Pirex ETH Multi-Chain Expansion

Good news: Pirex ETH is now multi-chain. Users can bridge their pxETH and apxETH via the Dinero dapp to Arbitrum, Optimism, and BNB Chain, by way of LayerZero.

Why Multi-Chain?

Our goal with Pirex ETH is simple: scale the yield.

To do this, we must integrate pxETH (and apxETH) as widely as possible – without being limited to Ethereum mainnet.

By working with various partners on leading chains and layer 2s, we're able to reach new users, expand the yield-earning opportunities for pxETH, and maintain apxETH's status as the highest yielding LST.

How to Bridge?

To bridge your assets, head to Dinero's Bridge page. Once there, you'll see the following UI:

Dinero Bridge UI
Dinero Bridge UI

To bridge your pxETH or apxETH, select which asset you'd like to bridge, choose the amount, choose the destination chain, and let LayerZero handle the rest.


Each chain will offer yield-earning opportunities through our partners. We're in the process of setting up pools and getting the rewards flowing. So yield isn't available just yet, but it's coming.

Keep an eye on the following pools:

  • pxETH / ETH on Camelot (Arbitrum)

  • pxETH / ETH on Velodrome (Optimism)

  • pxETH / ETH on PancakeSwap (BNB Chain)

What’s Next?

As rewards and partnerships expand, we'll be sure to make announcements. Follow @redactedcartel to stay in the loop. If you’re new to Pirex ETH, learn more here.

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