MEGADROP by Tsunami Exchange!

From community to co-founders 👑

Community is the driving force of any project. It's emotion, it's atmosphere, it's an indicator of the demand and relevance of your product.

Paving the way to the decentralized world, Tsunami Exchange together with Waves offers an innovative approach in community building, which implies not just distributing tokens to the community, but also creating a desire for the community to become real co-founders of the project!

So, meet MEGADROP from Tsunami Exchange!

MEGADROP? Sounds mega cool! 💰

MEGADROP is a really huge event that lasts till the end of October. It includes airdrop for all Tsunami Exchange users and supporters, the amount of which can be up to 84,000,000 USD! The more participants, the higher the reward.

Surely you are already tired of "normal" airdrop for simple actions, huge amount of bots and multi-accounts. Brrr... MEGADROP is intended to give real power to the community, giving the protocol the title of the first community-owned decentralized exchange of perpetual futures.

Intrigued? Then go for it!

MEGA-nomics 📊

Table 1 - MEGA-nomics
Table 1 - MEGA-nomics

The economic model of MEGADROP is simple: the higher the trading volume, the bigger the rewards!

The internal mechanics of the protocol are designed so that the price of TSN token directly depends on the trading volume, and 30% of all fees collected by the protocol are sent to TSN stakers.

Low fees combined with high transaction speeds on the L1 blockchain will make for the most enjoyable user experience!

When we refer to Table 1, we see 4 levels to go through together:

The first stage "Dive inside" will be reached when the trading volume exceeds 30M during the MEGADROP period. In this case, at the end of the campaign, all participants in this stage will share 10% of the total existing TSN supply. Due to the growth of trading volume, the expected price of TSN will be $0.7, and the equivalent of the distributed amount of tokens in USDT will be 63,000 USDT. In this case, funds spent in trading fees will fully pay for itself and will bring traders 0.2 USDT from each spent USDT.

The following levels are lined up with increasing trading volume. So, when the trading volume reaches 100M ("Underwater World"), at the end of the campaign all participants will receive the MEGADROP equivalent of 317,000 USDT, thus returning to the traders the paid fees in double volume.

The most prestigious level is called "Poseidon’s Trident". It will be opened at reaching 10B of trading volume. TSN price will exceed 200 USDT, and traders' fees costs will be recouped more than 10 times.

MEGA-plusses 🎁

To maintain a healthy tokenomics protocol, MEGADROP is introducing TSN token unlock periods. The unlock period will be assigned randomly from 1 week to six months, while tokens can be sent to staking, allowing their owners to earn passive income from 30% of the protocol fees collected.

In addition, 50% of the revenue generated from the team's TSN part staking will be channeled into additional marketing, increasing Tsunami's potential audience and bringing us closer to the coveted figure of 10,000,000,000 USDT of trading volume!


As a motivation to participate in all four stages of MEGADROP, participants will receive special NFTs, collecting all 4 of which increases the MEGADROP reward ratio.

The NFT collection will be announced a little later, let it be a small spoiler for the most curious users for now.

At the end of the event, unused NFTs are turned into achievers, and participants who have collected all 4 NFTs will exchange them for a ratio in MEGADROP, with all 4 NFTs being burned.

TSN: Trust. Society. Noble 💎

TSN is a Tsunami Exchange token that can be sent to staking (or farming), receiving 30% of all protocol fees. TSN holding will allow all owners to become part of the team, influencing changes in protocol parameters, fees amounts, creating proposals, and more. TSN is a real diamond, the number of which connot be increased.

  • Fixed supply: 900,000 TSN

  • Token type: non-reissuable

  • Address in the Waves Network: 0x7516103880760d55657e49f3aeb1dbe6199c6a10

How do you get MEGADROP? 💣

In order to become part of the adventure, you have to... just start!

If you're suddenly afraid to take the first step, here are some tips to help you figure it out:

1️⃣ Go to the Tsunami Questroom page and see which of them are available;

2️⃣ Starting with the easy ones, get to know Tsunami and join community activities and use the protocol;

3️⃣ Earn experience points and move up the standings;

4️⃣ Provide liquidity to the Tsunami protocol, it helps expand trading opportunities;

5️⃣ Trade, Earn, Enjoy!

New quests will be coming out daily, hurry and sign up on our Discord to be notified when they're released!

Who can get MEGADROP? ⭐️

Everyone! Literally. When you reach the first and subsequent stages, the MEGADROP amount will be distributed depending on your participation as follows (diagram 1):

2️⃣0️⃣% - Community

Completing quests and participating in community activities will allow the top-1000 participants from the tournament table at to receive the MEGADROP reward.

4️⃣0️⃣% - Trading

All traders automatically become MEGADROP participants, receiving rewards based on trading volume.

4️⃣0️⃣% - Liquidity Provision

All liquidity providers automatically become MEGADROP participants, receiving awards based on the volume of liquidity provided during the campaign.

🎁 If you participate in several categories, such as Community and Trading (Diagram 1, A), the chance for an award increases. The greatest chance of boosting rewards in MEGADROP are those who participate in three categories at once - Community, Trading, Liquidity Provision (diagram 1, D).

Don't forget about special NFT, getting all 4 of them will increase your reward ratio!


If you have reached this point, we congratulate you on the beginning of our journey. Now it's time to get to know each other better. Come on in our cozy community, there's no better time to make the first step!

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