Cursed Emojis: Lore and Legend

Now that we’ve completed the Cursed Emojis journey (you can still remix at, don’t worry), let’s take a look back at what we learned along the way.


  1. We turned collectors into creators - many of our users made their first NFT with Cursed Emojis

  2. We unleashed our users’ inner artists, uncovering their hidden talents

  3. 209 unique pieces were created by our community - some of them are truly breathtaking in scope and design.

  4. Cursed Emojis Holy Grails open edition, where sales were split 50/50 with creators - we raised over $1.5k for you, our Cursed Emoji creators through sales of the RMX x yung jake burn meta.

not too shabby!
not too shabby!

Two months ago, we introduced ourselves (RMX) and our project with yung jake, Cursed Emojis. We launched Cursed Emojis as an experiment in collaborative, on-chain creativity, enabling anyone to create and mint their own NFT on the blockchain.

On January 17, minting opened for 512 RMX Console Passes, which enabled the lucky holders to remix their Emoji Base and create a Cursed Emoji beginning January 19. We minted out that day.

From January 19 through February 5, a whopping 150 Cursed Emojis were created, marking the first time many of our users seamlessly created, minted and remixed their own NFT on the blockchain.

On February 6, yung jake picked his favorite Cursed Emojis and created the Cursed Emojis Holy Grails - a new piece featuring his take on the Cursed Emojis created up to that date. We released Cursed Emojis Holy Grails as an open edition, making it more democratically available and accessible for anyone who wanted it. 229 Cursed Emojis Holy Grails were minted. That’s 2.61eth in sales, which were split 50/50 between yung jake and the Cursed Emoji creators whose work was featured in the Cursed Emojis Holy Grails. At the time of writing, that’s just over $1.5k for creators! We firmly believe that creativity and new technology should be easy, accessible, and mutually beneficial, so we wanted to make sure everyone who participated got to see the upside!

the cursed family <3
the cursed family <3

Unlocking the last stage of Cursed Emojis, we commenced The Burn on February 10. From Feb 10 through February 13, Cursed Emojis Holy Grails holders could burn their open editions for new and rare Emoji Bases. Holders burned 55 open editions and claimed all of the possible bases.

And now we’ve come to the end of the Cursed Emojis journey! With The Burn done, Emoji Base holders can re-enter the RMX Console for a shot at remixing the new wiggle bases. What will happen with the new bases or the new batch of Cursed Emojis? Who knows!

We started this project as an experiment, and it’s been an experiment the whole way through. We are so incredibly grateful for all of you who joined us in exploring what’s possible on the new frontiers of the internet.

So, what’s next? We want to hear what you loved about Cursed Emojis, what you want to see, and what else you like out there. Hop into our Twitter mentions and make your voice heard!


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