Angel Song: A Film by Lilian Sumner

Lobus and filmmaker Lilian Sumner have teamed up to launch a Web3-based fundraising campaign for her upcoming short film Angel Song.

Lobus’ collaboration with Sumner spotlights how Web3 technology can be harnessed to revolutionize creative industries. By providing financial incentives to film backers, such as fractional ownership and token economics – Angel Song highlights a new and exciting way to fund and monetize short films.

How it Works

Using a crowdfunding smart contract on Ethereum, backers deposit ETH in exchange for $ANGELSONG tokens. Tokens represent ownership in the underlying IP rights of the project. Revenues due back to the production will be divided between filmmakers and token holders.

$ANGELSONG tokens may also be used for governance over decisions like distribution and sale. For backers who currently don’t have ETH we recommend Moonpay a fast and simple way to buy and sell crypto.

$ANGELSONG holders will receive access to a private Angel Song channel within the Lobus Discord which will function as a DAO for the project.

About Angel Song

Angel Song is a short film that explores the traumatic imprint lost memories make and how one retrieves and comes to terms with them. Sunny, played by Isabella Anselmi, discovers a deeper layer of selfhood, a process which helps her and her imaginary friend let go of the past.

While the short zeros in on a pivotal moment in Sunny's life, Sumner plans to develop the character more fully in her upcoming feature film Obliteration.

About Lilian Sumner

Lilian Sumner is a New York City-based New Zealander. She wrote and directed the Gucci-funded short “Lucan Asks Why,” which starred Coco Gordon-Moore and 10-year old Lilac Cianciolo and was edited by Academy Award winner John Gilbert. LOVE Magazine called it “a powerful directorial debut.” In 2021, Viva published “How Fat The Bees Are,” an essay Sumner penned about the nature of coming home. She directed Astronaut, a music video for cult Australian artist Jack Ladder and The Dreamlanders, which premiered on Rage in 2021. Sumner has a short film in pre-production with Zoe Bleu Arquette and is the writer-director of the feature film I Scared The Tree And The Tree Scared Me, which is in pre-production.

Rewards for Backers

Based on contribution backers will receive exclusive access to Angel Song and it’s cast and crew.

Exclusive Google Meet with Lilian.
Plus Access to all of the below

0.5 ETH - 500 $ANGELSONG
Table session & script reading with Lilian and Gracie Hartzel.

Plus Access to all of the below

0.25 ETH - 250 $ANGELSONG
View live stream of Lilian and lead actor Isabella Anselmi’s rehearsal.
Plus Access to all of the below

0.15 ETH - 150 $ANGELSONG
Zoom Webinar with designer Maryam Nassir Zadeh and Sumner regarding collaboration fashion & film.

Private Screening

All $ANGELSONG backers will be invited to the private screening event to be held in New York City along with any other events associated with Angel Song.

Frequently Asked Questions

**How do I get ETH?**We recommend Moonpay as easy and secure app to purchase crypto.

**What is Lobus?**Lobus is a Web3 platform whose mission is to empower creators of all kinds to become true owners. Lobus uses products and services to assist creators like Lilian Sumner to take advantage of new advancements in Web3.

Do I need cryptocurrency to back Angel Song?
No. If you choose to back Angel Song with USD Lobus can help provide solutions as every amount of support helps. Please email if you need assistance.

Additional Information

For more information on Angel Song please visit Download - Press release (pdf)

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