Future is Interoperable Web - Part 1

The internet is rich with diverse content and data, the latest news and updates, music and videos, and all kind of educational as well as entertainment content, enabling access to all kinds of data at our fingertips. Considering the emerging technology, the Internet has been a powerful force that has propelled global communication🗣️ and collaboration🤝🏻 to new heights. It has revolutionized how people connect and work together on a global scale.

The Consortium of Internet Discovery

The internet’s "discovery layer", like Google 🌐 acts as a facilitator for creators and developers to make their content easily discoverable. But, there’s an ambiguity, Google is built on a centralized network which makes users’ data vulnerable. The data is being utilized for other purposes without the users’ consent for their other products.

However, as the internet evolves from 2G to 5G, there should be efficient web access, which also holds privacy and ownership principles. New infrastructure principles like interoperable, decentralization, and peer-to-peer network would be the right approach towards the evolution.

All of us are using the “Broken Internet”

The issue didn’t arise because of Google but because the current state of the internet is broken due to fragmented identity and a siloed ecosystem. Different platforms limit the access of data and content to their users which hinders creativity and inclusivity. The choice of content distribution and consumption should not be limited.

And thus to overcome these challenges eventually it will transition towards a decentralized system of blockchain networks or peer-to-peer networks🤝🏻, as it envisions an open, user-centric internet, granting individuals greater control over their data and identities. By incorporating decentralized systems into our internet, content distribution and data accessibility can be elevated to their maximum potential. This kind of transparency and distribution will foster better participation and monetization for users and creators.

This transition has already started🔜. Thus it becomes necessary to start evolving a browsing experience for a million users to enable seamless exploration and accessibility, just like Google search played a vital role in expanding internet content and information reach.

Fixing the Internet with Interoperability

In the context of the web🕸️, interoperability plays a crucial role in ensuring that various components, applications, and services can interact and communicate effectively, regardless of their underlying technologies or providers. With the integration of interoperability into the web, the current user experience can be enhanced.

Now after the interoperability integration, we will need a discovery layer for utilizing the same. The discovery of data and content on peer networks and blockchain is a crucial part of pushing forward the interoperable web. Seamless and fast retrieval of content and data will support more creators, builders🛠️, and enterprises to switch to decentralized networks leading to an interoperable web. Search will be the engine of discovery on this new web and will access data that is scattered on different chains and protocols.

Google played a similarly significant role in the 2000s by providing access to all kinds of information with ease.

Discover interoperable web with Macha

As we discussed earlier, we are building a discovery layer of search, called Macha🤩 which provides a robust search function for finding apps, protocols, and content across multiple chains. Our search will enhance the user experience by providing precise results with a single prompt.

Macha’s search is built on top of the Macha data stack powered💪🏻 by interoperability, ensuring everything runs smoothly by efficiently managing data and allowing seamless connections to different protocols and networks.

Macha also goes beyond search and provides a range of interfaces using its Software Development Kit (SDK). The SDK empowers😎 users with precise search results with a broader perspective, including every piece of information related to anything. Macha's SDK enables interoperable search🔍 on decentralized platforms with user-friendly interfaces for publishing, interacting, and messaging in a decentralized manner facilitated by Graph indexing, which helps easy retrieval of information from multiple chains.

Wanna know more about it? Don’t worry, we’ll be covering more about Interoperable Web and Macha in part 2. Stay tuned! 👀

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