Radiant Rundown #3 May & June Recap

What’s on the menu ?

  • Key statistics

  • ARB airdrop

  • Collaborations

    • MetaCRM

    • PhishFort

    • Layer3

    • Jumper Exchange

    • DefiLlama

    • Magpie

    • Stella

  • New team members

  • DAO proposals

  • Honorable Mentions

Key statistics

ARB airdrop

Since approval for the RFP-18 proposal was achieved by the DAO, Radiant began distributing the Long term incentives allotment of ARB tokens. This constitutes 30% of the total 3,348,026 ARB token allocation, which amounts to one million tokens. The tokens will be distributed among Arbitrum based dLP lockers, and the additional rewards are collected through the dLP platform revenue rewards stream.

The distribution will occur over a span of 52 weeks, and the amount of your rewards will be determined by your lock duration multiplier, which ranges from 1x to 25x, as well as your share of the dLP pool. On average, 19,000 tokens will be distributed each week.

Additionally, the claim page will soon go live for the 40% ARB Airdrop for all 6 month/12 month dLP locks made on Arbitrum and BNB network. You can still qualify! The first snapshot was taken on May 17, and the second will happen in the next few weeks.



Radiant has recently partnered with MetaCRM, an incredibly useful tool that assists their team in providing you with highly effective support. You may have noticed this upgrade from the old discord ticket system to the new support landing page.

Simply put, it's a CRM interface that gives them a clear view of their users' on-chain activity. They can also use tags to categorize users, ensuring personalized and organized support.

This collaboration benefits both Radiant’s moderation teams and you, their valued users!


As you may be aware, the rise of fraudsters poses a significant threat to businesses, especially those operating online. These scams come in various forms, such as sponsored Google Ads links and fake social network accounts, leading to numerous victims every day.

To combat this pervasive issue, Radiant has partnered with PhishFort, a highly effective solution that addresses these threats comprehensively. PhishFort's expertise helps them eliminate fraud in all forms and ensure a safer environment for their users.

In addition, the presence of these threats creates a barrier to entry for potential new users, further emphasizing the importance of tackling these challenges.

They would like to express their sincere appreciation for the exceptional work done by PhishFort. Their persistent efforts play a vital role in protecting Radiant’s platform.


You're starting to become familiar with the routine right? Radiant has partnered once again with Layer3 for an exciting new endeavor.

A fresh quest took place, with a special reward for participants - a unique Radiant NFT that they can treasure with pride.

Radiant extends their heartfelt gratitude for Layer 3’s trust and support!


Radiant’s V2 pools have been integrated to DefiLlama’s Yield Dashboard, view and compare data on all their products right here.

Huge thanks to them once again for their invaluable analytics!


Radiant has made the strategic decision to collaborate with Magpie in order to develop a yield optimization solution that aligns with their values and goals. Thus, Radpie was born.

So, how exactly does Radpie benefit Radiant? Firstly, it allows for the conversion of dLP into mdLP, which can be deposited to generate not only RDNT but also RDP rewards through protocol fees.

The outcome is superior user retention, achieved through the maximization of returns and the enhanced usability and freedom offered by this solution. Moreover, voting rights are collected and redistributed to vlRDP holders.

With all these advantages, what more could one possibly ask for!

Jumper Exchange

Users recently embarked on the thrilling "Ser Bridgealot" adventure, where valuable rewards awaited them!

In partnership with Jumper Exchange, Radiant curated a series of missions for you to undertake. By successfully completing these challenges, you had the opportunity to claim an exclusive NFT and a generous prize of $200.


Enhance your LP Uniswap V3 returns by leveraging liquidity pool positions, all without incurring any borrowing costs, due to Stella’s unique pay as you earn model. The borrowing fee stands at 0%, and you only pay a fee if you close your position in profit. This approach ensures that if your position ends up in the red for some reason, you won't have to pay additional borrow interest debt as well, what a relief! Additionally, you can collateralize your RDNT in the Stella Lending pool to receive a share of the leveragers' yield.

Leveragoor's playbook offers detailed information and instructions on how to implement these advanced strategies. Give it a read!

New team members

Radiant’s team grows stronger each day as they welcome new members who bring their exceptional talents and align with the shared vision for a prosperous and radiant future.

As new members were onboarded this month, here is a brief introduction for the new additions to the remarkable team!

Dan and Fresh pizza have joined the team, each bringing valuable contributions to their respective roles. Dan steps into a pivotal role leading product development and front-end UX design, leveraging his years of design experience in the web3 and web2 arenas. An on-chain native with over seven years in crypto, Dan comes with two successful company exits and Fortune 500 experience under his belt.

Pizza is a seasoned full-stack developer, having transitioned from the traditional world of finance to the fast-paced realm of DeFi approximately two and a half years ago. He's a boundary pusher and a trailblazer, fully immersing himself into the blockchain universe, with hands-on experience in developing a wide variety of DeFi protocols across both Mainnets and L2s.

As an active participant and delegate in multiple DAOs, Pizza embodies the spirit of decentralized governance. His dedication extends to being an essential part of our community and using his expertise to help build an exceptional multichain protocol.

As the team grows, it opens up great opportunities for progress. Collaborative efforts propel them further, emphasizing the importance of working together to achieve collective success.

Both Pizza and Dan are active in the Radiant Discord. Feel free to send them a warm welcome!

DAO proposals

The DAO has seen two new proposals surface, RFP-18 and RFP-19. Here is a quick look at them :

  • RFP-18: at the heart of this proposal was the matter of redistributing our ARB allocation to our dLP lockers. We delved into this topic extensively earlier in the article, and as you likely deduced, the proposal was approved, enabling Radiant to distribute rewards among the valued community of loyal users. The proposal has been accepted.

  • RFP-19: following the astounding success of the launch of Radiant V2 on both Arbitrum and BSC, the natural progression is to expand our reach to the Ethereum Mainnet. Radiant’s objective is to establish a prominent presence within the Ethereum DeFi ecosystem, as it presents promising opportunities, vast amounts of untapped liquidity and will facilitate the next stage of expansion and growth. The proposal has been accepted.

    They eagerly anticipate embarking with you in Q3 2023 on this journey. Quorum was reached and they couldn't be more excited to begin this next phase of Radiant's evolution!

Honorable mentions

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