Cursed Emojis: CC0 Emojis By & 4 the Blockchain

Hello, We’re RMX

Hi! We’re RMX, and we want to see a world where culture is owned and attributed to the people who pioneer, shape, and share it. We want creators, remixers, and consumers to put their work on-chain, and be credited accordingly. Since day one, our focus has been to make this a reality by building the tools for on-chain creativity.

Today, we’re excited to move towards that goal by announcing the launch of our first mint, in collaboration with yung jake, an artist that inspires us.

Cursed Emojis

How memes are the global language of culture, emojis are the global expression of a feeling. What better place to start our on-chain journey, than with the simple cu𝓇sed emoji.

Our Cursed Emojis are inherently mischievous, and a bit hard to contain. We realized if you love something (or if something curses you), set it free. That’s why we’re turning over the keys to 512 folks to try their best and create their own Cursed Emojis.

RMX Console

To bring these emojis to life, RMX built a unique on-chain tool, the RMX Console, for users to create their own Cursed Emoji NFT. Starting next week, we’re giving 512 folks access to the free tool which will allow them to create a Cursed Emoji NFT.

The Minting Process:

On Tuesday, January 17th, allowlist (and lucky airdrop) members of select communities (Proof, FWB, Boys Club, Poolsuite, STP, Orange DAO, Dirt, Zora, Hovercats, and Snaxshot) will be able to mint a pass that opens the RMX Console.

On Thursday, January 19th, mint pass holders can remix their base NFT into a new CC0 Cursed Emoji using 162 custom traits designed by yung jake.

From here, yung jake will create a 1:1 NFT artwork from his favorite Cursed Emojis. If he selects the Cursed Emoji a creator makes, they will receive a portion of the sale.

Lastly, on Tuesday, February 7th, yung jake’s 1:1 artwork will go on auction.

⸺⎨Why we’re doing this ⎬⸺

Some Heat for the Winter

Our Crypto Winter is a harsh landscape. While conditions can be bleak, we saw the dead of winter as a wonderful opportunity to bring a bit of heat to the ice-covered terrain. That’s why we’re dropping Cursed Emojis next week – we want to give the web3 community a new experiment in co-creation to play with.

Three Goals for Cursed Emojis

  • Give people a chance to see what frictionless NFT creation can be:

NFTs have been something we buy, not something we create! Our mission is to make it simple to build (and edit) NFTs. In order to do that, the user-interface has to be intuitive, and fun. We hope our first console users will find that creating their Cursed Emojis is an easy-to-use process, whether on a laptop or your phone. In a few short moments you should be able to create a weird, hilarious, cursed emoji that is 100% unique.

  • Give people a taste of royalty splits from a derivative use of their NFT

Our long term vision is for more and more of culture to be first created on-chain. From there, anyone can fork it, remix it, and add their personal stamp. In this world, we can properly attribute, credit, and assign royalties to creators.

We want everyone who contributes to creative output to share in royalties. To see what this idea might feel like, yung jake will be creating a new NFT with some of his favorite Cursed Emojis and he’ll split the sale of the art with those creators. Pretty cool.

  • Create Public Domain CC0 Emojis

Why shouldn’t the blockchain have emojis? Emojis by the blockchain for the blockchain is a necessary step in building out creative expression in web3.

@punk6529 said it best, “When you mint/buy CCO art, you are paying the artist to release their valuable creative output into the global public commons for everyone to use freely.”

We would love it if these Cursed Emojis get used on the blockchain, the internet, in memes, stories, and keyboards, you name it. We want the curse to spread! And we want YOU to have a hand in making them.

⋯⩪⋯⤻Where We’re Going⤺⋯⩪⋯

We’re Here to Test 🧪

RMX is here to test and experiment with new tools and technologies centered around democratizing on-chain creation. Cursed Emojis is our first stop, and there’s hopefully a lot more to come from us on this journey.

Our Goal

Our goal is to build the best tools to put culture on-chain so creators can ultimately control their livelihood. We think it’d be great to give creators real control over their work. Why not?

Read more about that here.

···⸛·~·∔·Why Web3·∔·~·⸛··

The Value of the Blockchain for Creativity

Some people think the blockchain is useless - that after a decade, it’s still struggling to show its value. Let them think that.

We firmly believe NFTs are the future of digital property rights for creators.

If the blockchain could give creators more control over their work, their attribution and their royalties, then they can control their livelihood. And if creators can control their work and make a living, they can devote more time to making work they are passionate about, allowing culture to grow and thrive exponentially, as a result.


We imagine a near world where online-born creativity is the dominant culture and where it’s international, global, and available to all. We want to see new memes, new art, new formats, new voices, new styles, new stars, new ideas, and new forms of expression.

We want to see new business models where creators are disinter-mediated from the platforms, institutions and middlemen that have historically separated them from their value. And we think all that happens when culture is created on-chain.

We hope our first drop is a small step towards a big tomorrow.

Cheers, ♥︎Team RMX♥︎

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