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April 18th, 2023

Hello, Tsunamians! While the ecosystem is going through tough times, the Tsunami team is concentrating on the critical tasks of improving the protocol. /happy_update_day

We've been often getting feedback from you about not posting minor updates, and we heard you! Meet the package of updates that go into effect today.

Opening divergent positions

This feature allows the user to open positions in Long and Short directions in the same pair at the same time. This functionality will be especially important for the upcoming limit orders feature.

Separate tab for Liquidity Provision

Now you can see the state of your balance of provided liquidity, see the price of LP tokens, choose in which token to provide liquidity, and all this on one tab!

You may notice that we have new designations:

  • tXTN [Tsunami XTN] is the LP token, which is calculated as the ratio of the amount of funds earned by providers to the total amount of liquidity provided in XTN token;

  • tUSDT [Tsunami USDT] is the LP token, which is calculated as the ratio of the amount of funds earned by providers to the total amount of liquidity provided in USDT token from PepeTeam;

  • APR → ROI. Now liquidity providers will be able to observe not the potential expected profit, but clearly see the percentage of profit earned over the selected period.

Thanks to the appearance of these designations, the process of depositing liquidity becomes more clear and transparent, just like it's meant to come across!

A separate tab for trading tournaments

Yes, tournaments must go on! NFT, tokens, and other prizes are waiting for the best traders of the upcoming tournaments. Although the start date has not been determined yet, the main functionality and a separate page are already ready to meet future winners.

Improving informativeness

Based on your feedback and our experience, the team has added small, but important for the user's convenience changes to the interface:

  • A line indicating the average price of opening a position has been added to the asset price charts;

  • A search mechanism of necessary trading pairs has been added;

  • The information value of the Portfolio tab has been improved, including the display of Profit by open positions;

  • The information value of the History tab has been improved, including the display of the price at which the operation of partial closing of a position was executed;

  • The interface of the application as a whole has been improved, including a link to the current documentation, a clickable icon to return to the landing page.

Fee Reducer NFT

In addition to interface improvements, our NFT has also improved! Now by applying Fee Reducer NFT when you open or increase a position, the discount will automatically be applied when you close it as well. Thus, NFT works in full force, exactly as it was intended!

We hope that you will be satisfied with our updates, and we continue to develop the protocol and add new features. We always welcome your suggestions and comments. Don't be afraid to criticize, don't doubt your ideas. Sometimes even the smallest sprout becomes a big tree.

Thank you for being with us,Your Tsunami team!

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