MUX Airdrop to Eligible GMX Traders

Offering optimized on-chain trading experiences has been MUX’s top focus since launch, and the MUX Leveraged Trading Aggregator is released to push this vision further. The Aggregator offers GMX position liquidation price optimization, automatic position routing, leverage boosting and more innovative features to empower traders.

To celebrate the new year and help expand the adoption of MUX Leveraged Trading Aggregators, MUX will airdrop MUX tokens to GMX traders.

Who's Eligible for the Airdrop

  • Addresses that traded over $10K on GMX between Oct. 27th and Dec. 25th, 2022, are eligible for the MUX token airdrop.

Airdrop Rewards Allocation

  • The total airdrop rewards pool is 16,366 MUX tokens.

  • Claimers' rewards are calculated based on the addresses' trading volume proportion in the GMX total trading volume between Oct. 27th and Dec. 25th, 2022.

  • If an eligible address's claimable airdrop is below 1 MUX based on the trading volume proportion, the rewards will be rounded up to 1 MUX.

How to Claim the Airdrop

  • The Airdrop is claimable between Jan. 3rd 0:00 am and Jan. 16th, 11:59 pm, UTC, 2023.

  • Eligible claimers can see a "Claim Airdrop" entrance on the MUX top navigation bar.

  • The Airdrop will become claimable after fulfilling three requirements:

    • The address traded over $10K on GMX between Oct. 27th and Dec. 25th, 2022.

    • Complete a short learning session about MUX Aggregator's key features.

    • Open a position of any size using the MUX Aggregator.

Airdrop Rewards Source

  • The Airdrop rewards come from the MUX team's share and won't dilute the total token supply.

  • The MUX team will lock 17,168 MCB tokens from the team's share to generate 17,168 MUX tokens for the rewards.

  • Unclaimed MUX token rewards will return to the MUX team after Jan. 16th, 0:00 am, UTC, 2023.

MUX Token Utilities

MUX is the protocol's non-transferable reward token and can be utilized in two different directions:

  • Stake MUX to obtain veMUX, then earn protocol income in ETH and more MUX tokens.

  • Vest MUX into MCB, which is the protocol's transferable primary token.

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