Why is MetaWork rebranded to Macha?

BLUF(google the slang if you don’t know);🤩 We are elated to announce that MetaWork Labs is rebranding into Macha. The purpose of this rebrand is to resonate more than an interoperable messenger and become the interoperable web.

While MetaWork Labs remains the foundational company behind Macha, we recognized the need for a brand identity that aligns more closely with our vision and resonates with our target audience and businesses.

Macha the new MetaWork Labs is building the interoperable web experience powered by our decentralised search. It is a seamless integration of multiple protocols and dApps, which provides concise and well-structured information, all with a single prompt.

But Hey! What is Macha? 🧐

MetaWork Labs is a company that started with the goal of becoming a robust discovery layer (DAO) for web3 communities and individuals. We visualized a platform that people would use in the decentralized world and serve as a bridge between various blockchain-based communities.

However, as we delved deeper into our vision, we realized the need to take it a step further and created a messaging platform that became an alternative to Telegram and Discord. We aimed to provide a secure, private, and interoperable messaging experience while allowing users to communicate on different protocols without switching platforms via wallet-to-wallet messaging, XMTP, now available on Android + IOS.

But eventually, MetaWork evolved just in the way most startups do. As we embarked on our path, we recognized that web3, the decentralized web infrastructure, was still in its budding stage, and has its limitations, with various components operating on different blockchain networks and peer-to-peer systems. Within this emerging paradigm, we realized that we could accomplish something spectacular by getting around the web's constraints.

Thus the idea of decentralized search came into the picture. Our search engine provides a robust search function for finding dApps, protocols, and content across multiple chains. It simplifies decentralized resource exploration, enhancing the user experience with efficient and precise results. With the in-built messaging features users find it convenient to share the information without switching the platform.

With our evolved vision and the determination to transform our aspirations into reality, we embarked on a significant change within our company. As a result, MetaWork has now transformed into Macha—a brand that reflects our renewed mission and commitment.

Next for MetaWork Labs ⏩

Macha is the brand name for the product(s) that MetaWork Labs PTE LTD builds. And thus MetaWork Labs’ branding is still intact for all of our legal and compliance purposes.

MetaWork Labs account still exists though on Twitter, which will be utilized by our teams to push updates like Hiring, Technical Advancements, Public Relations, and other official announcements.

So, What Brand Elements Are Changing for Macha?

Now you can find us as Macha on social platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, GitLab, and Mirror.

Another great news is that our website is now called Macha.ai. As we all know, AI is the talk of the town and emerging like anything. People are actually using AI in their day-to-day life. We will also acknowledge you all with more information, on how we’ve integrated AI in our Browser for better performance.

Find out about us:

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