Digest 05/23. Strong enough

Hello, everyone! It's June, which means that with the arrival of summer comes our new digest of the results of the last month of work in Tsunami Exchange. Sit back, pour your tea (or coffee) and enjoy reading! 🌊

Last month was full of pleasant events, a lot of updates and a variety of community activities. First things first.

Long-awaited USDT trading

We did it! 3 new USDT pairs were finally added to Tsunami Exchange! Why this is an important event? Because with this we are getting closer to the kind of trading we originally intended.

Traders welcomed this event positively. Let's have a look at some interesting numbers that were seen after one month of trading:

  • Never too much! 📈
    May trading volumes were 2,643,613 XTN and 1,542 USDT;

  • Rewards 💎
    Liquidity providers have shared 6,273 TSN, 37,490 XTN and 83 USDT between each other;

  • First open a position, then think then close it with positive PnL 🤔
    The number of closed positions was 312 in USDX pairs and 73 in USDT pairs;

  • Whale alert 🐳
    The maximum positive PnL was 3,628 XTN;
    The PnL in total was -17,173 XTN;

  • Ouch… That hurt! 🫂
    Maximum liquidation was 33,378 XTN (in USDX pairs) and 195 USDT (in USDT pairs);

  • Ride on Waves! 🌊
    The most popular pairs of the month are Waves/USDX and Waves/USDT;

  • Gimme more! 🚀
    The total number of traders for May was 52!

Even though USDN XTN invaded our plans, but did you really think we intended to give up so quickly? In that case, our protocol would have been appropriately named, for example, "Splash" instead of "Tsunami".

Meanwhile, the amount of liquidity provided in the XTN vault surpassed ATH (all time high) and reached 2,12 million of XTN. Thank you, providers, we really appreciate it!

Quests on Zealy.io and community call

Another one of the interesting events of May was the appearance of various quests in the form of community activities on Zealy platform. We are always happy to check your work and read your feedback. None of your feedback gets past the team. Rest assured, they inspire us greatly.

We're happy to know that most of you know how to recognize scam projects, know how to be a real detective and find secret codes, come up with your own quests and be generous with the comments you leave.

Thank you for your creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, we are so glad we have such an amazing and versatile community gathered around Tsunami!

P.S. we announced a community call (AMA) with our team once every 2 weeks, but we thought that might be too often. In order to accumulate cool spoilers for you, we'll do an AMA once every 4 weeks. Yes, you got that right, the next community call is expected on June 8, see you soon!

Spot trading

One of the hottest news in May was the announcement of spot trading on Tsunami Exchange! It seems to be completely turning the world of Tsunami users upside down. Imagine the best fees within the ecosystem, balanced capital efficiency, much bigger profits for TSN token holders and stakers. Derivatives and spot in one place? We're excited about this event!

If you haven't read our article yet, we suggest you take a look at the swap efficiency comparison chart between the existing Waves and Tsunami Spot protocols. It looks very tempting! 👇

New Partnerships

As attentive users, you probably already know that we are developing powerful real time oracles to make asset price updates happen even faster, literally at lightning speed.

In order for Tsunami to provide asset prices as correctly as possible, we need a reliable supplier. The Pyth Network team, which has real prices of over 200 different assets in stock, will be that supplier.

Partnering with Pyth Network was our first partnership outside of the Waves ecosystem, something we can certainly be proud of!

Liquidity Boom

The month ended with a boom contest, the conditions of which are as simple as possible: you invest more, you get more. Leaderboard participants are updated daily, and you can read more about the activity here.

Organic Growth

We often get questions from you, what is the funding source for Tsunami Exchange? We always answer as is - some of the funds are taken from the ILO held, some from the protocol fees.

Despite the temporary difficulties of the ecosystem we continue to grow, liquidity stores are gradually increasing (>21k in USDT and >2m in XTN at the time of writing), APR for LP is holding at a consistently attractive level (averaging 90% over the past month).

Yes, we had to allocate resources in favor of global things, but we keep listening to you, keep fixing the bugs you find, and keep striving to become the best decentralized protocol in the Waves ecosystem!

Thank you for reading,
Respectfully, Tsunami team! 💙

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