Tsunami is coming to Zealy

Hey, Tsunamians! In this article we tell you where the Tsunami community is heading and introduce you Zealy, an innovative platform that will help us build the friendliest community ever!

What is Zealy?

Zealy is the community-building and development platform, formerly known as Crew3. Zealy helps web3 and web2 companies engage with their communities by offering them quests, uniting them and tying them together around a common goal.

By completing a variety of quests, members earn experience points (XP) and move up the standings to be rewarded.

Zealy invites all community members to unlock their potential in absolutely different activities - from likes and content creation to coding their own app. There are no boundaries here, which is why Tsunami is joining this adventure!

Tsunami + Zealy. All aboard!

The quests on Tsunami will definitely not make you bored. By earning XP, all users automatically become participants in a secret airdrop (spoiler), the conditions of which we will announce to you extremely soon.

In the meantime you can take a look at the types of quests that will be added to Zealy by Tsunami Exchange!

Table 1 - types of quests by Tsunami Exchange
Table 1 - types of quests by Tsunami Exchange

We hope we've intrigued you. While the quests haven't launched yet, we offer you the very first one - guess the launch date of the secret airdrop by writing it in our discord server and win 5 TSN! 1 participant - 1 comment.

Zealy + Tsunami = 🚀

Onward to a great journey,
Your Tsunami team!

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