Announcing Chaos Network

At KIRA our top priority is to ensure continuous delivery of high-quality code releases - both those developed by our core team and those contributed by external collaborators - it's thus imperative to have an environment closely mirroring real-world conditions. A public-facing, decentralized network interacting with other public networks such as Bitcoin or Ethereum presents an ideal scenario. Traditionally public "testnets," however, do not always offer the appropriate incentives to their operators for dedicating their time and resources. Therefore, we're excited to announce the genesis launch of a "chaosnet"— a "zero guarantees" chain, focusing primarily on onboarding, gauging, and electing new participants for the seamless establishment and long-term support of the KIRA network.

The Chaos Network, or "ChaosNet" for short, will not only be a main testing and onboarding ground but also help the community to organize better as all on-chain decisions made on ChaosNet will directly influence the KIRA network. However, the primary security layer and the final authority will always rest with each network’s validator set.


The KIRA Network features set is ready for the launch, software alone is however equally as important as the election of the initial network operators and organizing the community to test and approve the mainnet release. All of this must be followed by an audit, the official publication, and the signing of the genesis file by the core team.

The Rubicon has been crossed, it is time to start turning the code into a real decentralized network through a collective effort of all our community members. Here's how you can get involved:

  • Become a KIRA Evangelist and join our tester's chat via

  • Participate in the ChaosNet to qualify for validator seats, grants, UBI, and more.

  • Instructions to join ChaosNet can be found at

  • Learn more about features of the KIRA blockchain application at

  • Engage in competition for a position on the Evangelists leaderboard, provide feedback through Github Issues related to repositories, and record your contributions at

  • The top 100+ validators of the ChaosNet will be elected as KIRA validators and governance members entitled to UBI

  • Elected validators will create on-chain pool proposals to accept tested code releases or apply necessary fixes

  • Code accepted by the community will be verified by the auditing firm and their reports will be made public

  • The mainnet genesis file will be created, signed, and published by the core team

  • The community will create an on-chain pool to collectively decide the launch date

  • The official launch of KIRA will occur once two-thirds of elected validators join the network

Testnets vs Chaosnet

While the Chaosnet shares similarities with traditional testnet chains, a few crucial distinctions exist, one of the most significant being the persistence of account balances between new iterations. Initially, the core team will operate the Chaosnet, launching a "genesis validator" with sudo governance permissions. However, over time, the goal is to gradually grant the community increased autonomy. This would encompass aspects such as proposing upgrades, organizing governance, suggesting changes, and electing new validators and governance members, all while maintaining Sybil-resistance and anonymity for new participants. The total circulating supply of the native Chaosnet token may fluctuate unexpectedly between iterations, and in some instances, account balances may be adjusted. These modifications aim to ensure the smooth onboarding of new participants and to make experimentation with the creation of new applications both accessible and affordable to all.

In essence, the ChaosNet isn't intended to generate/accumulate any value. Nonetheless, as the network gains independence, the chain's governance may decide to alter this in the future. The key characteristics of the ChaosNet include:

  • Account balances are intended to remain consistent or not change significantly between new iterations.

  • It must be possible for any unique external collaborator to join the network as a validator or application developer. New tokens might be issued to facilitate this.

  • All KIRA validators must have guaranteed access to Chaosnet validator seats, though long-term participation isn't obligatory.

  • One cannot become a KIRA validator without first serving as a Chaosnet validator and irrefutably proving their independence as a unique individual.

  • Before the KIRA network launch, the core team will be responsible for electing an initial set of validators and governance members.

  • After the launch of the KIRA network, the community will be responsible for self-organization and creating a framework for onboarding new network participants. The Chaosnet will aid in this process.

  • During the pre-mainnet phase, the native Chaosnet token denom will match the KIRA network's default token denom. Post-launch, the native token name, and various other chain properties may undergo substantial changes.


At the heart of KIRA's network lie its evangelists - the driving force behind a chance for the network's global success. While software may be the foundation, it is the collective effort of hundreds, even thousands, of individuals ensuring that decentralized systems can thrive. Collaboration and mutual support are essential in maintaining and expanding the network. Our intentions and efforts must be focused on a single goal - the preservation of fundamental human freedoms. Only through working together and upholding these values, we can hope to create a world in which they are accessible to all.

KIRA's evangelists are the backbone of the network, and as such, they are the only ones who are eligible for accessing all incentives created by the network through their joint effort as long as they continue supporting the network and collaborating. Collaboration can take many forms, from sharing the network's mission with others to creating art and educational content that helps spread the KIRA message. Additionally, many evangelists are instrumental in operating critical parts of the network infrastructure, ensuring its smooth operation and growth. By collaborating and supporting each other, the evangelists of KIRA demonstrate a deep commitment to the network's success and the fundamental values it represents.

Join our mission

To become an evangelist simply produce at least a single block of transactions as a validator on the Chaosnet - the public KIRA experimentation chain. To ensure fairness one unique individual can only become a single validator and be associated with a single KIRA address. Step into the role and make your unique contribution to our mission:

Final Release

Although we still face a significant amount of work ahead of us to ensure deploying KIRA applications becomes fast, affordable, and most importantly, user-friendly, the time has come for the KIRA Network — the foundation layer for all KIRA apps — to finally be launched and shared with the world.

As a developer-only team, we lean on our dedicated Evangelists to help us push beyond the physical boundaries of the technology, transforming the code into a living, breathing network. This network is born from a collective human desire to promote decentralization, privacy, and accessibility of world resources for all.

The last crucial mission for our Evangelists is to step into the Chaosnet, test the network, and provide invaluable input that our team will review and apply before the code undergoes the audit process. We will establish the final release based on the following criteria:

  • A minimum of 100 validators have produced at least 1,000,000 blocks.

  • All community-raised GitHub issues have been resolved, and at least three weeks have passed since the last critical-level issue was submitted.

  • A minimum of two hard forks and two soft forks have been successfully executed, enabling all validators and governance members to familiarize themselves with the upgrade process.

  • Evangelists have raised an on-chain pool vote to submit the latest code release for an audit.

  • The Chaosnet has been updated to an already audited version and has reached a minimum of 1,000,000 blocks.

Upon meeting these conditions, our team will generate, sign, and publish a genesis file, which will serve as the launching pad for KIRA Network. The launch date and time will be determined on-chain by the Evangelists via a pool proposal vote. The network will officially lift off once ⅔ of the whitelisted validators — comprising entirely of our Evangelists — join the network, signifying that a consensus has been reached.


Evangelists hold a privileged position within the KIRA Network. They are eligible for grants and bounties, can be granted validator seats and governance roles, receive Universal Basic Income (UBI), partake in the private testers' chat, and much more. For the security of the Chaosnet, Sybil-resistance is crucial. To guarantee this, a screening process is put in place to confirm you are an individual. After the KIRA Network is live, a dedicated governance body can determine which operators are non-Sybil without requiring personal identification.

There are no constraints on the number of validators for both the Chaosnet and the mainnet. To delve deeper into the Evangelist role or to preview your application, feel free to explore our whitelist page. Once your application has been successful, navigate to our publicly available documentation page to familiarize yourself with all the features offered by the KIRA blockchain application.

To connect, simply ask for a seed node IP address on the private testers' chat and follow the setup instructions on our dedicated onboarding page. Welcome aboard! We can't wait for you to join the vanguard of KIRA Network's exciting future. In case of any issues, you can always reach out to our support team.

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