Tsunami 2.0 is live!
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February 6th, 2023

Hello everyone!
Today is a great day, which ushers in a new era of Tsunami Exchange protocol! In this article we will share our immediate plans after the launch of Tsunami 2.0.
Tsunami team would like to thank all the liquidity providers, testers, TSN holders, traders who are with us since version 1.0 and those who just joined. You are what makes us stronger!
Enjoy reading.

Last week we have launched liquidity provision feature, which allows traders to comfortably trade on Tsunami, and liquidity providers to earn most of the trading fees of the protocol. Thanks to Tsunami and Waves communities, we have raised over 600,000 XTN of initial liquidity, which is a great start for the launch of trading in the new protocol.

We are happy to announce that the Tsunami 2.0 protocol is live! Our team has worked tirelessly to bring you a state-of-the-art trading platform that offers dynamic trading, secure Omni-Vault , Stop Loss and Take Profit features to open a new trading experience in the Waves ecosystem.

The genesis of

Not too long ago, we announced the move to trade using the decentralized USDT token being created by the PepeTeam, but due to the fact that the token is under development and the v2 launch date has been set, we at Tsunami decided to launch our first product - futures paired to XTN.

You are free to trade futures on the XTN token or in any pairs with it, and the main market we are launching today is the USDT/XTN trading pair. This pair allows traders to speculate on the XTN price as well as hedge the risks associated with trading on spot exchanges.

Long and Short positions

Manage your portfolio by taking long and short positions in pairs with XTN. The 2 ways are your choice. If you take a long position, you can hedge the risk of XTN falling in price. In doing so, if the XTN price falls, the USDT/XTN price will rise, you get more XTN, leaving you with your equivalent in dollars. On the other hand, if you take a short position, you can earn more XTN on token growth (falling USDT/XTN price).


Futures paired to XTN start out with up to x10 leverage because of the relatively low volatility of the XTN token, allowing traders to use their capital more efficiently. Leverage may be increased in the future depending on market conditions.

New Futures Products

In addition to the USDT/XTN futures pair, we will soon be launching more volatile markets - WAVES/XTN and BTC/XTN trading pairs.

The WAVES/XTN pair will allow traders to speculate on the rise or fall the XTN price relative to the underlying asset, Waves. Since the XTN token is an index token of the entire ecosystem, you can open positions depending on how much you believe in the success of Waves products. Which will grow faster - the native blockchain token or the ecosystem of projects based on it? It's up to you to decide.

BTC is the main cryptocurrency in the market, and its price is based on investors' and traders' expectations of the crypto market as a whole. By introducing BTC/XTN pair, we give users a chance to speculate on how XTN price rises or falls relative to BTC, and thus the entire crypto market. Will the Waves ecosystem grow faster than the crypto ecosystem as a whole? As we mentioned, it's up to you to decide.

Our goal

With the launch of Tsunami 2.0, we are driven by a global goal of becoming one of the largest open-ended futures trading platforms on the market. By providing the best trading experience for our users, we intend to make not only traders, TSN stakers, liquidity providers, but also users of both the Waves ecosystem and the entire crypto space happy.

Risks management is important

Portfolio management is one of the most important skills of a successful trader. Our team is obliged to remind you that futures trading carries certain risks. Do not open positions with more than you can lose, take care of money management, and use Stop Loss and Take Profit. Keep your funds under your control.


We live in the race to develop new technologies - from blockchain to artificial intelligence. By creating Tsunami 2.0, our team is looking to the future, optimizing the user trading experience and adding new features as they are needed.

By launching the first markets with the XTN token, we are expressing our support for the Waves ecosystem and providing additional opportunities for XTN holders to use it. We will expand markets by adding USDT token pairs as soon as technically possible.

Get ready to ride the trading waves with Tsunami Exchange!

Thanks for reading! Your Tsunami Team 🌊

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