Hidden Hand V2 Launch

Since its release Hidden Hand has become DeFi's go-to bribe marketplace, facilitating transactions between protocols and token holders across various chains and ecosystems looking to earn rewards for their voting power. The success and positive feedback received from Hidden Hand V1 has been invaluable, and it has encouraged us to continue innovating and improving.

We're excited to share the details of Hidden Hand V2, which is packed with major upgrades that will make the bribe experience better for both bribers and voters.

A Better Experience

We've listened to the feedback from our partners and users, and Hidden Hand V2 introduces several upgrades that enhance the user experience and provide added flexibility for partners. Let's dive in:

Range Bribes

Range bribes are a new feature that will allow bribers to set a specific reward rate per vote, enabling better control over bribe spending and ensuring voters know their potential rewards beforehand, improving efficiency for both parties. Range bribes also allow bribers to set a reward rate over multiple rounds.

Limit Bribes (Fill or Kill Orders)

Limit bribes, also known as fill or kill orders, enables bribers to set a maximum amount of tokens per vote, allowing partial fills and refunds if the deposited bribes aren't fully utilized, providing better cost control and fairness in reward distribution.

Yield Harvester

Lastly, we’re providing an opt-in reward vault that consolidates gas costs for claiming various bribe tokens, converting them into a single target token (WETH). This makes it easier and more cost-effective for users who prefer not to receive small bribe payouts in various tokens.

More Chains, More Opportunities

Alongside new features, Hidden Hand V2 will also expand to new chains. We understand that the DeFi landscape is growing and evolving, and we want to ensure that Hidden Hand is accessible to users wherever they are.

Hidden Hand V1 supported Ethereum and Optimism. Now, with Hidden Hand V2, we're adding support for two more chains: Arbitrum and Polygon zkEVM. And we’re not stopping there.

Additionally, we’re launching new partner markets for Pendle, Premia, Aura on Arbitrum, and, in the near future, Camelot. As other ecosystems and projects continue to develop, we’ll look to expand Hidden Hand’s reach accordingly.

Get Started

To wrap it all up, Hidden Hand V2 introduces a variety of upgrades including range bribes, limit bribes, the yield harvester, major UX upgrades, and broader chain support. The feedback and support from our partners and users have played a significant role in these upgrades, and we have more planned for the future.

You can start using Hidden Hand V2 here.

Have questions? Check out our Discord.

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