Announcing the Vertical Acquisition of Votemak

In an effort to place ourselves at the forefront of the imminent TOKE wars, we have conducted a strategic acquisition of the bribe facilitators for Tokemak reactors, Votemak. This acquisition will be overseen by elected community members of the cartel, LiquidityWizard of Tokemak, and the core-team of Votemak, 0xTomoyo, DCF Intern, 0xMattyb, and DCFGOD.

Votemak lets protocols bribe $TOKE holders to vote for their reactors via smart contracts. Protocols put up bribes in any ERC20 and $TOKE holders can collect those bribes after voting.

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Last CORE event, Votemak generated over $130,000 of profits from over $2M in bribes and we expect the bribe amounts to be higher in future rounds (just as convex bribing played out). Votemak is currently the leader in the space and the clear decider of 3 of the 5 reactors from the last vote.

The cartel is currently a leader in the curve wars and with Votemak it has the opportunity to be a first mover and the leader of the $TOKE wars as well. Further, if the cartel ever acquires $TOKE it can be users of its own product and pay no fees for bribes.

Going forward the cartel will own this extremely profitable business, collect all of its revenues, and be positioned to organize bribes for liquidity direction and anything else $TOKE holders could be bribed for

The Votemak team will work closely with the cartel to ensure the next CORE round goes smoothly, and from there the cartel will take over full control of the product. In exchange we will be issuing $1m of wxBTRFLY at a 7d TWAP at time of this post, vested over 1 year.

We believe this pricing is strongly in favor for the cartel as it is possibly less than 1x profits for 2022, provides a huge head start on the toke wars, and sets up revenues not just from being bribed but also being the organizer of bribes.

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