Pirex ETH Live on Mainnet; Beginning the Dinero Rollout

We’re proud to announce that Pirex ETH (pxETH) is live on Ethereum mainnet. No need to wait, go mint pxETH here.

Pirex ETH is a ██████ approach to Ethereum liquid staking, that forms the foundation of the Dinero protocol – an overcollateralized stablecoin backed by premium blockspace. This marks the first phase of the Dinero rollout, setting the stage for the DINERO stablecoin and the Redacted Relayer.

We’ll talk more about Dinero later. Today is all about Pirex ETH.

What is Pirex ETH?

Pirex ETH is a two-token Ethereum liquid staking solution, consisting of pxETH and apxETH, each tailored for different user preferences. This design gives users a choice: pxETH for liquidity or apxETH for boosted ███ staking yield.

pxETH and apxETH Explainer
pxETH and apxETH Explainer

pxETH is for those willing to forgo staking yield in favor of liquidity and other yield-earning opportunities (like DEXes).

When users choose to mint and hold pxETH, they’re opting to hold an ETH-pegged asset that can take advantage of opportunities throughout DeFi. These include providing liquidity, participating in lending protocols, and more. The Redacted DAO will be using its governance power and ██████ incentives to expand and bootstrap integrations for pxETH holders.

apxETH is for users looking to maximize their ETH staking yield.

After minting pxETH, users can deposit it into Dinero's auto-compounding rewards vault to enjoy boosted ETH staking yields. All without the hassle of running their own validators. Since some users will choose not to deposit pxETH to the rewards vault, each apxETH benefits from staking rewards from more than one staked ETH.

To explore Pirex ETH’s design in detail, check out the whitepaper or read our documentation.

*** We’d also like to thank Frax, who inspired Pirex ETH’s two-token model.

Why Stake with Pirex ETH?

Pirex ETH aims to provide a simpler solution compared to solo staking and a more flexible solution than other liquid staking tokens (LSTs).

Solo staking, while effective, demands technical understanding and a large, 32 ETH deposit. Not to mention the obvious risks like slashing and offline penalties. Also, if you choose centralized alternatives, your validator keys are entrusted to a bald guy centralized third-party. This can potentially introduce its own set of risks.

As for other LSTs, we think our design is better. Not in a bragging sense, but in that it provides users with the flexibility they need in an evolving DeFi landscape. No clunky, added layers of complexity needed. Users can deposit their ETH and receive boosted staking yield or choose to hold pxETH and do cool sh██ with it. Simple as that.

pxETH Liquidity

We’re kicking off liquidity incentives for pxETH on Maverick Protocol – an AMM focused on maximizing capital efficiency. So if you’re looking for yield after minting pxETH, head there.

In the coming weeks we’ll be expanding liquidity to Curve, Balancer, Bunni, and others after gauges are activated on desired pools. Follow Redacted on X for updates.


Security is important to us and it should be important to you. Find the audits for Pirex ETH below:

We’ll also keep the security page in the docs up to date.

What’s Next?

This is only the beginning for Pirex ETH and the Dinero launch. In the coming weeks we’ll continue to introduce improvements (e.g. UI support for yield stripping) and expand integrations for our users to take advantage of. Be sure to mint your pxETH here and keep up with everything ██████ here.

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