Crypto-Powered Revolution for Communities of Color
January 5th, 2022

We have some exciting news; Now, you can join or launch a “money pool” with your tribe using USD or crypto! Practice cultural (group) economics through an “investor club” to purchase rising crypto projects you hear about within the community or NFTs and digital assets you could have never afforded alone. Think of us as a social DAO-builder for communities of color.

Today, most crypto communities are on Discord where collectives are sharing a wealth of knowledge across various Discord communities. While Discord has provided this sort of “back-office” experience where crypto deals and education are discussed, communities have struggled to easily pull the masses into the various crypto projects. TRiBL is creating the frontend experience that helps you actually get in the deal with friends & members with ease!

This experience will be rolling out to iOS first with Android coming behind in the coming weeks.

Extracting Value From Your Community:

Here’s how it works: Make sure your app is up to date by going to the app store here. Once updating your app, you’ll notice our new home screen highlights “Recommended Money Pools”. Swipe through to find and join money pools that interest you. Upon trying to join a money pool, if you haven’t already, you’ll be prompted to “activate your wallet” and add a credit/debit card or bank wire information. Once added, you’ll be able to make payments to money pools without ever leaving the app!

Types of money pools: TRiBL is launching it’s first type of money pool to start.

  • Investor Clubs: Investor clubs allow collectives to open a “community wallet” which collects and tracks recurring payments (i.e. $100/monthly) to the pool so members can invest in various financial vehicles together. It’s kind of like having a fund with friends and most closely mirrors DAO-like behaviors with investing, voting, etc.
Join an investor club to purchase NFTs, DAOs, & more with your community!
Join an investor club to purchase NFTs, DAOs, & more with your community!


As an admin you can easily set your money pool up to collect payments not just in USD but in crypto. While today, this means you can have all payments auto-convert into USDC, a stablecoin backed by the $; soon you’ll be able to convert into Bitcoin, Ethereum, or TRiBL Coin, our platform’s own ERC-20 token. If you’ve been trying to figure out a way to more easily pull your business into crypto, our money pools are the answer as we allow you to run your entire business “on-chain” collecting crypto payments as you go.

About TRiBL

TRiBL’s mission is to stitch the Global Black Community using the borderless economy of the internet. We’re building culturally connected communities across the internet for the exchange of ideas, products, & services. The all-in-one community platform will help Black & Brown creators/influencers across Atlanta, London, Los Angeles, & Lagos seamlessly connect, grow and do commerce with tribal audiences

If you want to host or build your community on TRiBL, e-mail Ikechi directly:

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