Why do we need a Web3 Messaging platform?

There is a high chance you use WhatsApp, Telegram, or Slack to exchange messages within your social and professional network. But, have you ever considered your privacy while utilizing them? 🤔

I believe your answer is NO because 99% end up falling into security traps by these centralized platforms.

The current messaging platforms (Web2 versions) operate on data silos which can compromise privacy. Thus we should advance towards a democratic solution that provides us with a highly secured network with features such as decentralization, data synchronization, and interoperability.

Why siloed data systems are problematic?

In web2 platforms, users' data is dispersed and fragmented. They are stored in server systems that are under the ownership of private companies and thus have complete fundamental legal control over your DATA. Due to this, your data is now prone to be utilized for targeted advertisements, influencing political campaigns, financial tracking, and more.

Moreover, your content is vulnerable to data theft, like the one experienced by 533 million Facebook users that exposed huge volumes of names, phone numbers, and email addresses leaving victims open to criminal attacks. Such data leakage can trap you in cybercrime.

Web2 also limits us by not giving opportunities for data and content monetization. The rare web2 case has been YouTube where creators are leveraged to earn through their content via ads. Even with the monetization feature your data is controlled under centralized ownership of the platform, it becomes inaccessible to you. But this is not the case with the majority of platforms.

Do these issues bother you now? 🤔

The Untapped Gold Mine: A Web3 Messaging Platform That You Always Desired

Technology has drastically shaped modes of communication with the evolution of the web 🌐 . We have come from an era of telephones ☎️ and emails 📧 to a generation using social media apps📱

Web3 has now opened a universe full of possibilities and solutions to the problems that arrived with Web2 like -

  • Security and privacy issues, such as spam bots, malware, and online crime, have afflicted these applications. They are now crowded and chaotic. This can sabotage your privacy extensively. 🔐

  • There is no interoperability 📲 and inter-communication between these existing apps and protocols. Such inter-communication has now become very crucial.

To achieve the desired resolution we need to resolve three Blockchain Trilemma problems which are security, scalability, and decentralization.

  • We believe that such high-security issues in messaging platforms can be solved by creating niche-specific or gated communities. To create such secured and gated groups, NFT passes can be used.

  • To make data more encrypted and completely decentralized the chat data and file sharing should be pushed to decentralized networks like Filecoin and IPFS.

  • Moreover, it should also be scalable. It means everyone from diverse industries like gaming, development, educational, and governmental communities as well as their teams can utilize this platform to create content, share files, and community collaboration.

Do you believe we can create a platform that addresses these problems? 🤔

To resolve all such issues MetaWork Labs is developing a better communication platform in collaboration with web3 pioneers. The application is an amazing alternative to discord and telegram for web3 teams, enterprises, and DAOs. It will provide inter-communication between dApps with enhanced security and encryption of privacy. The application will be soon launching.


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