The Future of Web3 Onboarding

Earlier this week, we talked about how account abstraction will be a bridge between web2 and web3. But that progress hinges on more than account abstraction alone. User-experience design must buttress advancements in a smart-contract generation. Without seamless UX, adoption, engagement, and retention become lost causes.

Until recently, dApps have been developer-driven and founder-focused. The processes necessary to setting up crypto wallets (e.g. seed phrases, currency conversion, and jargon-ridden interfaces) have contributed to web3’s reputation for exclusivity and degen antics. But we believe peer-to-peer networks should be as the name suggests—inclusive to all.

We designed a new onboarding flow that blends wallet generation and account signup into a simplified, fast user experience.
We designed a new onboarding flow that blends wallet generation and account signup into a simplified, fast user experience.

Think of a dApp as a car. Most people don’t care how the car works—but they know how to drive it. Account abstraction lets us hide all the clumsy processes of wallet generation under the car’s hood. What’s left? Handing over the keys. You shouldn’t have to know the difference between compression and oil control piston rings to get on the road.

Knowing how to start the engine (and a few traffic laws) may make your first time driving more pleasant and a lot safer. In other words, lead with education and product content, rather than expecting technical understanding of crypto wallets.

We refashioned the wallet generation process into a true onboarding experience—welcoming, informative, and streamlined. Here’s how:

  • Put the experience first. Signup and wallet generation were only required for purchase.

  • Combined wallet and account generation into a single interface.

  • Removed new windows, new tabs, pop-ups, and wallet modals. Anything that required context or app switching was out.

  • Incorporated an informational carousel before a confirmation and welcome screen. Providing educational content was non-negotiable.

  • For the sake of being reductionist in minimizing our test framework, we also removed EOA wallet options, with plans to enable wallet-to-wallet transfers in the future.

Follow along as we dissect the current state of UX in web3. Working with the latest Ethereum standards, we’ll be ideating on features and experiences that forward the RMX mission: to democratize on-chain creation.


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