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We are proud to introduce Holdr, the next-generation AMM. It's built on proven Balancer V2 technology, which is well-known for its innovative fundamentals.

Ultimately Holdr provides LPs an opportunity to mitigate impermanent loss, collect more fees, and take advantage of self-balancing portfolios similar to traditional index funds. On the other hand, traders get better prices, lesser slippage, and arbitrage opportunities.

Holdr targets three prominent use cases. Liquidity Providers who can create and contribute to existing pools, traders and arbitragers looking for liquidity sources, and developers building on top of the Protocol.


Aurora has become an essential part of the NEAR ecosystem — an EVM-compatible chain with its own DeFi was growing rapidly and has attracted dedicated builders and users along the way.

Then the market faced multiple negative events and liquidity providers all over the crypto space started to withdraw capital to protect themselves from impermanent losses and token dumps. Many protocols’ tokens became less liquid and much fewer users are ready to withstand slippage. This led to the situation when it’s much harder to ensure the growth of the ecosystem. It’s not comfortable to be a liquidity provider, to be a trader, to be a holder.

Therefore, we decided to take action and create a community of liquidity holders in the Aurora ecosystem. Using Balancer V2 technology, we want to decrease losses for liquidity providers, increase the market depth for traders and enable community to naturally control which liquidity pools need support the most and direct additional reward right to them.

Together, in this way, we will change the liquidity landscape on Aurora for the better and achieve the growth of the whole ecosystem.

The Foundation

Holdr is built on the powerful foundation the Balancer team has laid by creating an automated portfolio manager, liquidity provider, and price sensor. One of its prominent features (weighted pools) turns the concept of an index fund on its head: instead of paying fees to portfolio managers to rebalance your portfolio, you collect fees from traders, who rebalance your portfolio by following arbitrage opportunities. In addition, it provides features to slash gas costs, super-charge capital efficiency, unlock arbitrage with zero-token starting capital, and open the door to custom AMMs.

Core Values

As a team and a project, we strive to push the DeFi industry further toward mass adoption to let any individual participate in the open financial system and benefit from it. But one of the key roadblocks to any industry and ecosystem is the lack of sustainability. Sustainable growth is necessary for projects and ecosystems to succeed and provide users with its value. For this reason, we want to contribute to the NEAR Protocol by bringing the most innovative liquidity infrastructure to the Aurora ecosystem. Yet we believe that even the greatest technology isn’t enough without a community. Only the community — participants of the Aurora ecosystem — really know their needs, therefore, are up to direct the use of technology to make the most out of it. Therefore we are determined to build a strong community, that will share our journey to become the leading platform for programmable liquidity on Aurora.

What will happen next

The initial launch will support the well-known weighted & stable pools.

Weighted Pools

Weighted Pools are highly versatile and configurable pools. They are ideal for general cases and enable users to build pools with different token counts and weightings, such as pools with 80/20 or 60/20/20 weightings.

Holdr Pools with high token counts are similar to traditional index funds, allowing users to have broad exposure to the crypto market. Where Holdr differs from traditional index funds, however, is in the fees. Instead of paying fees to have a broker rebalance the Pool, Holdr Pools distribute fees to LPs as they are continuously rebalanced by traders making swaps.

Stable Pools

For certain assets that are expected to consistently trade at near parity (e.g. different varieties of stablecoins or synthetics) a more efficient design is the StableSwap AMM as popularized by Curve. These pools allow for larger trades of these assets before encountering significant price impact.

Boosted Pools

Boosted Pools will bring the best of both worlds to Liquidity Providers and Swappers. Swappers get access to deep stablecoin liquidity with near-parity exchange rates while Liquidity Providers get their liquidity positions sent to external protocols, such as Bastion.

Token Launch  🚀 ( December 2022)

HLDR token will be launched via the LBP event during 14-16 of December. Our early supporters and participants in the LBP event will be awarded a special NFT collection, that will guarantee its holders OG status, and other benefits along the journey.

The Team

Our team is known for Solace insurance protocol founded back in 2020 and first launched in 2021 on Ethereum, later expanding to Polygon, Fantom, and Aurora. Over the past years Solace team has been awarded grants from Polygon, Aave, NEAR, Celer, and Aurora, following successful completion of the specified goals. Additionally, Solace DAO has been funded through a seed round in 2021 (raised $1.1M).

The team has displayed over time a great track-record of shipping products, developing and setting up complex architectures, operating protocols on multiple chains. Solace’s team is currently composed of 10 people: 5 engineers, 1 UI/UX designer, 2 BD & marketing, 1 operations, 1 founder (also an engineer).


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