Hidden Hand: DeFi's Go-To Bribe Marketplace

Hidden Hand, built by Redacted, is an open marketplace where protocols can incentivize governance token holders. Hidden Hand serves as a bridge between protocols seeking to influence token emissions and token holders looking to leverage their voting power for additional rewards.

What are Bribes?

In this context, a bribe is a reward offered by protocols to token holders in exchange for their voting power. Bribes are not just financial incentives; they’re a tool for protocols to align their strategic objectives with the interests of their token holders.

What are Gauges?

Gauges are a distribution mechanism used by many DeFi protocols to allocate token emissions. By participating in these gauges, voters can significantly impact the direction and intensity of protocol incentives. This voting process is central to the operation of Hidden Hand.

How to Take Advantage of Bribes?

Leveraging bribes on Hidden Hand is straightforward. For voters, it's a matter of engaging in the gauge vote process of their chosen protocols and casting votes that align with their interests. By doing so, they earn rewards in the form of bribes.

For protocols, the process involves depositing bribes into the Hidden Hand smart contract, attracting voter attention, and influencing gauge votes. This system not only benefits voters with extra yield but also aids protocols in achieving desired results, making it a win-win scenario.

Gauge Votes, Not Governance Votes

It’s important for protocols and users to know that Hidden Hand is purely focused on gauge votes or other similar types of voting. The marketplace does not support voting for other types of governance proposals (e.g. bug bounties, strategic decisions, etc.).

Hidden Hand is designed to empower users, protocols, and their partners. Not to interrupt otherwise normal voting practices.

Get Started

To get started, head to https://hiddenhand.finance/ and see if your favorite protocol is supported.

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