Digest 07/23. Big Waves

Hi everyone, the end of the second month of summer is approaching and that means it's time for our traditional monthly digest. Have a wonderful day and a great read! 🌊

We dedicated a good part of the month to fixing bugs and troubleshooting on the website and mobile app. You may have noticed that the site has become a bit more stable and faster. After switching to the new oracles, the servers needed a lot more resources to maintain the same level of performance, so the servers were expanded and the infrastructure was improved. Now Tsunami should work as intended!

Whitepaper 2.0 🚀

One of the biggest events of July was the release of the updated Whitepaper 2.0, showing Tsunami in all its glory. Not only stylish design, but also upcoming plans, feature descriptions, goals and much more can be found in our document.

Waves Vault 💎

Rarely, but aptly. The second most important news was the launch of the Waves vault for upcoming spot trading. At the time of writing, over 35k of Waves have already been made available in the vault. Thank you for your trust! More to come!

Despite the opening of the testnet on another network, we still remain faithful to the development of Tsunami Exchange, improving and finalizing everything that can be improved and finalized. The next big step will be the appearance of Tsunami Spot, which will be the first and only place for trading on Waves with minimal price impact and a large volume of liquidity.

Tsunami Spot will open the doors to arbitrage through a system of dynamically changing prices and commissions, motivating traders and arbitrageurs to buy or sell an asset at the best price among Waves. And additional Waves staking on PepeTeam smart contracts will make not only trading but also liquidity provision profitable, which in turn provides better conditions for traders.

More liquidity → better trading conditions → more liquidity → even better conditions

Commissions collected from Tsunami Spot will be received and automatically accumulated on the balances of liquidity providers, who also benefit from the number of trades.

Read more about Tsunami Spot in our articles on link 1 and link 2. We expect to launch Tsunami Spot very soon, finalizing the UI and refueling. The next station is Mars!

Order Requests ✅

Along with the release of the Waves vault, there is something useful for traders as well. We have added order requests. Order Requests allow a trader to set Stop Loss and Take Profit when creating a limit order. This expands the variety of trading strategies and improves user experience!

Statistics ⭐️

  • Trading volumes for July amounted to 6.5 mln XTN and 14.6k USDT;

  • A total of 552 positions in USDX pairs and 72 positions in USDT pairs were closed;

  • The maximum positive PnL within a single position was 6.9k XTN;

  • Maximum liquidation was 9.9k XTN (in USDX pairs) and 4 USDT (in USDT pairs);

  • The most popular pairs of the month are Waves/USDX and BTC/USDT;

  • The total number of traders for July amounted to 66!

Trading volume is picking up, Tsunami Spot is almost ready for release, and Tsunami is still aiming to take center stage in the ecosystem in terms of interface usability and trading volume!

Thank you for reading, Respectfully, Tsunami team! 💙

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