Radiant Rundown #8 November Recap

What’s on the menu ?

  • Key Statistics

  • Starb Wars - STIP Incentives

  • Dev Talks

  • Arbitrum Frontier

  • Collaborations

    • Binance Wallet

    • Stargate Finance

    • Radpie

    • Layer3

    • Furucombo

    • Contango

    • Notional Finance

  • DAO Proposals

  • Honorable Mentions

Key Statistics

Starb Wars - STIP Incentive

Embark on a new quest with Starb Wars - Conquering Arbitrum, an open invitation for all those seeking extraordinary treasures. The mission is clear: collect as many ARB tokens as possible from the 2.8 million scattered across the Radiant ecosystem.

This story is about a war that has broken out across DeFi, a battle for scarce liquidity resources. After the Curve Wars and the Frax Wars, now it's time for the Radiant Wars.

The battle has commenced and tokens are already being found by dLP holders who have locked for 6-12 months since snapshot 1, and all those who are still yet to lock before snapshot 2 so don't delay, a vast treasure trove of over 2M ARB awaits…

Keep in mind that this journey is a collective effort, not a solitary one. Joining us on this expedition are our esteemed arbitrum companions: GMX, Camelot DEX, PlutusDAO, Dopex, Balancer, and TraderJoe.

Specifically, you can earn ARB rewards through the RDNT-ETH V3 pool on CamelotDEX.

But the opportunities extend further. With the help of Silo Finance, you can accumulate ARB rewards by leveraging RDNT, borrowing USDC or ETH against your collateral.

More details for CamelotDEX and Silo Finance.

Dev Talks

Radiant’s Dev talks look back at the significant challenges and realized/upcoming tasks for November.

Firstly a Recap on the long-awaited Ethereum launch, Radiant has dealt with concerns about gas costs and security. To improve efficiency, substantial smart contract optimizations have been made, reducing gas costs by 70% initially and an additional 25-50% later. Several additional audits were also taken with the help of OpenZeppelin and contributors like Pashov, Riptide, and Pop Punk. Support for Ethereum governance discussions and a proposal forum will be coming soon too.

Radiant is actively working on distributing Aura and BAL rewards ASAP. In essence, this means that there's now an expanded capability for reward distribution even if the asset is not listed on Radiant’s money market, allowing for the distribution of any asset to dLP holders via the platform revenue stream.

Concerning the UI, Radiant’s front-end wizard Dan has shared information with us regarding upcoming additions, new features for both Arbitrum and BSC, dLP zapping from non-ETH assets as well as setting custom slippage.

Arbitrum Frontier

On November 22nd, we signed up with Dopex for a month-long expedition. Exploring the frontiers of the Arbitrum universe.

Arbitrum Frontier embodies a joint venture into the realm of decentralized finance, bringing together trailblazing minds and cutting-edge blockchain technologies.

Embark on an adventure through the multifaceted terrains of DeFi, ranging from the mighty realm of Camelot to Abracadabra's enigmatic dimensions, and the intense trading spheres of GMX.

As you know, rewards are promised to the bravest explorers,

  • Over $100,000 rewards in ARB.

  • A Soulbound NFT, representing your achievements upon completion of all campaigns and tasks in this expedition.

  • A distinguished Special Role within the Dopex Discord community, along with potential accolades in partner discords.

More information here. Best of luck explorers!


Binance Wallet

Excellent news: Binance is launching their own DeFi wallet!

And so, with astonishing ease, Radiant can be traded on this new app.

Learn more about this and create your Binance Web3 Wallet today here.

Thanks again to Binance for putting their trust in Radiant.

Stargate Finance

Stargate Finance now supports RDNT, making it possible to use its bridge functionality directly with RDNT tokens and have them travel between the Ethereum, Abitrum or BNB chain ecosystems in every possible direction.

Many thanks to them for this highly beneficial integration. Bridge RNDT now using Stargate Finance here.


The party never ends with Radpie, and the second dLP RUSH round has already begun.

If you don't know what the dLP RUSH is, here is an explanation. Basically, you can convert your Radiant dLP into mdLP (a liquid wrapped version of dLP from Radpie) at a 1:1 ratio, and in doing so you will become eligible for an RDP airdrop by collecting points.

Collect as many points as you can and increase your chance of getting a big slice of the cake - 150,000 RDP are up for grabs, so don't delay! You'll also gain access to the future IDO and Radpie governance.

Convert, earn points, get your RDP Airdrop and enjoy Radiant's revenue share. Find out more here.


Yet again, Radiant embarks on a new adventure with Layer3, a game-like experience in collaboration with Stargate Finance, LayerZero and Balancer.

Start questing now and win iconic NFTs for this experience.

Your gateway is here.


Furucombo has been assisting Radiant from the outset, firstly on Arbitrum, following us to the BNB chain and finally supporting us on Ethereum Mainnet. Their team has never stopped striving to guarantee the very best in automation on DeFi.

So once again, it's with great pleasure that we can announce that Radiant is now fully compatible, enabling you to use features such as Flashloan, Deposit, Withdraw, Borrow, and Repay through their platform.


With Contango, you can trade perpetuals with any pair listed by the Radiant arbitrum market, Long or Short, the choice is yours.

On the menu:

  • ETH/USDC.e


  • wstETH/USDC.e

  • ARB/USDC.e




  • wstETH/DAI



  • wstETH/USDT


  • wsETH/BTC

Trade now here!

Notional Finance

What's this? A newcomer on Arbitrum, let’s welcome Notional Finance, and more specifically their brand new V3!

Notional offers a wide range of solutions, from fixed-rate lending and borrowing to variable-rate lending and borrowing and even leveraged yield strategies. More information here.

DAO Proposals

Nothing to see here this month…

However, we encourage you to engage with Radiant's growth by sharing your insights, suggestions, and contributing to the voting process for our upcoming proposals.

Your involvement plays a vital role in shaping the journey forward.

Honorable Mentions

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