprehensive details available here.

Dev Updates

Several Dev Updates have taken place on X (formerly Twitter), so let's take a look at the aims and benefits of these reports.

In early September, significant adjustments and enhancements were made, particularly in the application's front-end and contracts. These refinements were crucial to establish a robust foundation on both Arbitrum and BSC, laying the groundwork for the imminent Ethereum launch.

Throughout the month, focused efforts were dedicated to refining the user experience and user interface, Zapping feature works well after thorough testing.

Your insights and suggestions are highly valued; please don't hesitate to share them on our Discord.



A very new Market Maker incentives RDNT/ETH v3 pool is now available on CamelotDEX. Explore it now on Camelot Exchange via this link.


RDNT is now available for trading on Bithumb, a major Korean exchange.

For this occasion they are hosting an airdrop event. Get the details here.


Furucombo's trading dashboard now incorporates Radiant's claiming rewards feature, enhancing position management and user convenience.

Access the dashboard here.

DAO Proposals

The DAO added one proposal, RFP-23, let’s review it :

  • RFP-23: This proposal centers on the removal of BUSD (Binance USD) as a supported asset within the money market, specifically on the Binance Smart Chain.

    Due to Paxos halting the creation of new BUSD tokens, the circulating supply of BUSD will gradually diminish until it reaches zero.

    In response, Binance has advised lending protocols to systematically remove BUSD from their supported assets. The proposal has been accepted.

Honorable Mentions

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