Hacking our way to on-chain creation

The timeline of consumer creation on the internet has been marked by a steady evolution of tools and platforms that make it easier for anyone to create and share content online, from blogs to social media to mobile video. We believe the blockchain is the next frontier for consumers in that it will give more control and compensation to online creators. We believe creation will unlock the blockchain in the same way that it unlocked the internet. That’s why we’re on a mission to democratize on-chain creation.

We’ve been experimenting with different approaches to realize our on-chain creation mission, including social gaming, artist collaborations, and most recently weekly sprints. With each experiment, we’ve attempted to answer questions about how the mission might work; the process has uncovered the core areas we want to explore. These include:

Ownership and Compensation

  • We’re sick of the attention economy and giving our creative work’s monetization to big platforms. We want our users to create something that is uniquely theirs and that they control the rights to as well as ongoing compensation from.

Attribution and Provenance

  • Creators want credit for their media. We believe learning the lineage of ideas and references enriches content consumption.

Composability / Portability

  • We want to enable the creation of assets you can take into other apps and tools in the web3 universe.

Remixability / Forkability

  • Creative works are built on pre-existing ideas, concepts, and materials. Everyone should be able to “fork” an idea, reference it, and respect its creators’ wishes for credit and compensation.


  • There’s something amazing about archaeologists unearthing ancient artifacts and scripts—showing the progress of our collective culture. We believe the blockchain will enable a simple way to etch our digital culture into history without requiring hosting by any single business or individual.


  • It’s hard to use the blockchain today. Wallets are confusing. Transactions are scary. It’s not mobile friendly. We believe the benefits of the blockchain must be more easily accessible to fully realize its potential.


  • Creators could realize tangible value on-chain today. But gas and transaction fees make it expensive to play in web3. We must lower the barriers to participation, and get more voices, more ideas, and more culture on-chain.

Successful consumer products tap into core human needs: the need for meaning, for self expression and creativity, the need for recognition, influence and ownership. We want to make the cruft of using the blockchain fall away and create the best consumer experience you’ve had online. We want to wrap all of these product qualities into toy-like experiments so simple that a child could understand them.


Over the next 6 months, we’re going to be hacking on proofs of concepts around these product qualities and features. We’re excited to ship more stuff. We want to create things we can study and learn from—things that you can respond to. We’d love to build with you. We’re extending an invitation to come play with us and give your feedback. Share your dreams for what you want to see the blockchain become next. We just might build it.

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