Tsunami Roadmap

Tsunami Exchange is constantly being updated and developed, with many features being improved and modified. So it's time for the updated Roadmap you've been waiting for!

The following will reflect the team's plans and vision for Tsunami Exchange as a product in general. We hope you enjoy it!

🌊 Improving the main product (Exchange)

This section describes the addition of new features that will become for you - our users comfortable companions in the world of Tsunami.


The goal of multi-collateral is to allow users to use multiple Stable-Coins (not just USDN, but, say, USDC, USDT, DAI) as collateral on Tsunami.Exchange. This should attract more users to trading, expand the user base, and deepen liquidity.


The goal is to implement an official JavaScript/TypeScript development library (SDK) for developers to write bots and integrate Tsunami. This is necessary to attract more arbitrage and algorithmic traders to the exchange, which will have a positive effect on price formation and reduce the gap between market price and index price.

Orders (Stop Loss, Take Profit, Limit)

Orders allow uses to automate their interaction with the market, increasing the average duration the position stays open and simplifying the trading process for users. Orders will help users make more profits or minimize their losses by opening or closing a position at the right time.

Dynamic curve

The market at the Tsunami Exchange is created in an equilibrium state. When the number of long positions coincides with the number of short positions, Index Price and Market Price are in equilibrium. Over time, the Index Price begins to change and the gap between the prices begins to increase.

This often leads to an imbalance between long and short positions, making the funding uneven, thus reduces the incentive to open a position in one direction or another. That is why the solution to this issue is to implement a dynamic curve on the Tsunami Exchange.

The dynamic curve allows you to change over time the terminal AMM price (the price at which all positions will be closed) and move it closer to the Index Price. This will stimulate more dynamic trading and balance short and long positions with each other.

🎮 Gamification of Tsunami

Gamification is an important part of any project. It complements the project with gameplay mechanics, making it more understandable and exciting for users.

Unique NFT-avatars

Since 2021, NFT has been firmly in the life of every crypto-user. We at Tsunami Exchange are keeping up with the trends, so one of our Roadmap items is the implementation of NFT avatars!

NFT avatars will be not only beautiful but also useful! It is planned that they will act as artifacts, providing traders with special advantages - a permanent or one-time fee reduction, increase of earnings from staking, decrease of liquidation ratios, etc.

Leaderboards & Rewards

Long live the competitive spirit! An important part of the Tsunami gamification is the addition of an active trading leaderboard. This will allow traders to compete with each other in the amount of their profits, while receiving rewards to stimulate and improve their trading abilities!

🚀 Important additions

Important additions and features in Tsunami that combine usability, visibility, and attracting new users.

User’s Portfolio

Adding a portfolio to Tsunami Exchange will allow users to see their positions in all markets in one place and react accordingly. The portfolio adds a visual understanding of the user's assets, where the total profit (loss) of all open positions will be displayed.

Referral Program

The referral program will allow users to receive up to 20% of fees earned by their referrals. Users will get additional motivation to introduce their comrades to the world of Tsunami.

Build-In Bridge

Build-In Bridge should allow for easy onboarding of Metamask users by allowing them to one-click bridge their token of choice to Waves and convert to USDN.

💎 Token

The promising future of the $TSN token.


Adding recapitalization feature will allow users to receive payouts from staking in $TSN instead of USDN. Rewards accumulated for the user will be transferred from USDN to $TSN automatically, and the received income in $TSN will be automatically staked on the contract! This will allow users’ profits to work, whether they claim it or not.

Locking of $TSN

The addition of a locking multiplier for staked tokens will allow users to increase their income depending on whether the staking is - for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. Users will receive more rewards for staking, and $TSN tokens will be withdrawn from circulation, which should have a positive effect on $TSN price growth.


New listings

  • List on CMC

  • List on Coin Gecko

  • List on DeFi Lama

📈 New trading pairs

Here are the tokens that we plan to add for trading on Tsunami, thereby expanding the use of the exchange regardless of the state of the cryptocurrency market.

  • Add Commodities (Oil, Gas, Gold) - will reduce risks against the volatility of the cryptocurrency market

  • Add Stock (trading $TESLA on Waves is just too sexy)

  • Add NFT Floor Price (floor price will be supplied by our partners - NFTBank.ai)

  • Add Indexes (like Crypto Market in general)

🔗 New technological products

Tsunami is based on cutting-edge blockchain technology and wants to share some if it’s achievements with community, which can then be applied throughout the entire Waves ecosystem.

  • Tsunami.Graph - is an indexing protocol for queries to the Waves network. All teams that develop on the Waves network will be able to create and publish open APIs to facilitate the creation of automated services and analytical indicators. Will be open to each user.

  • Tsunami.Oracles - a decentralized oracle for the Waves ecosystem, analogous to Chainlink. The product will be used to add new futures, including non-blockchain (stocks, metals, oil, etc.). Third-party projects of the Waves network also will be able to use the Tsunami.Oracles service for staking $TSN tokens.

The $TSN token will be used for both products. It will be needed to create new subscriptions, run oracle nodes, and create new indexers.

📌 Conclusion

The Tsunami team has ambitious plans for the future, from improving the product as a whole to attracting new users and bridging with other blockchains. By combining the above points, achieving multiple user growth and increased trading volumes is a matter of time.

Trade and make money with Tsunami Exchange!

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