April already?! And not only that, it’s already half over?! Sorry for leaving you hanging last week, we’re switching to a monthly rec-recap format for bit. But don’t fret, we’re still serving the same old high-quality lists of recommendations. Don’t trip! Take a sip! (of this list)



RMXCEO (Co-Founder / CEO): Thoughts?

MADELINE BOUTON (Design Lead): hell ya. thinking about this too. some nice takeaways on building psychological attachment

  • incorporating psychological attachment into product design is essential to retention in post-ownership economy

  • design implications

    • user investment of time/energy/effort (e.g. building up content, tailoring feeds)

    • control (e.g. personalization of profile, custom settings)

    • familiarity (e.g. knowing shortcuts, comfort with UI)

    • self-object congruity (i.e. users gravitate toward brand that matches their self-concept)

  • token ownership should be a reward—contingent on users taking certain actions

    • token-holders must feel their level of influence is significant (i.e. control)

JOE THERRIEN KELLY(Community Manager): Can I make a twitter thread out of this?^

MADELINE: Of course!

BRANDON DEES (Senior Curse Developer): I did not expect to cry so much during this

RMXCEO: It's great.

JOE THERRIEN KELLY(Community Manager): I want to recommend a book I read recently, that I feel I can actually fully honestly describe as a true “page-turner.” I couldn’t put it down! I hadn’t been that hooked on a book since I college and it felt so good to get back into that take-a-book-with-you-everywhere-read-before-bed-talk-about-it-all-the-time rhythm that defined so much of my early reading when I was younger. The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller is a romantic re-telling of the Iliad from the perspective of Patroclus, the close companion of Achilles. It was a major bestseller and I am for sure late to the party. This is one of those perpetual books you always see right when you walk into the bookstore. I’m currently Miller’s newer novel Circe, and it’s just as good - but I gotta give credit to the one that hooked me in the first place.

Great cover too!
Great cover too!

PAIGE LIBADISOS (Design Lead): The 60th Merrie Monarch Festival is this week! It is one of the most beautiful celebrations of Native Hawaiians and Native Hawaiian culture. There’s truly nothing like it. Strongly recommend a view before your next vacation to Hawai’i or “lū’au” themed party ;)

Watch it here:

BRANDON DEES (Senior Curse Developer): rmx sprint team will get this reference: tangentially, i might have to acquire a guzheng soon ... and a space for it

continuing tangent:


JOE: Dees I need to see you shredding on a guzheng… please record and upload your own video to YouTube.

DEES: (i've been spending some time on youtube)

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand then, representing nashville's own ok housecat

JOE: This is what happens when we switch to bi-weekly, you get 5 hours of Dees-approved music! Consider yourselves lucky, dear readers.

DEES: And star trek: voyager S6 E15, featuring electric guitar scoring and Dwayne Johnson

JOE: I also wanna give a big shoutout to BEEF - Steven Yeun and Ali Wong are fantastic in this and the soundtrack is great.

The costume design is also impeccable and there are some truly fire fits in this. Ali Wong’s husband in particular gets off some heat. Seriously - look at this, it’s it’s time for rich-work-from-home-dad-artist core.

fit check!
fit check!

Speaking of dads, I wanna urge everyone to go check out dad movie of the year, AIR, with Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.

Affleck plays Phil Knight and there was a dad behind me who was CRACKING UP every time they showed his funny little 80’s jogging outfits. Someone on lettrboxed described it as “competency porn” which is just movies where you watch people be really good at their job. It is that. I loved it.

See you next month!
See you next month!


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