Digest 06/23. What's up?

Hello, everyone! It's time for our traditional monthly digest. As always, pour your tea, make yourselves comfortable, and let's go!

Real-time oracles on all trading pairs

June flew by quickly and was full of interesting events. The biggest event of the month was the switch to real-time oracles, which showed their power, allowing to update the prices several times per second and making trading maximum dynamic.

Thanks to the partnership with Pyth Network we were able to move all Tsunami Exchange trading pairs to the new oracles, as well as integrate a whole bunch of new trading pairs, including the recently added TON.

NFT Collection

Over the past month there have been changes not only in terms of products, but also in terms of our users. We launched a limited NFT collection dedicated to unique events in the global market and Tsunami Exchange in particular. The first NFT to open the collection was an NFT named "Liquidated" dedicated to the dramatic market crash of the SEC and Binance "Black Swan" scramble that occurred on June 5, 2023. All traders whose positions were liquidated on that day were sent unique NFTs, a complete collection of which you can find at Puzzle Market. No one knows what will happen in the future, no one knows which NFTs will be next. Obscurity and uniqueness is the description of this collection.

Voting | Tsunami DAO

50318 is the number of TSN by which stakers have voted on whether to apply for funding (liquidity supply to Tsunami) in Waves DAO.

If you haven't heard of the vote and don't know what it's about, here's a quick recap: we are having a vote on whether or not to apply to Waves DAO for them to supply us with liquidity. The quorum for this vote is 100,000 TSN - almost double the number of votes we already have. If, however, you, like the vast majority, agree, we would welcome every vote you cast.

Instructions for voting:

1️⃣ Follow the link and log in with your wallet: https://waves-dapp.com/3P5xZwgLNPA9xJymfxqPPwUUHN4518drUoN

2️⃣ Swipe down to the bottom of the page and turn to the Vote function:

  • set _id to 1

  • set _option to the desired vote: 1 - yes (agree), 2 - no (disagree)

3️⃣ Click Invoke, sending the transaction.

The weight of your vote is equal to the number of TSN tokens in the stacking and/or farming.

We are waiting for your votes, however, if a quorum is not reached by the end of the current month, it will mean that the vote has received a final "no". Submit your proposals to our community chats and the most interesting ones will be added to Tsunami DAO!

Interesting numbers!

  • The total P&L of closed positions for June was -27,259 XTN and -35 USDT for USDX and USDT pairs respectively;

  • The volume of closed positions meanwhile was 9,185,739 XTN and 14,913 USDT🔥;

  • In total, more than 1,200 positions were opened during June, with only 800 of them closed;

  • The maximum liquidation in one position was 22,892 XTN;

  • The largest positive P&L within one position was 10,885 XTN;

  • The most popular pairs to this day remain pairs to Waves. Some are trendy, some are out of fashion, and some are forever.

Trading volume is slowly increasing, new pairs are being launched, and Tsunami is still striving to take the lead in TVL within the Waves ecosystem! 🚀

Thank you for reading,
Respectfully, Tsunami team! 💙

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