Introducing Tsunami Exchange

Introducing Tsunami Exchange - a gamified derivatives market, based on virtual AMM, that allows trading any asset - Crypto, NFT’s, Commodities (Oil, Gas, e.t.c)

Tsunami Exchange is a gamified derivatives market based on a vAMM (Virtual Automated Market Maker) concept. It allows trading perpetual futures on Waves Protocol with leverage of up to 10. Due to unique properties of underlying technology it allows not only trading crypto, but also giving exposure to NFT (for example BAYC floor-price) and commodities (Oil, Gas) markets. Having such a tool proves extremely useful for hedging, arbitrage and speculation.

Trading volume on various exchanges on Waves exceeds $20M per day. However, the whole ecosystem lacks an important tool - that is futures trading, that may allow users to trade with leverage and/or take short position. Without such possibility, DeFi ecosystem can not be complete.

Here in Tsunami, we believe in decentralization. We design Tsunami to operate in a completely decentralized, verifiable, trustless, on-chain manner. We leverage latest DeFi technologies such as vAMM that allows on-chain trading of any assets. Furthermore, we also bring something completely new to the ecosystem - allowing our uses to long (or short!) NFT market, taking position exposed to floor price of leading NFT collections - Punks, BAYC, even if they are not trading on Waves.

Trading assets outside traditional crypto allows traders and investors to radically diversify their portfolio, which is extremely important, especially in bearish market periods. Having exposure to commodities allows effective hedging against crypto market fall.

Tsunami is to be governed by TSN token. TSN will be a core token, allowing users to participate in protocol fees distribution by staking TSN token. TSN holders will have an ability to vote for core protocol decisions - including changing fees and launching new markets.

Tsunami aims at creating the best possible UX in DeFi space. Hence, we are not only making our UI clean and easy to use, but implement gamification mechanics. We treat gamification as a form of additional yield to traders, allowing them to earn additional rewards by participating in daily, weekly and monthly trading competitions, exploring new markets, and completing the onboarding quest. By doing so, they become eligible to useful NFT rewards, that can be activated to temporary reduce fees, give access to rare NFT by leading artists and much more.

Tsunami Launch Roadmap:

  • Whitepaper
    We will create a detail paper will all the internals and mechanisms of how an exchange will operate. Also, more details on vAMM and perpetuals!
  • Incentivized Testnet
    As Tsunami is a cutting-edge tech, based on the latest DeFi advancements, making it as stable as possible is a team’s first priority. Before going mainnet we will launch a testnet, where everyone can try trading on Tsunami without risking real crypto. Early traders will be rewarded for their contribution to testing, finding and reporting bugs etc.
  • Initial Liquidity Offering
    Tsunami’s TSN token liquidity and exchange’s insurance fund will be bootstrapped by an ILO
  • Mainnet Launch
    Mainnet will support trading crypto pairs (BTC, Waves, e.t.c). Also, TSN token can be staked to earn high yield.
  • NFT Markets
    BAYC, Punks will be available to trader (Floor price)
  • Commodity markets
    Oil and Gas (and possibly other commodities such as wheat or gold) will be available to trade on Tsunami.
  • Leveraged liquidity providing
    Users will be able to provide liquidity to exchange with leverage, amplifying their yields
  • Options trading
    Option trading will come to Waves Protocol

Tsunami is making a vibrant community of traders. Do not miss out on community events by following the project’s social media in Twitter and Telegram. A big Tsunami is coming to disrupt Waves!

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