Pirex V2: pxBTRFLY and New UI

Pirex is designed to simplify the management of staked tokens. It provides auto-compounding and yield management, gives users access to liquid wrappers, and enables the tokenization of future yield and voting events.

That said, we are excited to announce the launch of Pirex V2, an upgrade from Pirex V1 that brings a ton of improvements designed to make the platform even more flexible and user-friendly. With Pirex V2, users can expect an intuitive user experience, support for a wider range of tokens and protocols, and an enhanced interface to easily manage their positions.

We also have good news for rlBTRFLY lockers: Pirex BTRFLY is live!

📢 Notice for Pirex Convex Users: We are migrating pxCVX:CVX liquidity to a new Curve pool and deprecating the previous one. If you are providing liquidity for pxCVX, please reach out to us on Discord for assistance with migration. Normal pxCVX users may perform swaps via Pirex UI.

Pirex BTRFLY Launch

The long rumored, long awaited Pirex BTRFLY has finally arrived.

Pirex BTRFLY streamlines the management of rlBTRFLY positions, offering two options: pxBTRFLY and apxBTRFLY.

By depositing BTRFLY into pxBTRFLY, users benefit from automatic management of their rlBTRFLY locks. However, users will still need to manually claim their earned BTRFLYT and ETH rewards.

For a completely hands-off experience, apxBTRFLY not only performs the same functions as pxBTRFLY, but also converts earned ETH rewards into more BTRFLY, locking it as rlBTRFLY automatically. Just set, forget, and stack BTRFLY.

We do not plan on seeding liquidity for pxBTRFLY:BTRFLY, so at launch the only way to get a deposit back is through redemption. More details on redemption fees are available in the docs. However, we deployed a Curve pool (found here) and will look to spin up, and support, a Curve gauge to incentivize external deposits.

Start using Pirex BTRFLY here.

What Else is New?

A Cleaner, More Flexible UI

Pirex V2 features a modernized UI that can adapt to better reflect the branding of our partners, ensuring a cohesive experience for users across various communities and ecosystems.The new UI also unifies the aesthetic of our products, offering a consistent visual experience for our users.


Pirex V2 is better designed to support a range of tokens and protocols. Its new adaptability enables Pirex to accommodate a variety of yield mechanisms, catering to the diverse needs of our users.

Intuitive Vault System

No more “Easy”, “Standard”, or “Expert” modes… Pirex V2 introduces an intuitive vault system that replaces the three modes, making it easier for users to understand and use Pirex’s features.

Note: Again, this is not a smart contract change, just a frontend change.

More Details

The updated UI offers users clearer insight into vault details such as underlying strategies, fees, and historical data. The interface also simplifies the process of redeeming and claiming rewards, ensuring a smoother experience.

A New Dashboard

Lastly, the new vaults dashboard features a searchable and filterable table, making it easy for users to find and manage their positions. It’s now much easier for users to quickly view and manage their positions.

Get Started

With Pirex V2, users will enjoy an improved experience through easier navigation, better visibility and management of positions, as well as expanded capabilities that support future growth, new tokens, and increased adaptability for future integrations. And for rlBTRFLY lockers, the locking experience just got 10x better. Not bad, right?

Explore Pirex V2 here.

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